35 Pretty Streets in Paris More Charming Than You Imagined

Paris is the kind of city you can visit over and over again without ever feeling like you’ve seen it all. Want to know the best way to see Paris?

It’s to get lost a little in the pretty streets in Paris. Yes, that’s right! Let your feet be your guide. Walk everywhere and you’ll discover some of the prettiest, most famous streets in Paris.

From my many repeat trips to Paris (10 times in 10 years!), I have collected some of my favourite Paris main streets that I think you’ll love.

What is the most beautiful street in Paris you might ask?
All of them! But certainly, a few of my favourites are Rue de Furstemberg, Rue Galande, and Rue Charlot.
Let this be your Paris Best Streets Guide, by arrondissement, the ones you need to seek out and stroll.

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Pretty Streets in Paris on the Right Bank

1. Rue de Rivoli in the 1st to 4th arrondissement

This is just one of those must-see streets in Paris. Stretching from the Place de la Concorde to the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Rue de Rivoli is a great example of a Haussmann-style boulevard.

It’s not a quaint and charming street like others on this list, but it is famous for its notable architectural landmarks like the Louvre Museum, the Palais Royal, and the elegant Hôtel de Ville, the city’s historic town hall.

Every time I’m in Paris, I head to Café Kitsuné for a chai tea latte, Angelina Paris for a decadent hot chocolate and shop at Astier de Villatte for their handmade Parisian ceramics all can be found on this busy boulevard.

2. Place Vendôme in 1st arrondissement

cobblestone street with green column in centre in streets of paris

Place Vendôme is a stunning square renowned for its elegance and grandeur. This iconic plaza is a hub of luxury and sophistication. The centrepiece of Place Vendôme is the Vendôme Column, standing tall at the center of the square.

Surrounding the square, you’ll find elegant examples of neoclassical architecture, including prestigious luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, and renowned jewellery stores. Notably, the Ritz Paris, one of the world’s most prestigious hotels, calls Place Vendôme its home.

If visiting Paris at Christmas time, this is one of the streets you’ll want to walk down to see the lights and tall trees.

3. Rue St Honore in 1st arrondissement to 8th arrondissment

As you stroll along Rue Honoré, famous for its luxury shopping and iconic architecture, you’ll encounter fashion boutiques, upscale art galleries, and luxury designer stores. Perfect for window shopping (at least for moi!).

One of my favourites is the famous Colette concept store, which boasts a contemporary and avant-garde design. Rue Honoré is a haven for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters, and it exudes an air of sophistication.

4. Rue Montorgueil in 2nd arrondissement

Cafe with red awning with diners on one of the beautiful Paris streets

This Paris street is a feast for the senses. As one of the last remaining streets in Paris to operate as a permanent market since the 12th century, rue Montorgueil is one of the best shopping streets in Paris for food!

Just like Rue Cler near the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find produce, meat, seafood, cheese, bread and more. Flower shops line the curbs with pretty bouquets.

This famous Paris street is lined with restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops. Specialty shops like G. Detou (culinary supply shop), Mariage Frères (tea shop) and Stohrer (oldest bakery in Paris). Savour a delicious traditional French meal at Bistrot des Petits Carreaux or L’Escargot.  

5. Rue de Charlot in 3rd arrondissement

This Paris street is in the heart of the Marais district. This Paris neighbourhood is full of history and charm. Narrow cobblestone roads, hidden courtyards and quiet gardens make up this neighbourhood from the 13th to 17th centuries.

Le Marais Paris is the perfect place to stroll and get lost in the maze-like streets. I think some of the best streets in le Marais include Rue Charlot, along with Rue Poitou and Bretagne are among the prettiest streets in this area. However, Rue Charlot is the chicest. It’s full of art galleries, trendy cafes and up-and-coming fashion designers (tip: best shopping in Paris can be found here).

6. Rue de Sévigné in the 4th arrondissement

street in Le Marais Paris

Rue de Sévigné is full of historic charm and a vibrant atmosphere. What makes this street one you’ll want to visit is getting a glimpse of the red door of the Parish Church of Saint-Paul of Saint-Louis at the end of the street.

