10 Best Things to Do in the Village of Bayfield Ontario

Treat yourself by visiting the delightful village of Bayfield Ontario!

Bayfield Canada is situated on the shores of Lake Huron between Goderich and Grand Bend.

This charming village is oh-so quaint. It may be tiny in size but big in appeal. From the historic downtown with its lovely shops and restaurants to the beautiful parks and beaches. It becomes a hot spot in the summertime.

Bayfield makes for a great family, couples or friends getaway destination.
Wondering what to do in Bayfield Ontario, I’ve got you covered!
I’m sharing my favourite things to do in Bayfield Ontario.

10 Things to Do in Bayfield Ontario

1. Catch a Sunrise

pink sunrise in Bayfield canada
Bayfield Ontario Canada

One of the best reasons to make Bayfield your next Ontario weekend getaway destination is so you can rise with the sun!

Stay at least one night, and plan to wake a little early and you’ll be treated to a kaleidoscope of colours. A Lake Huron sunrise is one of the prettiest I’ve ever witnessed and Bayfield Beach is the best spot to watch it from.

Where to Stay in the Town of Bayfield Ontario

inn with porch in Bayfield Ontario

Visiting Bayfield is best with an overnight stay and not just a day trip, to catch the sunrise of course!

So here are the recommended places to stay:

  • The Little Inn of Bayfield offers travellers a refined experience, with its classic décor through its rooms and dining rooms. Watch for their themed weekend stays, perfect for couples’ or girlfriends’ getaways as part of boosting Bayfield tourism.
  • Or if you prefer a property rental, check out my recommended list of the 10 Best Airbnb Properties in and near Bayfield

2. Wander the Main Street

Find the heart of the village of Bayfield by wandering the historic Main Street.

Bayfield downtown is where you will find all of the unique shops, artisan stores, restaurants and galleries.

Experience the warm welcome of the locals who are just waiting to share their love of their small town with you.

Start your Bayfield things to do right here first.

3. Shops in Bayfield Ontario

yellow bookstore in things to do in bayfield ontario

My absolute favourite Bayfield shop is The Village Bookshop. There’s an entire section on local authors from southwestern Ontario, and you might even luck out and find a signed copy.

barn in garden setting in what to do in bayfield ontario

Wander out the side door to the private tranquil garden. Under massive tree canopies, you might find some art suspended from the trees on a fair-weathered day. Follow the path that leads you to an artist’s studio in a small barn toward the back of the bookshop. 

There are more Bayfield stores to seek out in downtown Bayfield Ontario, and I have to say there is some really great Bayfield shopping to be had!

Shopping in Bayfield Ontario includes these favourites:

  • The Gravy Boat is a kitchen shop that is well-stocked with gadgets and culinary essentials
  • Hive is an eclectic lifestyle shop full of clothing, accessories and home décor 
  • Art lovers will want to check out:
    • Bayfield Art Gallery showcases a collection of local artisans’ works under one roof
    • Patina is fine art and crafts by local artists
    • Marten Arts Gallery is full of unique and contemporary designs, with lots of outdoor garden art

I spend hours looking through all of the stores in Bayfield Ontario, and know you will too! This is a must on your list of Bayfield Ontario things to do.

4. Picnic in Pioneer Park

large tree in front of lake in Bayfield Ontario
View of Bayfield Lake Huron

Relax in Bayfield’s most beautiful Pioneer Park. A privately owned park that overlooks Lake Huron.

It’s a large open green space with large shade trees and is the perfect spot to relax and take in the sweeping lake views. Looking for the perfect spot for sunset watching, this is it!

I always have my dog with me, and this is our first spot to go. He loves to run and play here and I’m bound to run into some other local dog friends too.

5. Head to the Main Beach

sign pointing to beach in Bayfield canada

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do Bayfield Ontario is to visit the beach!

The most popular beach in Bayfield Village is Main Beach. It’s a family-friendly sandy beach with drive-up access, parking and public washrooms. Watch the sailboats come and go as the village’s Marina and pier are located right beside this popular spot. 

Other beaches you might want to seek out are Howard, Houston Heights and Pioneer Park. They all can be reached by way of a wooden staircase of about 90 steps or so.

My favourite is Pioneer Park, a mix of rock and sandy beach where usually there are not a lot of people and where my dog can roam freely. 

6. Grab an Ice Cream

A beach town like Bayfield means there has to be an ice cream shop or two. Expect to see a line-up of eagerly awaiting ice cream lovers at the village’s two shops.

