Experience Paris: Finding the Joy of Slow Travel (eBook)

Secrets Spots to Experience Paris Differently!

Craving an authentic Parisian experience beyond the tourist throngs?

Want to find out the lesser-known spots that the locals love to visit?

Looking for something different than your average travel guidebook?

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ebook cover called Experience Paris: Finding the Joy of Slow Travel with the skyline of Paris and the Eiffel Tower

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This exclusive, self-guided walking tour lets you explore at your own pace, highlighting hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Discover museums, galleries, and photo-worthy hotspots, all hand-picked for their charm. I share my favourite cafes and restaurants. Follow along with the convenient interactive map featuring a QR code.

What you’ll receive…

✔️Slow down and savour. This eBook teaches you the art of slow travel, helping you truly immerse yourself in the Parisian way of life.

✔️Unlock a deeper Parisian experience. Go beyond the typical tourist experience, and find out where the locals spend their time in these 67 lesser-known places.

✔️Learn from a Parisian insider. This is your Parisian travelogue, filled with insights and memories from my countless trips to Paris.

🌟Navigate Paris with ease. Take this essential eBook with you on the go. Explore the curated gems easily with a clickable Table of Contents, Directory and QR Code-linked map.🌟

Here’s what readers are saying…

Fall in Love with a Slower, More Meaningful Paris

4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
My favourite part about this book is that you can feel Renee’s passion for Paris pouring off the pages. She’s curated such a thoughtful and personal guide to help fellow travellers experience a softer, slower and more meaningful side to Paris.
Riana Ang-Canning

Soak in Parisian Beauty by Unveiling Hidden Gems

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
With Paris being such a large city, it’s easy to lose yourself rushing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction. This book makes planning a trip to Paris easy – and handy to have for reference when already on the go!
Christopher Gentile

See More Than Just the Tourist Attractions

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Experience Paris” struck a chord with me, and it motivated me to approach my next trip to Paris from a new perspective. Travelling is not about walking 23,000+ steps a day…see more, just like a local.
Jon Seliman

Travel Deeper with Personal Connections

4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
I love your personal story of your experiences in Paris. I believe what we bring with us into each journey, makes the journey. This eBook takes you on a journey to Paris even before you get to travel there.
Agata Hegarty

More about your Parisian insider…

Head Shot 1 1
Author: Renee Hannes

Hi, I’m Renee Hannes

For 35+ years, Europe has been my travel destination of choice. Revisiting countries and exploring them extensively but Paris, above all, holds a special place in my heart.

Beyond the tourist trail, I champion slow travel. Long before its trendiness, I instinctively explored by getting lost, browsing local markets, and soaking up the atmosphere. This passion fueled my travel blog, Dream Plan Experience, where I share my experiences of five European countries returning repeatedly to get that local perspective.

With 10 extended visits to Paris, the city feels like a second home. Through personal exploration and professional experience (custom itineraries!), I’ve developed a deep understanding of Parisian life.

I’m your trusted Parisian insider ready to share my love for Paris with you.

What you might be asking…

Who will love “Experience Paris: Find the Joy of Slow Travel”?

This eBook is perfect for curious explorers, slow travellers, and culture enthusiasts who crave a deeper connection with Paris. Filled with insider tips and personal anecdotes, this is a travel memoir guide, that blends practical travel information with personal stories and reflections.

Is this just a list of random hidden places?

Absolutely not! This eBook is curated with 67 unique locations chosen for their charm, historical significance, and local appeal. It goes beyond just listing places and provides context and details to enrich your experience.

Is this for first-time visitors to Paris?

This eBook is valuable for both first-time and repeat visitors to Paris. Whether it’s your first or tenth trip, there’s always more to discover in Paris. This eBook offers a fresh perspective on the city that you won’t find in your average guidebook.

What kind of places are included?

This eBook explores a variety of locations! Imagine smaller museums brimming with history, hidden gardens perfect for a quiet moment, charming streets, and lesser-known landmarks in Paris.

How can I integrate these spots into my existing itinerary?

The eBook is designed for flexibility. Each location includes details on its location, allowing you to easily add them to your existing plans or create a slower, more immersive itinerary. Plus, it includes an interactive map you can use on the go.

Am I allowed to share or resell the information in the digital product?

No, the information provided in this digital product is for personal use only. Unauthorized sharing, reproduction, or reselling of the content is strictly prohibited. By purchasing our digital products, you agree to these terms and conditions. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Isn’t all this information available online for free?

While some information might be available online, it takes time and effort to sift through it all and curate a meaningful list of places. This eBook offers a trusted resource with a local perspective, saving you valuable research time.

How do I get your eBook and what does it include?

Once you purchase my eBook, you will receive a PDF file that you can download immediately. The PDF is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, and can also be printed if you prefer a hard copy. The eBook includes a Google Map with a QR code, allowing you to access the map on your phone for easy navigation on the go.

Who is “Experience Paris: Find the Joy of Slow Travel” not for?

If you’re a checklist tourist focused on seeing every major landmark in a fast-paced trip, this thoughtful guide might not be the best fit for you. This eBook is designed to highlight lesser-known spots that locals adore, encouraging a slower, more immersive travel experience.

What is your refund policy?

I am confident you’ll love this eBook! However, due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. I encourage you to carefully review the product description and testimonials before purchasing. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at renee@dreamplanexperience.com before you buy.