I also like to walk this street every time I’m in Paris to admire the architectural gems including the Hôtel de Soubise, a magnificent mansion dating back to the 14th century and now housing the National Archives, as well as the Hôtel Carnavalet, a splendid museum dedicated to the history of Paris.

7. Rue du Parc Royale in the 4th arrondissment

red brick building with ivy and iron gate on the prettiest street in paris

When I am in the Marais Paris district and people-watching in Place des Vosges, this is a street I like to seek out. This narrow and picturesque lane exudes a sense of old-world charm and tranquillity.

The elegant Hôtel de Sully is a grand mansion with beautiful gardens that now houses the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

The street is also home to a couple of art galleries, antique shops, and charming cafes, all adding to its allure and making it the best arrondissement to stay in Paris.

8. Rue des Rosier in the 4th arrondissement

Rue des Rosiers, meaning “street of the rosebushes,” is a main street in Paris running through the Jewish quarter from Rue Malher to Rue Vieille du Temple.

This old medieval street is where the Jewish community in Paris settled in the Marais district at the end of the 12th century up until WWII. When walking along this famous street in Paris you can still see evidence of the Jewish presence.

Signs in Hebrew, kosher food stores, old Jewish bookstores, and synagogues. It’s also where you can taste the famous falafels, with L’As du Fallafel being the most popular.

9. Rue des Barres in 4th arrondissement

This Paris street is as if time stood still. Stroll this short and narrow cobblestone street and gaze upon some of the city’s most ancient buildings, look for numbers:

  • 2-10 – Hôtel des Barres built in 1250
  • 11 – 7th century Église Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais rebuilt in 16th century
  • 12 – housing for nuns rebuilt in 1514 
  • 13-15 – housing and private graves for the parish built in 1626

Sit and stay awhile. Whether it’s at the lovely terrace at Café Louis Philippe or Chez Julien. This street is a hidden gem tucked away from the busy streets of Paris.  

Some of the best Paris shopping streets can be found in the nearby Village of Saint Paul.  It’s a wonderful maze of cobbled courtyards showcasing more than 80 specialty shops for art and antiques and high-quality items for your home.

Entrances to this hidden gem are on Rue Saint-Paul, Avenue Maria and the St-Paul and Charlemagne gardens.

10. Boulevard Bourdon in 4th arrondissment

Boulevard Bourdon runs alongside the scenic Canal Saint-Martin. Come here for the charming bridges that span the canal, the tree-lined pathways, and the bustling atmosphere. The area is dotted with trendy cafés, hip boutiques, and trendy bars.

This is one area of Paris where I like to come, sit and enjoy a drink, people watching doesn’t get any better.

11. Rue Rembrandt in the 8th arrondissement

As you walk towards the beautiful Parc Monceau you will be surrounded by elegant Haussmann architecture. It’s when you arrive at Place Gérard-Oury, named after the renowned French actor and director Gérard Oury, you will notice the Pagoda Paris.

This stunning pagoda-style building, originally constructed in 1896 as a private mansion, stands out with its bright red, intricate details and oriental-inspired design. Today, it serves as a cinema, showcasing a variety of international films.

Then you will stroll along Rue Rembrandt while you daydream about which townhouse is yours!

12. Boulevard de Clichy in 9th arrondissement

Boulevard de Clichy in the vibrant boho neighbourhood of Pigalle Paris, a bustling thoroughfare known for its lively atmosphere.

The street is famous for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and cabarets that have been entertaining visitors for decades.

Boulevard de Clichy is also home to iconic establishments such as the Moulin Rouge, the famous cabaret venue that has been captivating audiences with its dazzling performances since 1889.

As you walk along the boulevard, you’ll encounter an eclectic mix of modern and traditional architecture, with charming Haussmann-style buildings standing alongside trendy shops and eateries.