First, there’s the popular Rosie’s Ice Cream Shoppe. The small white building with its bright pink, turquoise and purple awning. She serves up hard ice cream from London Ice Cream Company, as well as a smaller selection of gelato and frozen yogurt. 

Next, there is Copenhagen’s – which is also well known for its fish and chips and tacos – as well as its ice cream.

7. Stroll the Residential Streets

firepit at cottage in Bayfield Ontario

There are many attractive homes and cottages in this village. Venture off the Bayfield Main Street and stroll along the quiet, tree-lined streets and gaze upon the homes, cottages and beautiful gardens.

In particular, Catherine Street to Chiniguy Street to Colina Street is quite scenic, and they happen to be along the way from downtown to Pioneer Park.

8. Treat yourself to a Coffee and a Scone

bakery in village of Bayfield Ontario

A must-stop is The Pink Flamingo Bakery & Boutique. This little bakery offers up a daily selection of fresh cupcakes, cookies, squares and more. My absolute favourite, and worth the drive, are the homemade scones. Trust me, you can’t stop at one so you might as well get a couple for the ride home.

I spoke with Sharon, the owner and baker and she told me that it is her grandmother’s recipe. Aside from baked goods, this little shop offers specialty tea, coffee and their signature drink – pink lemonade. 

For coffee lovers, there is only one place to go in Bayfield – Shopbike Coffee Roasters. Aside from getting your coffee fix, you can stock up on their own branded merchandise – everything from coffee mugs to tee-shirts, as well as a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. 

9. Support the Farmers Market

The best way to feel the community spirit of a small town is to plan your visit to the Farmers Market. The Town of Bayfield timed theirs for arriving for a weekend.

The market runs every Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm from May to October. Head to Clan Gregor Square near the downtown in Bayfield to support the local vendors.

10. Watch the Beautiful Sunrise

sunset in Bayfield canada overlooking beach

Another reason to stay in Bayfield is to end a perfect day in Bayfield on the beach and watch the sun slowly fade into the horizon.

Where to Eat in Bayfield Ontario

restaurant in Bayfield Ontario
Bayfield Ontario Downtown

If you like laid-back, casual restaurants and pubs, then there is a lot to choose from. Let me share the ones I’ve tried over the years of visiting Bayfield.

I recommend these Bayfield Ontario restaurants:

  • The Little Inn, which is one of Ontario’s Finest Inns, offers two dining options:
    • The Willow Room – is perfect for a weekend brunch or dining experience
    • The Four in the Hand Taproom – the Inn’s pub open for lunch and dinner
restaurant in things to do in Bayfield Ontario with patio seating
Main Street Bayfield Ontario
  • The Black Dog Village Pub has been located in the village’s General Store building since 1850 and serves your typical pub-style menu with a large selection of local craft beer
  • The Lake House of Bayfield Bistro serves up a seasonal menu – traditional dishes with a bit of a twist. Aside from the delicious food, dine al fresco on their pretty front porch with either a view of Main Street or the private garden
blue building is a brewery what to do in Bayfield Ontario
  • Olio and Olio Too for their homemade pizza and pasta and Pizza by the Square offers a good take-out option

FAQ About The Village of Bayfield Ontario

inn with large tree in Bayfield canada

What are things to do near Bayfield Ontario?

Things to do near Bayfield Ontario include visiting the sandy beaches of Lake Huron, hiking at Pinery Provincial Park and visiting the nearby towns of Goderich, Grand Bend and St. Marys.

How far is Bayfield Ontario from Toronto?

Bayfield Ontario to Toronto is approximately 220 km (137 miles). The drive takes around 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on traffic and the chosen route.

How far is Bayfield Ontario from London Ontario?

Bayfield is around 100 km (62 miles) northwest of London, Ontario. The drive typically takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

How far is Bayfield from Grand Bend?

Bayfield to Grand Bend is about 30 km (18 miles) north and the drive takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

How far is Bayfield from Goderich?

Bayfield to Goderich is roughly 20 km (12 miles) south and the drive typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

As a Holidaymaker

The village of Bayfield Ontario is definitely one of my favourite places to visit. It offers up more than just a charming historic downtown. Immediately when you see Lake Huron, with its crystal clear turquoise water, you’ll forget you’re in Bayfield Canada!

If you enjoy day-tripping as much as I do check out my Canada home page where you will find a full list of my favourite small Ontario towns and experiences.

I will leave you with a couple that I think you might be interested in that are near Bayfield, Ontario:

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