Other Europe Destinations

Here are other destinations I’ve been to that can easily be added to your itinerary when visiting France, Germany, and Italy. Use the table of contents to jump right to the country you want to visit and explore.


Austria, a landlocked country in Central Europe, is a dream destination for travellers seeking dramatic Alpine scenery, history, and cultural delights.

From exploring charming villages and historic cities like Vienna, the capital known for its palaces and coffee houses, to Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, and Innsbruck, a picture-perfect town surrounded by mountains, Austria offers an unforgettable experience.


Belgium, a compact country in Western Europe, is highly underrated, offering a mix of cultures and languages. Immerse yourself in the Grand Place of Brussels, wander the canals of Bruges, or delve into art history in Ghent. Foodies won’t be disappointed by the world-famous Belgian chocolate and delectable local brews. From vibrant cities to historic towns and scenic countryside, Belgium promises a delightful adventure.


Czechia enchants travellers with its fairytale castles, Gothic architecture, and vibrant culture. Enjoy the medieval charm of Prague, with its iconic Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, or explore the picturesque Český Krumlov, a UNESCO town with winding streets and a romantic castle.

Beyond the cities, hike through Bohemian Paradise or sip on Moravian wines, all while indulging in hearty Czech cuisine and world-renowned beers. From historic grandeur to scenic beauty, Czechia offers an unforgettable adventure.


London is England’s international city known for its culture and iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the chimes of Big Ben, and its world-class museums. Explore vibrant neighbourhoods and soak up the energy of this unforgettable city.


The Netherlands is full of charm. Cycle through picturesque towns, admire the iconic landmarks of the countryside and explore world-class museums in Amsterdam. Dive into Dutch culture, from the vibrant tulips in bloom to the cozy cafes.

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