Are you looking for the perfect weekend escape? Somewhere deep in nature – a place that is so peaceful and tranquil. Get away to hinterhouse, a Scandinavian designed cabin deep in the woods of Québec, Canada. It’s an eco-friendly space that is light, minimalist and cozy. A true sanctuary that has an instant calming effect.

A modern prefab Airbnb cabin called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Our need to escape, even for a short time, is a common bond we all share. Especially now, in our chaotic and busy world. We crave the need to unplug, to find quiet, beautiful spaces that will help us relax and rejuvenate. Let me share the place that did that for me.

hinterhouse – mountain modernism in the Laurentians

The prefab vacation rental known as hinterhouse sits up high, quietly in the treetops in the Laurentians (or Laurentides in French). It features all the benefits of modern design while connecting with the simplicity of its natural surroundings. This woodland retreat is designed by the Montréal-based firm of Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design. 

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

The exterior timber cladding has been left natural, while the inside is a light finish with a stained black kitchen, creating a vivid contrast. The cabin is made up of 60% glass, so when you open those large sliding doors the sounds of tranquil breezes and bird songs immediately relax you.

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

This retreat thoughtfully blends aesthetics from Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism. A sauna is contained in a separate building, down a winding staircase cut into the woods. Your very own onsite spa experience, with the heat of the sauna and the cold outdoor shower in the woods.  

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada
Photo credit: hinter company

hinterhouse – Scandi-inspired designed spaces

As you enter hinterhouse you are welcomed into an entirely open space flanked on both sides with floor-to-ceiling windows with sliding doors leading you out to the natural wood lot. 

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

This main living space is an open plan, with a subtle sense of separation by a rotating wood-burning stove that provides 360-degree access to fire whether you are in the kitchen or lounging space. 

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

The décor is beautifully designed and sourced locally. It is simple, light and modern. 

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

A fully equipped kitchen that brings out the inner chef in you. The long table doubles as a kitchen island and an eating area for four. 

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Beyond the main living space, a hallway brings you to 2-bedrooms, a bathroom, and a built-in washer and dryer. 

Each bedroom is the same size. They offer an amazing amount of built-in storage cleverly tucked behind the light wood panelled walls. The comfy queen-sized platform bed is nestled against the floor-to-ceiling window. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast in bed on those lazy mornings. Or at night, watch the fireflies dance in the starlit sky. 

Experience the sensation of an outdoor shower in complete privacy with this floor-to-ceiling window view. Concrete floor, plywood and white mosaic tiles give this bathroom a simple, light and clean aesthetic. 

hinterhouse – a property owned by hinter company

Hinter company is owned and operated by, Mauricio and Emily, a young professional couple out of Québec. Designed spaces hidden in nature. This isn’t just a tagline to them, rather it’s their passion and purpose. They believe in offering refined modern spaces that are simple in design, with calming tones, allowing nature to be the focal point.

All of the products, materials, design elements and furniture are locally sourced, eco-friendly and sustainable. They truly believe in your wellness and the planet too. With every booking, they plant 10 trees to support the One Tree Planted movement.

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

hinterhouse – location in the Laurentians

The custom-built property is part of a quiet lake community of private high-quality, modern, sustainable homes in La Conception, a municipality in the Laurentians. 

In summer, it’s all about water sports, with more than 9,000 lakes and rivers to choose from. A cycling tour or hiking is the best way to see this area in all its fall glory. In winter, it’s a sought-after destination for alpine skiing, but why not try snowshoes or cross-country skis over the frozen lakes and forests. And, in spring, it’s time for all things to thaw and to make maple syrup. Visit a sugar shack, or enjoy whitewater rafting expeditions or fishing.

The popular holiday destination of Mont Tremblant is a short 15-minute drive away.  