13. Cour Damoye in 11th arrondissement

paris cobblestone streets with shops lined up on either side, plants at door step and bike

This pretty Paris street is swoon-worthy. Ok, it’s more of a passageway, but who cares! This is one of the best Paris cobblestone streets you’ll stumble upon. A street home to businesses, and a couple of shops – a designer, a coffee brewer, and an art gallery where the artist works onsite and happily talks about his work.

It’s small but oh so charming.

14. Rue Crémieux in 12th arrondissement

colourful street with plants and shutters on paris main streets

This Paris street is a kaleidoscope of colours, much like what you might find in Notting Hill. Pretty pastel-coloured houses with flower boxes decorating the window sills make this instantly a famous street with Instagrammers. Terra cotta pots filled with lush plants line the street. No one can deny that this is a cute street in Paris.

Each house on Rue Crémieux Paris shows its unique personality through its colour and art choice, like number 21, with its mural of a creeping vine draping over the doorway.

I can see why many are drawn to come to see it. But, honestly, unless you are near Gare Lyon, there’s nothing else nearby to see and do. Even though it might be the most beautiful street in Paris, first-timers, take a pass and add it to your next trip to the City of Light!

15. Av. de Camoens in the 16th arrondissement

Eiffel Tower lovers (well, that’s all of us right) this is a must-visit kind of street. The best way to find this most beautiful street in Paris is to walk along Av. des Nations Unies/Bd Delessert until you arrive at a beautiful staircase with a small monument to Luís Vaz de Camões, a Portuguese poet from the 16th century.

Climb the stairs to reach Av. de Camoens which has a scenic view of the Eiffel Tower.

16. Av. Victor Hugo in 16th arrondissement

History buffs will recognize this famous street name, yes, named (or rather renamed) after the famed author. Victor Hugo, poet and novelist of some of the greatest classics of all time including The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misérables, spent his final days at No. 124.

The busy street is lined with beautiful Haussmann buildings full of upscale shopping and restaurants. From the Arch de Triomphe, it’s one of 12 avenues beginning at the Étoile (the roundabout). Av. Victor Hugo is the second longest of the 12, after the most famous Paris street, Av. des Champs-Elysees.

17. Rue d’Alboni in the 16th arrondissment

Rue d’Alboni is a charming street located in the prestigious 16th arrondissement. This picturesque lane offers a serene and elegant atmosphere, lined with beautiful Haussmann-style buildings and leafy trees.

It’s the kind of street you dream of living on. Rue d’Alboni is known for its residential character, with upscale apartments and private residences dotting its surroundings. The street is also well-connected, with convenient access to nearby attractions such as Pont de Bir Hakeim, Trocadero Paris, and the Eiffel Tower.

18. Rue de l’Abreuvoir in 18th arrondissement

cobblestone road with buildings in paris famous streets

This Paris street is known as the prettiest street in Paris. Start your stroll at the famous La Maison Rose and continue down the cobbled road towards the Statue of Dalida.

This offers the best view of the Sacre Coeur in the distance. Montmartre has some of the best-hidden gems and Paris streets that are perfect for strolling.

19. Rue Norvins in Montmartre (18th arrondissement)

artwork on street with artist in one of Paris main streets in Montmartre where artists gather

Montmartre Paris is full of wonderfully old cobblestone streets and rue Norvins is one of the best ones to stroll! Nothing but charm and a glimpse of what Paris might have looked like centuries ago can be found on rue Lepic and rue Norvins.

Of all the Paris arrondissements, it’s here in Montmartre, you’ll find some of the best streets to visit in Paris.

The picture postcard of Le Consulat Cafe can be found on rue Norvins. This historic street was and still is, an artist’s hub, especially the nearby Place du Tertre – the famous location for artists to show their work.

20. Rue Lepic in Montmartre (18th arrondissement)

orange building with green fence on street in paris

As one of the best cobblestone streets in Paris, it’s known for its artsy, bohemian vibes. Then and now.

Start your walk on this street at the top of the hill as it’s the most scenic way to see it as it winds its way down the hill, offering glimpses of city views. The street is lined with traditional Parisian cafes, like Cafe des 2 Moulins, the setting for the movie Amélie. Also, be on the lookout for No. 54 where Vincent Van Gogh lived with his brother for 2 years in 1886.

