Looking for the perfect way to spend a day? Jordan Ontario is your best choice, and this guide on the best things to do in the enchanting village of Jordan is here to help you plan your trip!

First things first, where is Jordan exactly? It’s a tiny community located on the eastern edge of the town of Lincoln in the Niagara Region. The village of Jordan is bordered by Twenty Mile Creek and Vineland. That makes it about 100 km from Toronto and 65 km from Buffalo. One of the reasons why I love Jordan so much is that it sits in the heart of Ontario’s wine country and the Niagara escarpment. 

tulips blooming along main street

Best Things to Do in Jordan

Start your day in the Village of Jordan at RPM Bakehouse. Trust me when I say, it’s worth the drive! Known for its bread and pastries this bakery is sure to delight. Order to-go or better yet enjoy your delicious treat on their relaxed outdoor patio. I highly recommend the quiche, one of the best I’ve ever tasted, it was so light and creamy almost as if it was a soufflé. Browse the grocery items all from locally sourced merchants, including coffee roasters, craft beer, seasonal juices, and cheese. Now it’s time to explore Jordan Village. 


The main street of Jordan Village is tiny but oh-so-charming. Jordan offers visitors a number of unique shops and boutiques. Strolling the tree-lined street and you will find a couple of art galleries, gift shops, and fashion boutiques, along with a hat shop and jewelry boutique. Cave Spring Cellars offers a boutique wine-tasting room and a shop right in the centre of the main street. Visit on a Wednesday and you can add the Farmers Market to your list of top things to do in Jordan too. From 2:30-6:30 pm, local farmers gather to offer their seasonal fruit and baked goods.


Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the spa? Whether it’s reconnecting as a couple, catching up with girlfriends, or pampering yourself, the place to go is Spa on the Twenty. Choose from the full-service spa options of body or face treatments or a relaxing massage located in a century-old building.  

Or, better yet make it the ultimate relaxing weekend getaway and add overnight accommodations and dining at the elegant vintage hotel, Inn on the Twenty. One of the best restaurants in Jordan is part of this boutique hotel. 

Location: 3845 Main Street, Jordan


Learn about the early settlement by the United Empire Loyalists in the late 1700s. The Jordan Historical Museum uses storytelling and photographs to give you a sense of what life would have been like for the early settlers, many of which were of German descent and Mennonites. It’s comprised of two historical buildings – the 1859 School House and the 1815 Fry House – with scenic views over the incredible Twenty Valley.

Location 3800 Main Street, Jordan Station


Go treasure hunting at Refabulous, an antique shop that features restoring, refurbishing, and renewing older pieces. Most of the fine furniture items come from either Quebec or US. Located in an impressive stone house from 1831, take your time perusing the many wonderful pieces that have been so lovingly restored by the owner Stacey. Open Saturdays and by chance other days of the week, or inquire to book an appointment

Location: 3738 Main Street, Jordan 

large brown stone historic house

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Before you leave Jordan Village make sure you stop at this cute ice cream and old-fashion bakeshop. Tay’s Treats is a definite treat! Pies, cream puffs, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, and more! But it was the ice cream that got my attention, especially on a warm summer’s day. 

Location: 3771 Nineteenth Street, Jordan

pink ice cream shoppe

Best Wineries in Jordan

Jordan is situated on Niagara Peninsula known for its prime area for growing grapes. This area is Ontario’s largest producer of wine as it stretches from Niagara Falls to Hamilton. The major industry in Jordan is wine-tasting tourism, but it pales in comparison to the much bigger draw of the wineries in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area. This is my favourite area for wine tours as it’s far more scenic and a lot less busy. Here are my recommended ones to visit that are closest to Jordan.

stone barn winery
  • Honsberger Estate Winery – a 6th generation cherry and apple orchard family farm was replaced with Cabernet Franc and Riesling vines and they’ve never looked back. Go to this winery for the experience as well as the delicious wines. Former barns have been turned into a cozy tasting and dining room, but in the fairer weather, enjoy the quiet farm setting of the large outdoor terrace complete with a wood-burning pizza oven and a gelato bar. 
  • Pearl Morrissette Estate Winery – reminiscent of classic French wines – go to this winery and enjoy a refined full-bodied Cabernet Franc or Chardonnay. The RPM Bakery is an extension of this winery- so their passion for good food and wine is why you need to seek them out. 
  • Creekside Estate Winery – known for its Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah as their signature wines go to Creekside for its fun, friendly atmosphere, where even dogs are welcome too. The laid-back vibes make you feel like you are in a friend’s backyard for a BBQ. Charcuterie boards are the best way to sample their wines, but you might be tempted by the amazing Creekside Kitchen menu. 
  • Calamus Estate Wines – set in a charming heritage barn from the early 1800s, this winery is off-the-beaten-path and close to Balls Falls. Go to this winery for its scenic backdrop and very own hiking trails as you sip on its best wines from Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Cabernet grapes. Check out their special events, like the stargazing in partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: Niagara Centre.

