11 Charming Things to Do in Creemore Ontario

Welcome to Creemore Ontario! A charming small town nestled in the heart of Ontario’s beautiful countryside.

With its quaint main street, friendly locals, and interesting cultural heritage, Creemore village is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, a beer connoisseur, or simply in search of a relaxing day trip, this picturesque town has something to offer. So, without further ado, let’s dive into 11 wonderful things to do in Creemore and discover the hidden gems that make this town so special!

Is Creemore Worth Visiting?

field of sunflowers in Creemore Ontario

First things, first – is Creemore worth the drive? You bet it is! Creemore is a destination that truly has it all.

Its charm and character are unmistakable with picturesque streets and buildings that take you back centuries ago. But it’s not just the town’s appearance that makes it so special; Creemore’s rich history is evident everywhere you look. From the historic buildings to the stories of the town’s past that are shared by the friendly locals.

Speaking of locals, the sense of community in Creemore town is truly amazing, with residents who are proud to call this town home and eager to share its many treasures with you. The warm and friendly welcome you’ll receive here is second to none, and you’ll quickly feel like a part of the community.

Sign in shop window in Creemore Ontario

This welcoming spirit goes back to the founding of Creemore. In 1842, Creemore was first settled and named after the Irish phrase “Cro Mor”, which translates to “big heart”. This explains why the town is affectionately referred to as “the village with a big heart” today. You can just feel it as soon as you arrive.

Lastly, it’s Creemore’s location that is also a major draw, particularly for those visiting from Toronto. Just 90 minutes northwest of Toronto, Creemore offers a chance to escape the busyness of the city and breathe in the fresh country air.

And once you’re here, there’s no shortage of things to do, from exploring the local hiking and cycling trails to sampling delicious local cuisine and exploring the town’s many cultural offerings. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Creemore is a destination that has it all.

11 Things to Do in Creemore

Wondering what to do in Creemore Ontario? I’m sharing a list of 11 Creemore things to do list with you. My absolute favourites include visiting the downtown shops, the farmers market on Saturday, followed by a stop at the Bank Cafe for a yummy treat.

1. Take the Scenic Route to Creemore

wheatgrass in sunset in countryside is things to do in creemore

Located amidst the picturesque Purple Hills, Creemore is set in a truly blissful area of Ontario.

The scenic drive to get there takes you through the rolling hills of the Niagara Escarpment, offering stunning views of large heritage homes, farms, towering trees, creeks, and ponds along the way.

It’s an idyllic countryside journey that is undeniably beautiful no matter the season.

Once you’ve done experiencing the other 10 things to do in Creemore, jump back in the car and explore the nearby country roads.

2. Try the World’s Greatest Carrot Cake and Cinnamon Buns

The best spot for breakfast, lunch, or a sweet treat is the Bank Café.

As soon as you swing open the door to this historic landmark, you know you’re in for a special treat. From the wonderful aroma of their kitchen to the friendly buzz of patrons, there’s a reason why it’s always packed.

They offer delicious paninis, wraps, and salads. But it’s their “world’s greatest” carrot cake and cinnamon buns on Saturdays are what they’re most famous for. Trust me, it’s worth the drive!

3. Take a Self-Guided Historic Walking Tour

red brick building in Creemore Ontario

Learn more about Creemore by taking the self-guided historic walking tour.

In any of the shops lining the historic main street, you can pick up a flyer containing a map of the village of Creemore with all of the heritage markers and interpretive signs.

Discover the land of the Petun Indigenous People and the interesting Creemore stories. This is a must for history buffs!

4. Go Shopping in the Wonderful Creemore Shops

The lovely little shops that line Creemore’s historic main street offer something for everyone.

Boutique stores like a book shop, a local and sustainable boutique grocery store, and lots of amazing lifestyle stores.

My go-to favourites are Heirloom 142, and Lagom 142. Both are filled with European home décor products, both new and old. Swoon-worthy antiques, textiles, glassware, pottery and so much more. Trust me, these are two stores that you won’t leave empty-handed. 

The newest boutique shop added to downtown Creemore, The Creemore Apothecary, is not to be missed. Stop in and chat with Dr. Kate Hunter for all your wellness needs all of which are locally sourced in Canada. Her store is simply lovely and is filled with charming vignettes of beautiful products. 

5. Check Out Some Local Art

Tucked away down a tiny alleyway between two buildings on the main Mill Street is an artists’ walk that leads you to their art gallery.

