One of the most beautiful parks in Paris is Jardin du Luxembourg. The 55 acres of green space lies between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter in the 6th arrondissement. The garden is open from sunrise to sunset all year round. It’s where Parisians come to stroll and sit awhile – read, have a picnic or catch up with a friend. Runners, tennis, chess and children come to play. Of all the top things to do in Paris, visiting this pretty park is one of my favourites. Here is everything you need to know, plus the top things to see in Jardin du Luxembourg. (Updated: November 2022)

A Brief History of Jardin du Luxembourg

In 1611 Marie de Medici, the widow of King Henry IV and mother of Louis XIII, purchased this land. She decided to create a palace similar to the Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens from Florence where she spent her youth. 

park with status and staircase

Once built, the palace housed royalty right up until the French Revolution. In 1791, it was declared a National Palace and became the hub of government. 

Things to See in Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg, or Luxembourg Gardens, is the second largest park in Paris. It is a local’s favourite, and the best part, it’s free to visit. Here is a list of the top things to see and do in this pretty Paris park. 


The palace, built in 1615-1645, features the Italianate style of architecture. Walk the entire perimeter of this impressive building to admire all of its stunning details. Today it’s home to the French Senate, and you may hear the building referred to as ‘le Sénat’. Touring the interior is not as easy. Visiting hours are limited to days when the Senate is not in session which is mostly Mondays to Fridays. Group tours are available but must receive advanced approval to visit. 

palace and tree in the fall


What makes Jardin du Luxembourg unique is that the gardens combine elements of Italian, French, and English landscape design. It consists of large rectangles of lawn with wide gravel pathways perfect for strolling. The gardens change with the seasons. Tulips are replaced with germaniums which are later replaced with chrysanthemums.

pond with trees and flowers in fall colours

An ancient orchard of 1,000 trees featuring 320 different varieties of apples and 210 varieties of pears can be found in the southern part of the park. There is an Orangery, or L’Orangerie du Jardin du Luxembourg, built in 1830 to protect 300-year-old lemon and orange trees and palms, as well as grenadiers and oleanders from colder weather. 

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Tucked away on the east side of the palace is where you’ll find the famous Médicis Fountain. This oblong pool is flanked by tall plane trees creating a lovely canopy over the fountain. It is stunningly beautiful and tranquil. Hidden behind the Medici fountain is a 19th-century wall fountain called Fountaine de Léda. Most people miss this detail. 

pond with trees in park


Spread throughout Jardin du Luxembourg are 106 statues. The statues feature the past Queens and famous women of France. There are also statues of famous French writers and artists, as well as the classics from Roman and Greek history. A popular statue to seek out is, Liberty Enlightening the World, or commonly known as the Statue of Liberty.


Built in 1630, the Musée du Luxembourg is known as the first French museum to open to the public in 1750. In 1818, it transferred its priceless masterpieces to the Louvre and became a museum of contemporary art. Today, it only offers special exhibits at least twice a year. What really draws the long lines is visiting the popular Angelina tea room. Treat yourself to the decadent desserts or hot chocolate they are so famous for. Trust me, it’s worth the wait!  


My absolute favourite thing is seeing those battered green metal garden chairs. The famous French Fermob chairs are generously scattered all over the park. I love how some are upright and lined up perfectly while others may be tipped over or at an odd angle. They give the park a casual yet quintessential Paris chic look. And, they are the perfect chair to indulge in a little people-watching.  


Near the apple and pear orchards, you will find beehives. Bees in this park have produced honey since 1856. If you are lucky to be in Paris in late September you may be able to attend the two-day Fête du Miel (or honey festival). How wonderful would it be to buy a jar of honey, flavoured with the signature flowers of this beautiful park to take home with you.

Things to Do in Jardin du Luxembourg

The large circular pond, called the Grand Bassin, is in the middle of the park and where you’ll find the small little sailboats where children (and adults) use long sticks to navigate their miniature sails. Rent a toy boat from the nearby kiosk and experience this quintessential Paris tradition.

A popular thing to do for kids is to go to Ludo Jardin, the garden’s playground. This includes activities perfect for toddlers all the way to pre-teens. For only 3 euros, your child will enjoy playing here for hours. Another fun activity is the Marionettes du Luxembourg Théâtre. Watch a 40-minute performance on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Chess enthusiasts meet in the northwest corner of the park to play. Watch rapid-fire games of mere minutes or longer strategic games that can go on for hours. Either way, players always draw a crowd where you’ll hear cheers or groans in unison. 