Another notable landmark found on rue Lepic is the Lapin Agile cabaret. Still in operation today, this cabaret has a long history dating back to the turn of the 20th century as a popular gathering place for artists and intellectuals.

Lastly, you can’t miss the last functioning windmill at Moulin de la Galette. This Paris street is touristy, there’s no doubt about it.

21. Rue des Martyrs in 9th + 18th arrondissements

Storefront of Paris bakery on one of the pretty streets in paris

This famous Paris street is considered the most authentic Parisian street. It’s more than just a street, it’s a community. Everyday life happens here.

You’ll find people popping in and out of specialty shops all day long. An endless offering of bakeries, grocery stalls, cheese, chocolate and pastries, as well as, restaurants. Also, an eclectic mix of shops from antiques to books to music. That’s why it’s considered the most perfect Paris street.

The best way to experience this street is to start at the top of the hill in Montmartre and then walk down slowly until you reach the bottom near the Church of Notre Dame de Lorette. 

Beautiful Paris Streets on the 2 Islands

22. Rue Chanoinesse on Ile de la Cite

spring flowers with bistro table and chairs in front of cafe on one the most beautiful paris streets

For most, the beautiful Notre Dame cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle, with its gorgeous stained glass windows are the reason why most visit Ile de la Cite. For me, it’s the quiet streets that draw me to visit both Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis– the two islands in the middle of the Seine.

One of the most beautiful streets in Paris is Rue Chanoinesse. There’s an air of elegance and romance to this street. The best time to have it all to yourself is early in the morning or later in the evening, it’s especially magical.

Of course, it’s the medieval architecture that makes this and other nearby streets worth seeking out. But what makes rue Chanoinesse an exceptionally beautiful street in Paris is Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, one of Paris’s prettiest cafés. Visit here in early spring to see it draped in purple wisteria blooms.

23. Rue des Chantres in 4th arrondissement

stone building with shutters and iron railings on most beautiful streets in paris

This Paris street is one of the narrowest laneways in the city.  Rue des Chantres is hidden away behind Notre Dame on Ile de la Cite. Early records from 1540 show that Rue des Chantres was once housed within the cloisters of Notre Dame. Chantre means to sing, and it was the singers of Notre Dame who once lived here.

Admire the original architecture saved from Haussmann’s rebuilding in the 19th century. Stroll down this secret street, along with nearby rues de la Colombe, des Ursins, and Massillon.

24. Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île

bike leaning against stone wall streets in paris on ile saint Louis

I fell in love with Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île when I had an apartment in Ile Saint Louis. This quaint and picturesque street is the main street and is known for its historic buildings, boutique shops, and cozy cafés.

Wander slowly along Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, as you will fall under its spell with its old-world charm of elegant townhouses and charming facades adorned with flower boxes.

The street is also home to some notable architectural gems, such as the 17th-century mansion called Hôtel Lambert and the Church of Saint-Louis en l’Île, an elegant church featuring a beautiful clock tower.

Most Beautiful Streets in Paris on the Left Bank

25. Rue Mouffetard in 5th arrondissement

blue building with blue awning most beautiful street in paris

This Paris street is one of the oldest in the city. Rue Mouffetard, or la Mouffe as the Parisians like to call it, feels like you’ve stepped back in time. Don’t rush or you might miss the medieval details found here. Look for the frescoes and sculptures on buildings, a water well dating back to 1624 and the beautiful 9th-century Église St. Médard church.

This lively, pedestrian-only street is bustling with energy due to the street market that runs from Tuesday to Sunday morning. Rue Mouffetard is a local and tourist favourite and is the best street in Paris!  

26. Rue Galande in 5th arrondissement

This Paris street is picture postcard perfect. Steps from Notre Dame and the popular Shakespeare and Company book store, walk down one of the cutest streets in Paris, Rue Saint Julien le Pauvre admiring the café, Odette Notre Dame.