I met with artist, Sue Miller, who primarily works with oil paints on a large canvas, where she talked about her latest project, the “Ice Project Series.” She was inspired by the time she spent in Newfoundland where she fell in love with the land and its icebergs.

She wants to raise awareness of how ice shelves and glaciers have been impacted over time to create a movement toward positive environmental change. Her work is powerful. It’s not only beautiful but transcends an important message.

You can see her work, along with two other artists, Martha Bull and Elizabeth Eakins, and others in their “open house” studio tour that runs the first week in October every year.

6. Quench your Thirst at Creemore Brewery

brewery in Creemore Ontario

Yes, Creemore Downtown is home to their very own Creemore Springs Brewery. Take a tour and learn about their unique fire-brew process using a copper kettle which helps to produce their signature honey colour lager.

Afterwards, hang out on the patio overlooking Mill Street while sampling their beer for free. 

7. Go to Creemore Jail

The Creemore Jail is a historic landmark that offers a fascinating glimpse into the town’s past. Built in 1892, the jail served as the local detention center for nearly a century, housing everyone from petty thieves to murderers.

Today, the jail has been transformed into a unique museum that allows you to step back in time and experience what life was like for prisoners and guards alike.

It’s known as North America’s smallest jail, now that’s worth seeing don’t you think?

8. Attend a Creemore Festival

If you love festivals then you’ll love Creemore!

All year round, Creemore hosts a wide variety of festivals. From vintage to cycling to kids to parades to farmer’s market – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

copper kettle at brewery in creemore ontario

One of their most famous festivals is the Copper Kettle Festival, held at the end of August. It celebrates the Creemore Springs Brewery and it draws more than just beer enthusiasts, it is also family-friendly.

horses and dogs in parade in creemore ontario

One of my favourites, and a longstanding tradition to visit is the Horse, Hound and Harvest parade. Held on the Saturday of every Thanksgiving weekend, the Toronto North York Hunt Club rides down the main Mill Street with 20 or so hounds leading the charge.

It’s such a fantastic sight to see! The parade kicks off a variety of family-friendly activities, including a pie contest at the Farmer’s Market.

9. Hit the Creemore Trails

two bikes leaning on fence in creemore ontario

The surrounding area of Creemore is known for its hiking and biking trails. There are nearby parks and conservation areas like the Noisy River Provincial Park, Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area and Devil’s Glen Provincial Park.

Or, if you want to go for a stroll continue on Mill Street until you hit the shores of Mad River where you might want to make a picnic in the park. 

10. Visit a Lavender Farm

Purple Hill Lavender Farm is a must-visit destination near Creemore for anyone who loves lavender’s natural beauty and soothing aroma.

This picturesque farm offers a stunning setting for a relaxing day out, with rows upon rows of vibrant purple lavender plants that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Take a stroll through the fields, breathe in the soothing fragrance of the lavender, and even pick your own blooms to take home as a fragrant souvenir.

The farm also offers a variety of lavender-based products for sale, including oils, soaps, and lotions, as well as a charming gift shop filled with unique and locally-made items.

11. Restaurants in Creemore Ontario

red brick building with blue awning is restaurants in creemore ontario

For dinner, I highly recommend the farm-to-table Chez Michel, a French country restaurant.

It’s chic and cozy – just like what you would find in Provence. The food is delicious and the service is top notch making this an easy favourite among locals and visitors alike.  

FAQ About Creemore, Ontario

What is Creemore Ontario known for?

Creemore, Ontario is a small town located in Simcoe County. It’s known for its picturesque scenery, craft beer, and historic buildings.

How far is Creemore from Toronto?

Creemore is approximately 130 km (87 miles) northwest of Toronto, making it a convenient and charming destination for a day trip or weekend getaway.

How far is Creemore to Collingwood?

Creemore is located approximately 27 km (17 miles) southwest of Collingwood, making it an easy and enjoyable drive for those visiting the area.

As a Holidaymaker

Creemore, it’s no wonder it is often described as “one of the prettiest towns in Ontario” by Harrowsmith Magazine.

With its scenic setting and amazing things to do it makes for the perfect small-town getaway in Ontario.

If you love exploring charming small towns as much as I do, be sure to check out my Canada Travel Guide.

There are endless options for day trips near Toronto that are just as charming as Creemore. Places like Elora, featuring a charming downtown and the incredible gorge, or Stratford known for its famed festival, but boasting a to-die-for culinary scene.

Or the weekend hot spot of Prince Edward County featuring amazing beaches, wineries and an artist trail.

If you’re a wine lover then check out some of my articles featuring visits to Jordan and Niagara on the Lake. And, so much more!

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