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Must-See Ball’s Falls

Set in the picturesque Twenty Valley, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area is the top thing to do in Jordan for nature lovers. Start your visit at the protected 19th-century hamlet of the original Ball family homestead with an operating flour mill, a lime kiln, a church, a blacksmith shop, and a carriage shed. Learn how Jacob, Peter, and Thomas Ball, all lieutenants in Butlers Rangers, were granted a large parcel of land by the Crown. The Ball brothers first built a grist mill by a 27-metre-tall waterfall in the early 1800s. 

Popular activities at Ball’s Falls are hiking, birdwatching, fishing, geocaching, and of course checking out the Ball’s Falls. Lots of green space make this the perfect place for a picnic, and it’s entirely dog friendly. This is also a popular spot for photography. However, a photography permit is required for all engagement, wedding, and family photoshoots. A parking day pass of $8 is required to access the park. 

white historic church

Stop at Fruit Orchard

Take the scenic route! Well, that’s so easy, as no matter what route you take to get to Jordan you’re bound to be surrounded by orchards, wineries, and garden centres. As a side trip, keep your eyes open for fruit and flower stands at the side of the road. Stop in and get your fill of seasonal fruit freshly picked that day. Pineview Orchards is the largest fruit-growing farm in Jordan. Everything from apples, cherries, peaches, and pear trees can be seen from the road, along with every vegetable and herb you can think of. 

Location: 4198 Jordan Road, Jordan

As a holidaymaker…

So that’s how you spend one full day in Jordan Ontario. As you can see there is no shortage of things to do in the enchanting village of Jordan. Like any small town, their local activities and festivals are worth seeking out especially the annual Twenty Valley Winter Winefest. 

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  1. A visit to that area is not complete without a stop at The Watering Can. Lovely place for flowers, home decor and they offer workshops throughout the year. The ferris wheel of appetizers is a fun experience with a few friends. Vineland Enstates also has a beautiful patio for a drink and food. Lastly, Gland Old Oak which is right off the highway has the best soups and sandwiches and another great place for lunch.

  2. I just love exploring small towns. The fact that this one has wineries and a super Instagrammable ice cream shop give it extra points for sure!

  3. Oh, Jordan Ontario! I’ve driven by but never explored this lovely small town. I think my first stop would be Balls Falls and then the wineries!

  4. We may head back down towards Niagara next week, so I’ll for sure be adding this cute town to our list! We’re looking for boutique shops to get some unique home decor from.

  5. I love small, atmospheric villages such as Jordan, where time has stood still, and you can walk along quiet, well-kept streets, admiring the architecture and greenery. I want to visit the Jordan Historical Museum. And for sure, I will try cute ice cream in an old-fashion bakeshop. I add Jordan to my bucket list, as there are so many wineries in the area!

  6. Because of your posts I keep adding cute little towns to my Canada to my travel wish list. The ice cream shop in Jordan looks like straight out of a fairy tale. I absolutely love learning about the local history of these places – so a visit to the museum would be first.

  7. What a pleasant surprise! Jordan looks like a very cute town to spend a weekend! I loved the picturesque wooden church and the waterfalls! Obviously, i would love to visit a winery too! Thanks for sharing this article!

  8. I agree. This area of Ontario is completely worth the visit. The scenery is gorgeous. The wine is good and Ball’s Falls is a spectacular hike. I’m not a shopper, but I did love the little boutique shops in Jordan.

  9. Jordan has to have everything you need for a relaxing holiday. I would definitely love to explore it by day and then relax at the Twenty spa. I would make sure not to miss the ice cream parlour either, as well as check out the antiques at the local shops.