Stop in and treat yourself to the best choux pastry (cream puff) in Paris. Stroll here and discover this old part of Latin Quarter Paris which includes:

  • the oldest tree in Paris which is over 400 years old
  • ancient church St Julien le Pauvre
  • the square of René Viviani which was once a 6th-century cemetery
  • oldest street sign built into the facade of a 14th-century building

27. Rue Descartes in the 5th arrondissement

paris buildings on the prettiest street in paris

In the Latin Quarter, Rue Descartes is a lively street and boasts an interesting intellectual heritage. Named after the famous philosopher René Descartes, this charming street offers a mix of historical and contemporary attractions. It’s lined with bustling cafés, restaurants, shops and a lively nightlife.

It’s where writers go to get inspired, students come to learn, and where you’ll find many fabulous bookshops. This dynamic street is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, savour a delicious meal, and immerse yourself in the boho vibes of the Latin Quarter.

28. Boulevard Saint Germain in the 6th arrondissement

restaurant with table and chairs on in paris in a weekend

Boulevard Saint Germain is the heart of the Saint Germain Paris neighbourhood known for its cafe culture and one of the best Paris streets to visit. The boulevard is lined with elegant cafés, that once attracted artists, writers, and philosophers for centuries. The two most famous places in Paris are the historic Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots, famous gathering spots for literary and artistic figures.

No visit to Paris is complete until I walk along Saint Germain, and grab a table for a drink.

29. Rue de Furstemberg in 6th arrondissement

square with tree and building with flower shop on Paris street

One of the most beautiful squares in Paris is Place de Furstenberg. This famous square has two trees in the centre of a small roundabout on a quiet street. And, that quiet street is called Rue de Furstemberg. A bit confusing, but officially there is no “square” on this street, it is just a rue.

This beautiful Paris street lies in one of the most affluent areas of Paris, Saint Germain. Surrounded by elegant Haussmann architecture and an endless amount of boutique shops and galleries this is hands down one of my favourite places for a stroll and an area of many pretty streets in Paris.

30. Rue de Buci in the 7th arrondissement

flower shop in street in paris

Rue de Buci is a wonderful neighbourhood street close to the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. That means this street has everything you might need- a flower shop, a boulangerie, a cafe, restaurants, a butcher, a fishmonger and more.

I stayed in an apartment nearby, and it was the perfect pedestrian street in Paris to “live like a local.” While the street may not boast notable architectural landmarks, it captures the essence of the warm, friendly spirit of the neighbourhood.

31. Rue de Grenelle in the 7th arrondissement

cheese shop on streets of paris

Rue Grenelle is a historic street that is a delight to stroll. Pop into the famous Barthélémy cheese shop, where you can delight in a wide selection of artisanal cheeses.

I’ve stayed in an apartment twice on this street and adore its charm and location being so close to Saint Germain making it the best area to stay in Paris.

A long, quiet street with elegant architecture it leads you to the iconic Hôtel des Invalides, the incredible complex that houses museums and the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

32. Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement

cobblestone street in paris with market stand with produce
Rue Cler Paris

As one of Paris’ most famous market streets, a visit here is a must for foodies!

Stretching from Av. de la Motte-Picquet to the rue Saint Dominique, this beloved street is lined on both sides with pastry shops, butchers, fishmongers, cheese specialists, wine shops, chocolatiers, breadmakers and more.

Cafes and restaurants spill out onto the cobblestone street. Sit and watch as local Parisians pop in and out of their favourite shops.

One of the best parts of this street is its close proximity to the Eiffel Tower. You have everything you need to make an impromptu picnic.

33. Avenue Rapp in 7th arrondissement

This Paris street features an Art Nouveau masterpiece. Walk along Avenue Rapp and enjoy magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower. I love how the Eiffel Tower can pop up between the streets. If you do too, walk along the nearby Rue Saint Dominique. This area features some of the best streets in Paris near Eiffel Tower.

Next, walk until you reach No. 29, the Lavirotte Building. It’s one of the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Paris. Steps away, between No. 33 and 35 you’ll notice a secluded courtyard tucked away from the crowds.