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Depending on where you are coming from, here are the approximate times of how to reach this Airbnb: 

  • Toronto = 600 km or 6-hour drive
  • Ottawa = 150 km or 105-minute drive
  • Montréal = 140 km or 90-minute drive
  • Air travel: arrive via Montréal-Trudeau International airport

hinterhouse – booking information

Hinter Company have 3 rental properties in Quebec – hinterhouse, hintercabin x, and hinterhideout

Read about my stay at hintercabin x

A modern prefab Airbnb vacation rental called hinterhouse is located in Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

As a holidaymaker…

I can’t think of a better place to escape to. I long for the day I can return – hinterhouse, you’ve captured my heart. And, I know it will do the same for you.  So, what are you waiting for? Plan your escape to hinterhouse and enjoy your relaxing stay. And, bonus this cabin is pet-friendly.

Thank you to hinter house for gifting me with a stay. As always, the opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Such a beautiful getaway tucked in the woods! The hinterhouse in the Laurentians is a true escape from the busy city life. I love the rotating wood burning stove and the outdoor shower concepts. It is in the forest and yet there are enough attractions to visit not too far away. This is simply perfect. I would love to check out this place when I do the East Canada trip that is in my bucket list! 🙂

  2. Such a serene getaway. To hear the birds chirping every morning and sit in the soft light – maybe reading a book or just catching a nap – I am so craving it right now. I might even take it up to complete writing a book. Good tips on what to expect at the place

  3. Escape to such a charming house hidden in the forest is a great adventure. Hinterhouse in the Laurentians is delightful! I would love to stay there for a few days, sit down on the terrace with a book, and rest. The interior is simple but at the same time looks pretty comfortable. I was most impressed by these vast windows overlooking the forest and, of course, the fireplace. It’s great that there are so many attractions in the area and you can actively spend time outdoors.

  4. Designed spaces hidden in nature – love that mission! And would love to stay at this place nested in the woods…so inviting and charming.

  5. I love this hinterhouse. Simple and minimalist. No need a lot of stuff inside to make you feel cozy in this vacation rental. How wonderful it is to see firefly in the evening and waking up to birds chirping in the morning from the bedroom. And, the rotating wood burning stove is really clever!

  6. What a beautiful place to unwind for a few days. I love the designer interior as well as the spectacular and well-thought setting of the house. The whole concept of the hinterhaus places is very charming, indeed.

  7. Nice combination of the comfort of a luxury accommodation and the charm of a small town! Their tagline indeed speaks for what the hinterhouses are. I love how on the outside, it looks a bit dim, but on the inside, it looks like there’s natural light. So cozy!

  8. I would definitely like to escape to Hinterhouse! The house is warm and inviting and the outdoors scenery and nature is so relaxing too.

  9. This place sounds like the retreat I need at the moment. All amenities and lots of greens and breeze. It could really become a wellness spot and be so inspirational for people who have been leading a racy life.

  10. Wow! This looks lovely and would love to spend the weekend here. The interiors are really nice and classy. Happy to know that they provide a fully equipped kitchen.

  11. Wow this looks like the ultimate cozy spot!! I’ve always wanted to go to Quebec, and this hinterhouse bnb looks like the perfect escape in the woods. Lakes, cycling, and maple syrup… sounds like a dream!!

  12. I love this design, it reminds me of the Japanese Muji designed houses that they have for sale. I love the emphasis on minimal, classic dark colors and wood, it feels like it’s one with the forest around it in a way. Beautiful!

    1. You will definitely love your stay here. The only downside is that you will never want to leave. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Love the modern and minimalist interior of the place! The idea of a place hidden in nature sounds great and I’d love to go there myself

    1. Thanks Steph for your comment and yes, definitely this is the best place to go to get away from it all!

    1. Yes, the house is 60% glass so definitely it feels like you are in a glass house. Thanks for your comment.

  14. This looks lovely, such a pity the sauna wasn’t ready when you went but sounds like a perfect excuse to return so you can try it out!

  15. What a perfect place to escape the world and chill. I love the simplicity and elegance of the layout. But my favourite is the herb garden in the kitchen… might have to borrow that idea!

  16. Escaping to hinterhouse in a Scandinavian designed cabin deep in the woods of the Laurentians, in the province of Québec is a perfect escape in these times. I love such cozy, minimalist and cozy with a sanctuary all around would be truly a calming effect. The location is truly serene.