  10. What a cute little town, I can imagine the perfect day for me it would be going to Ball’s Falls in the morning and then do a little bit of wine tasting in the afternoon!

  11. ‘Enchanting’ is certainly the right word to sum up this little village, it ticks all the boxes for cuteness but still seems to have bucket loads of activities to see and do. The bakery and ice-cream shop would definitely be my ports of call followed by some of the nearby wineries but I think just taking photos and wandering around Jordan village would bring a smile to my face.

  12. I grew up in Buffalo and never heard of this quaint little village of Jordan. I certainly would enjoy exploring it and doing some wine tastings. Looks charming.

  13. What a lovely little village! I like the architecture style here, it looks so retro almost. Tay’s Treats has my name on it and so does the spa. It’s a yes for me for Jordan.

  14. I can imagine breakfast on the patio at RPM Bakehouse, grabbing a coffee to go and then wandering the village – what a great way to start the day! I have been participating in wine tours a lot lately and really enjoy them. Honsberger Estate Winery got my attention, it doesn’t get much better than good wine and gelato.

  15. Ball’s falls looks like the kind of place I like to visit when I travel. The fruit orchard looks amazing also. I have been wanting to visit Canada for a long time and I will put Jordan in my list of places to visit there for sure.

  16. Wow , this place really has all of the right elements that I am attracted to including antique shopping, eating visiting historic sites and enjoying the small town vibe. I love visiting places like Jordan which really resonates with the historic and tourist side perfectly and so harmoniously in sync. I’ll definitely place this on my bucket list to visit.

  17. This is exactly the type of experience I look for when I travel…And you had me at RPM Bakehouse! Great coffee and pastry (or quiche!) are a perfect start to a day exploring the charming village of Jordan. Antiquing, apple orchards, ice cream, and a spa would definitely top my itinerary. It looks like there are plenty of historical sites and scenic photo opps, too! Sometimes, these darling little towns really make a trip memorable.

  18. The ice cream shop looks so idyllic and cute! I love seeing other parts of Ontario other than Toronto! So cute.

  19. Well I hadn’t heard of Jordan before but it’s going on the list of places to visit on our next trio to Ontario. The bakehouse and the ice cream place will be hard to choose between for my first stop, and I do love a good antique hunt. I feel like I was made for small, cute villages. Looks like the perfect day out to me

  20. I love that you are showing us some great new small towns in Ontario. We would absolutely travel to visit a great bakery. So will keep the RPM Bakehouse on our “to visit” list. And you know we won’t pass on wine tasting at the Cave Spring Cellars. A longer stay might get us to Ball’s Falls and maybe even a spa visit! Definitely something for our coming Ontario wanders.

  21. This is such a pretty little place – what a find! I love the idea of a gentle little mooch around somewhere so quaint and love that you’ve shared great places to stop, refuel and browse like that gorgeous little ice cream shop. I’d definitely want to visit Ball’s Falls and that picture-perfect little white church!

  22. A town with a fresh bread bakery that sells coffee roasters and craft beer, another that does wine tastings, a Farmers market on a Wed, a boutique hotel with restaurant and end it all in a Spa. What is there not to like about this town? Enchanting houses, well maintained and pretty are such a draw for tourists and this would be on my list of places to perform “retail therapy” in! To top it all there is an ice cream shop and local wineries! Jordan certainly has a lot to offer and its good to see so many businesses thriving in a small town. I wonder if it is on a coach tour route for the area.

    1. Thanks Barry for your comment. Yes, there is a coach tour from Toronto and the US that comes to the Jordan area due to all of the wineries and quality food and drink options. This is for both our American visitors and Canadian visitors.

  23. Ok, I think it is time for me to seriously consider Canada as a travel destination (I’m usually put off by the cold temps). You always share these super nice and quaint places, I would love to discover them for myself one day. Please keep posting more about the Ontario area!

  24. Oh my goodness, the ice cream shop looks like something I would see in a dream or fairy tale! I love how quaint the village of Jordan is. Thank you for the note on RPM Bakehouse, love supporting local businesses especially when they make delicious sweet treats!

      1. Jordan, Ontario looks like a perfect dream vacation place with so many activities to do. From historical museums, beautiful old fashioned ice cream shops, spa treats, fashion boutiques, art galleries to strolling along the charming streets while stopping over to dine in one of its vintage hotels.I can’t just wait to visit this happening place!

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