Details to Help With Your Visit to the Luxembourg Gardens

Here are some commonly asked questions, and tips to plan your visit.

  • Is Jardin du Luxembourg free? YES!
  • What arrondissement is Jardin du Luxembourg? The garden is in the Saint Germain neighbourhood in the 6th arrondissement
  • How do I get to Jardin du Luxembourg? Take the Metro, line 4 or 10 to the Odeon stop or line B to the Luxembourg station
  • What are the opening hours of Jardin du Luxembourg? The gates open at sunrise and close at sunset all year long
  • What time of year is Jardin du Luxembourg worth visiting? The ideal time to visit this park is April to October when the gardens are at their peak

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As a holidaymaker…

One of my favourite things about Paris is the city’s parks. They are so beautiful. It’s an indescribable feeling you get as you stroll through them. I admire the slow-down culture Parisians have. It has a seat, relax, take in the view kind of attitude. They appreciate the smallest moments throughout the day – a coffee, a good meal, a chat with a friend. Never rushed, always enjoyed. 

Next time you are in Paris go to the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg and enjoy.  

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  1. An important note if you are in need of restrooms in the garden is that there are FREE restrooms close to the furthest exit from the palace. We found them after paying to use the more central restrooms.

  2. It was my favourite park in Paris when I was a student in the French capital. Your photos are stunning. They brought back good memories 🙂

  3. Wow! This is really amazing. I agree with you that this is beautiful. Will make sure to visit once we have the chance to be back in Paris again. Enjoyed looking at the photos.

  4. We have fond memories of time spent in Luxembourg Gardens just enjoying the space and nature. We took advantage of the iconic chairs and just chilled while we watched the people go by. Lots of people we saw brought picnic baskets and that is our plan for a return visit.

  5. I fully agree that Jardin du Luxembourg is the most beautiful park in Paris. I love this place, gardens, plants, architecture, fountains, statues. Everything is carefully planned and fits perfectly. But I had no idea that there are 106 statues—a very inspiring article.

  6. I have strolled through Jardin de Luxembourg on a rainy winter day, and it was beautiful even then. My husband and I searched until we found the replica of the Statue of Liberty. And I have a similar photo I took of the Fontaine Medicis — it wasn’t as pretty as it would have been in the spring or summer, but still very elegant. We never had the chance to explore it extensively as you clearly have, so I enjoyed this post and the opportunity to learn more about the park.

  7. An impressive and culturally rich park, indeed! It makes a great place for journalling, reflecting on life, photography, and just taking all this beauty in. I love how it is in the heart of the city so it serves as a time away from downtown Paris.

  8. Arguably one of our favorite places in Paris and we actually got enaged not too far from there!

    Would love to visit it again one day when the weather is nicer since it was definitely a tad too cold during our visit.

    Nothing beats though sitting at the gardens just enjoying the views and people watching.

  9. Jardin du Luxembourg is absolutely beautiful! No wonder it’s a favorite Parisioners, and it’s free! I think I will enjoy sitting on those garden chairs while doing people watching. I wonder if they sell the honey from the beehive in the garden at the store somewhere.

  10. Jardin du Luxembourg is absolutely beautiful! No wonder it’s a favorite Parisioners, and it’s free! I think I will enjoy sitting on those garden chairs while doing people watching. I wonder if they sell the honey in the store somewhere.

  11. Le Jardin du Luxembourg is one my favorite spots in Paris too. The garden looks charming and elegant at any time of year. While in spring and summer it delights you with colors and green trees, in winter it has a very special appeal. Especially if it snows.

  12. Living in the states, I’m always amazed by how old everything is in Europe. The fact that it was turned over to the government in the late 1700’s – like most of our buildings aren’t even that old. So amazing. Such a lovely place!

  13. The Jardin du Luxembourg is one of my most favorite experiences in Paris. This garden and the grounds are so beautiful! Would visit here again and again. Great overview!

  14. I’ve actually been to the Jardin du Luxembourg before, but I wish I would’ve known a bit more history and information before visiting! I can certainly attest that it’s beautiful though :). I will definitely refer back if I ever visit again. Xx Sara

  15. Wow your photos are stunning – the Jardin du Luxembourg really does look to be the most beautiful of Paris 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  16. Such a lovely post and a great throwback to when I took my son there when he was 12. He sailed the toy boats that you can rent out on the pond and had great fun. I didn’t know much about the history of the gardens before reading this post so it was interesteing to find out, also I wasnt aware of the honey festival – that is something I would love!