  17. What a gorgeous and sweet retreat! I have no idea how I haven’t made it to Quebec in my life yet – despite having a very Quebecois last name and coming from a French-speaking family! I really want to get there soon and I would love to visit this little hideaway! Wish we had something like this close to me now!

    1. Thank you Cate for stopping by and commenting. It sounds like it will be the perfect retreat for you.

  18. Wow, this place looks idyllic. Living in a country (Malta) where they seem intent on cutting down every tree, it would be fabulous to lose myself in nature for a while. Love the fact that all the bedrooms are the same size- stops that first argument when travelling with friends 🙂

    1. That’s too bad that there are no spaces in nature any more. Thanks for your comment Sarah.

  19. It’s almost verging on an Ikea showroom .. but with more charm and character, and definitely more personality. What a tranquil spot to sit and relax. It would make me want to disconnect … turn the cell phone off at the door, and just completely get in touch with nature and the surrounding area.

    1. Thank you Joy! That’s exactly what we did, we unplugged and got lost in nature. Thanks for dropping by.

  20. Wow, this building is just fabulous. Usually, I’m rather into retro and vintage, but here, the modern, sleek style is an alluring contrast to the surrounding woods. Also, love the fireplace right in the middle of the ‘hinterhouse’. It’s funny, since in German, Hinterhaus is a rather shabby building in the back of a posh building. Well, this one certainly isn’t 😉

    1. Thank you Renata for your comment. Yes, that is what I thought too, as I know German. But it is definitely not that! In this case, it is more reference to hinterland – spaces that are in the middle of nature.

  21. I love everything about this! The design is gorgeous, the quiet, natural location with water nearby is dreamy, wood burner, sauna, immaculate kitchen, all spot on. What I love most is the way the outdoors is brought indoors with those huge picture windows to make you feel like you’re living in nature.

  22. Wow this is amazing! I love how minimalistic it is, yet there’s so much charm at the same time. I would never have guessed this was in Quebec. I clearly need to explore there more!

    1. Thank you Brooklyn for your comment and dropping by. Yes, you’ll have to explore more and perhaps add this to your list.

  23. This place looks like my dream home! Such a beautiful location and the interiors are beautiful – especially the floor-to-ceiling windows (in the bathroom too – so cool!).

  24. I love the design element of this property. It is a place I would love to stay if only I were nearer! I love that it is in the woods, getting back to nature is fabulous.

    1. Thank you for your comment Angie. It is an ideal spot for someone who wants to unwind and be in nature for a few days.

  25. I wish I could escape to a place like this right now, I just love how serene and peaceful it looks. The design of the house is perfect too, it’s like a modern day cabin in the woods. It somehow looks cozy but so light and open too. Perfect for sitting by the fire and taking in the views. I imagine it’s so beautiful in winter too with the snow!

    1. I would imagine it is beautiful any time of year. Especially fall with the colourful foliage on display. Yes, winter too, it would be the perfect place to get snowed in for a few days. Thank you for your comment Nic.

  26. Yes please, the Hinterhouse sounds amazing! I’m totally imagining myself sitting in front of a cozy fire at night, while wandering through the forest during the day as we head down to the sauna. Such a shame you didn’t get to use it though. Absolutely love the modern design and comforts in amongst nature with complete privacy. It’s the perfect romantic, weekend escape.

    1. Oh yes, I longed to be there with a crackling fire on, glass a wine in hand after long hot sauna. The sauna will be awesome once it’s done. Thank you for your comment.

  27. OMG so excited to be able to cross the border into Canada again soon!

    This reminds me of Getaway Cabins in the US but at a bigger scale. Love the idea of just disconnecting from the world and just enjoying a weekend away from everything!

    1. Thank you Gus for your comment. You are exactly right hinterhouse is that perfect getaway cabin.

  28. How crazy is it that there is a hidden modern world in the woods of Laurentians, Canada. This Hinterhouse is crazy looking inside but I love all the clean features. I think my favorite part is the wood burning fireplace in the middle of the kitchen to the sitting room. I would love that in my old house in New Orleans cause it gets a wee bit nippy here in February. (I hear your moans but it does for this little cuban boy!)