Square Rapp offers a secret view of the Eiffel Tower. This discovery makes Av. Rapp is one of the best streets to walk in Paris. 

34. Rue de l’Universite in 7th arrondissement

One of the best streets Paris offers with views of the Eiffel Tower is rue de l’Université. This long street ends in very close proximity to the Eiffel Tower making it one of the best Paris streets for photos.

Unfortunately, the secret is out as one of the best streets in Paris for photos. It’s busy with Instagrammers fighting for that perfect street and tower view. Be sure to visit early in the morning.

If you want a fantastic city view of the Eiffel Tower, head to Tour Montparnasse.

35. Avenue Montaigne in 8th arrondissement

white twinkle lights in trees on paris street

This Paris street is one of the most prestigious in the city. Rue Montaigne is known as the best shopping street in Paris. Luxury designers like Chanel, Céline, Dior and Louis Vuitton line the wide boulevard. As does the elegant Théatre des Champs-Elysées and exclusive Plaza Athénée hotel.

Stroll this chic street known as one of the best shopping streets in Paris. Av. Montaigne has impressive architecture and Eiffel Tower views. A bonus, this street is near the most famous street in Paris Champs Elysees. 

I think both of these are the best streets in Paris at night and are a must-visit during the Christmas market season to see the pretty lights when it becomes the prettiest road in Paris.

Want to Take a Walking Tour of Paris City Streets?

A fun way to see the city streets is through a guided tour. There are so many to choose from so I did a little research and found the best ones.

#1 Top Pick
hot chocolate stand on paris walking tour


Montmartre Cheese, Wine & Pastry Walking Tour

✅ 3 hours

✅ French pastries, chocolates, charcuterie & wine

#2 Pick
tall building in paris


Le Marais Guided Walking Tour

✅ 2-2.5 hours

✅ Lesser known places in Le Marais

#3 Pick
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Saint Germain Chocolate & Patisserie Walking Tour

✅ 3 hours

✅ 8 stops chocolate, macaroons, pastries

FAQ About Streets in Paris

stone wall with man walking on pretty street in paris

What is the longest street in Paris?

The longest street in Paris is Boulevard de la Villette. At almost 11 km (7 miles) it runs from Porte de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement to Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad in the 10th arrondissement.

What is the shortest street in Paris?

The shortest street in Paris is Rue des Degrés, at 5 m (16 feet) long, located in the 4th arrondissement near the Notre Dame Cathedral.

What is the busiest street in Paris?

The busiest street in Paris is Champs-Élysées. This iconic avenue is one of the most famous streets in the world and is popular with tourists visiting Paris.

What is the oldest street in Paris?

The oldest street in Paris is Rue Saint-Antoine, which dates back to the Roman period and is home to many notable landmarks like Place des Vosges, and Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis in Le Marais.

What is the narrowest street in Paris?

The narrowest street in Paris is Rue Dauphine measuring 1.05 m (or 3.4 feet) wide at its narrowest point. This pedestrian-only street is located in the 6th arrondissement.

What are the best shopping streets in Paris?

The best shopping streets in Paris include Champs-Élysées and Rue de Rivoli for high-end and popular chain shops, and Rue Saint-Honoré is known for its luxury boutiques in Paris.

What is the prettiest street in Paris?

The prettiest street in Paris is Rue de l’Abreuvoir in 18th arrondissement. Start your stroll at the famous La Maison Rose and continue down the cobbled road towards the Statue of Dalida.

Where to stroll when it’s raining in Paris?

The best place to stroll when it’s raining in Paris is its covered passages. Don’t let Paris weather stop you from exploring the city.

As a Holidaymaker

One of my favourite things to do is to simply stroll the streets of Paris. And, with every return trip, I discover more of the prettiest streets in Paris. Some are famous streets of Paris and others are hidden gems.

What are the most beautiful streets in Paris that you want to visit?

Next, if you are looking for more planning tips for Paris and resources, you can find them in one spot on my France Travel Guide page.

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