  17. What a beautiful place! I’ve not been to Paris for years but you’ve sparked my interest to return & when I do the Jardin de Luxembourg is definitely on my list!

  18. I’ve been to Paris dozens of times and have friends that visit that live there, but I’ve never explored the Jardin du Luxembourg. I mistakenly thought it was just a big city park but was clearly wrong. The fact that it contains 106 statues, as you say, is enough to appeal to my arty side and encourage me in. Was the Liberty statue here a model for the one in NYC? That’s a beautiful photo of the Fontaine de Medicis and last photo of the Museum with the foreground of flowers is so creative.

    1. The Liberty statue was indeed the model and inspiration for the French sculpture who eventually gifted the US with the Statue of Liberty. I’m happy to hear you might visit it when next in Paris.

  19. Paris is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it, right? I wasn’t too impressed but I’ve only been once. Having read your post though has made me reconsider Paris for another time. The park is beautiful and learning that it was inspired by Florences’ gardens makes this an instant place of interest to me. Will look it up and also how to get there for another stay in Paris.

    Carolin | Solo Travel Story

  20. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in this garden before COVID, sipping a cappuncino as my friend drew in her sketchbook beside me. It’s a lovely memory of mine, I’m so glad I now know a bit more about everything I didn’t notice the first time around!

  21. Your photos are absolutely stunning, and such an informative post. It’s been a long time since I was last at the Jardin du Luxembourg and you’re making me want to catch the next flight to Paris to explore it again!

  22. This is stunning – and right in the heart of Paris! I am not a ‘city person’ so I love to take city breaks for some fresh air, and you’re right, this park is stunning!

      1. I had never really thought of Paris and parks, but this one would go on my list for visiting the city after seeing your gorgeous photos. Its nice to have a bit of calm after a busy city I think

  23. Aww this post has brought back such lovely memories! I visited in the winter though so I didn’t get the chance to see all these BEAUTIFUL blooms… but it’s a great excuse to go back though right? 😀

    1. Most definitely it is a reason to return. It’s also lovely during the fall, with the leaves change colours and crunch under foot as they fall from the trees. Thanks for your comment.

  24. Lovely photos! I haven’t been to Paris for years, but I remember really enjoying this park. I have a vague feeling that I wandered through eating a delicious pastry which is probably why I don’t have many photos of it.

    It’s definitely somewhere that I’ll be going to relax whenever I finally make it back to Paris.

  25. Funny thing is Paris was my last trip before Covid locked us down and I fell in love with these gardens! Even funnier its the one place I almost proposed to my fiance!

    I cant wait to go back to Paris and enjoy a coffee in one of those chairs again.

    Best place to relax and just people watch.

    1. So glad you love Paris as much as I do Gus. Is there anything better than people watching in Paris? I don’t think so!

    1. Thanks for your comment Brooklyn. If you ever do go, it’s worth adding it to your itinerary.

  26. Aw I love this park! I’ve been to Paris a few times and I think I have visited every time. So cute to sit on those green chairs and watch the kids with their sailboats. Though can you believe I’ve never actually seen Fountaine de Médicis? I must have missed it! Just another reason to go back 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment Riana. Yes the Fountaine de Medicis is a bit hidden and tucked away. For good reason, I think.

  27. I agree, I enjoy finding parks on my trips. To take an afternoon off rushing around sightseeing and just enjoying life. It’s great for people watching and when I’m traveling solo I always carry a book with me so this is perfect

    1. Thanks Emma for your comment, so glad you agree! What’s been your favourite park to visit thus far?

  28. Jardin du Luxembourg is so beautiful and so full of culture! I would love to spend the afternoon relaxing there and enjoying all the beautiful sights! It sounds so good right now to be able to get out and enjoy nature!

  29. You do find the most beautiful and relaxing spots Renee!

    The Jardin du Luxembourg looks like a perfect place to relax. Are you allowed to bring a picnic? If so I feel like you could relax for hours in those chairs!!

    1. Yes, definitely a picnic is allowed. Grabbing a baguette and some cheese and you have the perfect day. Thanks for stopping by Josy!

    1. The Jardin du Luxembourg is a beautiful place to spend time. The beautiful statues, Fontaine Médicis and the spread out chairs reveal the tranquility and spirit of the place.

  30. Ahhhhh Paris! I cant wait this pandemic will come into end. I will definitely visit these parks for sure❤️

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