    1. I can understand that. We Canadians are known to make a fire in our cool spring or autumn days. I’m so glad you like hinterhouse as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by and your comment Eric.

  29. I really love Scandinavian design, but this is a gem, even for them! I love the way it seems to blend the outdoors inside. What a perfect place to relax and cook. i can see why you (and your doggy) loved it!

    We stayed with friends on that side of Canada and went hiking/swimming/stayed in a cabin near here. It is SUCH a gorgeous area. Although we saw leeches in the lake after we’d been swimming. (Eep!)

    1. Thank you Josy for your lovely comment. Indeed it was a gem, and my dog loved it as much as we did!

  30. Wow! What a beautiful place to escape and refresh! I’ve been stuck in my apartment in NYC since March, and staying here looks like a dream. I LOVE the giant windows. Such a clean, clear aesthetic. I would just need to bring a chef with me to cook in that beautiful kitchen. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment Courtney. We all need a little escape right now don’t we. Hopefully you will find yours soon.

    1. Thank you for your comment Rudy. You’re right tough decisions. Trust me, once you are there, you won’t care. As you will forget all about your phone.

  31. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful spot! I love the 60% windows, the timber and the minimalist style. It’s cozy but still so open and bright. When we travel local we bring our dog too – one of the best parts! I hope to make it to this awesome accommodation someday!

    1. Thank you for your comment Riana. I’m so glad you like it as much as I do. I hope you think of it if you were to come to this part of the province.

  32. I was happy to read about the hinter house in the Laurentians. It has been awhile since we visited that part of Quebec. But now good to know there is an interesting accommodation option. I love the feel of the isolated houses. The look definitely is serene and minimalist.

    1. Thank you Linda for your comment. The location is perfect, 15 mins from Tremblant, yet In a secluded spot.

  33. Oh my gosh- I’m so excited!! This is road-tripping distance for us!!! And it’s right up our alley. Now if we could just get across the border. Saving this for when it’s safe!!

    1. So glad it inspired a future road trip for you! It would be perfect any season, whenever it is safe for the US to travel again. Thanks for your comment Lissa. I’m sure you’ll love it here!

  34. This place looks awesome! I love the minimal interior design and the location, I wish they had an exterior design that fits with the woods, rather than this modern city-style look.
    However, I would be happy to be in this place either way 🙂

    1. Thank you Moshe for stopping by and commenting. The architecture is so simple in design so that it does not to compete with nature. And, all of the materials, the timber cladding is sourced locally. It was definitely my happy place.

  35. Oh my gosh I love this. What an idyllic retreat, I think I really need that this year. To explore locally but also just to completely get away from it all. This looks beautiful and so serene. I love how open it looks with all the glass. The Hudson’s Bay blanket is a very Canadian touch too.

    1. Thank you for your comment Emma. You are exactly right, the idyllic getaway that leaves you feeling so relaxed. I didn’t want to ever leave.

  36. Wow, what a gorgeous location and stunning cabin! Quite the gem so close to Montréal too, amazing! I wouldn’t mind combining a stay here in the woods with a city break in Montréal, seems like the perfect combination. Thanks for the tip! This one goes on to my East Canada bucket list 🙂

    1. So glad it inspired your future plans Zarina. We did just that, we combined it with a stay in Ottawa, then a full day in Montreal with ending our destination here for a few days and it was just wanted I needed and more than what I would have ever imagined. Thank you for your comment, and hope you are able to add it to a future itinerary.

  37. Wow, this place looks absolutely stunning. Your photos capture the peaceful atmosphere beautifully. It looks like the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in nature but still have all the home comforts that you want on a relaxing break away. I love the addition of a sauna too, what a great idea!

    1. Thank you Sarah for your kind comment. It is always so hard to capture the feeling and image of what a place is like in person. Yes, the sauna is going to be amazing addition to this property!

  38. This place looks like it would really allow me to get in touch with nature. I like the minimalist style as it won’t distract from the fabulous outdoor views.

    1. Thanks Jeff, and you’ve definitely described it to a tee! It is all that and more. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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