25 Top Spots for Cherry Blossoms Ontario in 2024

Spring is in the air, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by taking in the stunning beauty of cherry blossoms.

Want to know the best locations for cherry blossoms Ontario has to offer?

Ontario is home to many locations where you can experience this beautiful sight. From sprawling gardens to quiet parks in Ontario’s best cities like Toronto, Burlington, Brampton, and Niagara.

After a trip to see the cherry blossoms in Paris, I returned home wanting to do the same in Ontario. So I jumped in the car and went from city to city seeking out the best ones.

With a very short Ontario cherry blossom season, that starts in late April and goes into early May, use this list to maximize your time.

The History of Cherry Blossoms in Ontario

pink cherry blossoms niagara

Cherry blossoms, with their delicate beauty, have captivated the hearts of people around the world.

These beautiful flowers, also known as sakura, hold a special place in Japanese culture and have become increasingly popular in many other countries, including Canada.

The history of cherry trees being planted in Ontario, Canada, can be traced back to a significant event known as the Sakura Project.

The project was initiated in the early 1950s as a gesture of friendship and goodwill between the citizens of Toronto and the citizens of Tokyo, Japan. It aimed to strengthen the bond between the two cities after the devastation of World War II.

In 1959, the first batch of Japanese cherry trees, specifically the Somei Yoshino variety, was gifted to the city of Toronto and were planted in High Park, which has now become one of the most renowned cherry blossom spots in Ontario.

The Sakura Project marked the beginning of a beautiful tradition, with subsequent donations and plantings of cherry trees taking place in various locations across Ontario over the years.

In Japanese culture, these blossoms symbolize the transience of life and remind us to cherish the fleeting moments of beauty.

The legacy of the Sakura Project lives on as thousands of cherry trees grace the landscapes of Ontario, enchanting us with their stunning displays of blossoms each spring.

These trees serve as a lasting reminder of the enduring friendship between Toronto and Tokyo and have become a cherished part of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage.

Cherry Blossoms in Toronto

path, pink cherry blossoms toronto

Toronto cherry blossoms cast a spellbinding enchantment over the city every spring. Canada’s largest city transforms into a serene haven as thousands of delicate pink and white blossoms adorn the branches of cherry trees.

The crown jewel of the Toronto cherry blossom experience is undoubtedly High Park, where the Sakura trees, a gift from Tokyo, create a breathtaking spectacle. Everyone flocks to this urban oasis to witness the magical display.

I remember stopping at High Park every springtime as I would commute into the downtown decades ago. That was before Instagram and when High Park cherry blossoms were almost the best-kept secret in Toronto.

Well, not anymore. Thousands of people visit the park every day during the height of the cherry blossom in Toronto season (when the trees bloom a little earlier than in some areas of the province).

If you are wondering where to see cherry blossoms in Toronto beyond High Park, I’ve found seven other great spots with far fewer crowds.

1. High Park

  • More than 2,000 cherry blossom trees – most popular places include Hillside Gardens, hilltop by Grenadier Pond
  • 📍1873 Bloor Street West, Toronto

2. Trinity Bellwoods Park

  • 70 cherry blossom trees can be found in the south-east corner of the park
  • 📍790 Queen Street West, Toronto

3. Toronto Island Park

  • 30 cherry blossom trees by Centreville fountain
  • 📍Ferry crossing at 9 Queens Quay W., Toronto ($8.19 ferry ticket per adult)

4. York University

  • 250 cherry blossom trees
  • 📍4700 Keele St., North York

5. Woodbine Park

  • 20 young cherry blossom trees near the curved path next to the pond
  • 📍1695 Queen St E, Toronto

6. Exhibition Place

  • 68 cherry trees (The Exhibition Place cherry blossom spot just might be my favourite)
  • 📍100 Princes Blvd., Toronto 

7. Broadacres Park

  • 100 cherry blossom trees
  • 📍35 Crendon Dr., Etobicoke

8. Best Streets to see Cherry Blossom in Toronto

  • 📍Cherry Street and Villiers Street | 45 cherry trees
  • 📍George Street, Harbour Street, Huron Street | 70 cherry trees

Cherry Blossoms in Scarborough

pink cherry blossoms ontario

Cherry trees in Scarborough are not as widespread as in other cities in Ontario.

Whether you stumble upon a single cherry tree along Scarborough’s streets or encounter clusters in a local park, more and more public spaces throughout Scarborough are adorned with these lovely blossoms.

Here are a couple of the best cherry blossom Scarborough sites worth checking out.

9. Birkdale Ravine

  • 45 cherry trees were donated by Sagamihara, Toronto’s sister city in Japan, and planted in 2015 and 2016
  • 📍1100 Brimley Rd., Scarborough

10. University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

  • 50 cherry trees in front of the Humanities Wing
  • 📍1265 Military Tr., Scarborough

Cherry Blossoms in Brampton

path with pink cherry blossoms in ontario

11. Joyce Archdekin Park

The Joyce Archdekin Park offers the best in Brampton off-the-beaten-path location where cherry blossoms take center stage.

While the exact number of cherry trees in the park is not known, you will be treated to a stunning display of these blossoms during the spring season.

This park is a favourite among the residents. Join them and take a leisurely walk along the cherry blossom trail next to Etobicoke Creek or have a picnic while admiring the best cherry blossoms Brampton has to offer!

📍Main St S, Brampton

Cherry Blossoms in Mississauga

12. Kariya Park

Kariya Park in Mississauga is a hidden gem where the allure of cherry blossoms makes this a must-visit park each spring.

The park’s thoughtful design, inspired by its Japanese namesake, creates a serene and harmonious atmosphere that perfectly complements the delicate beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Stroll along winding pathways until you come across the pond it’s here you’ll find the pretty pink blooms.

The best time to visit is in the early morning to capture the water reflection of the cherry trees. No matter the season, Kariay Park is worth visiting, making this the best cherry blossom Mississauga has to offer!

📍3620 Kariya Dr, Mississauga

Cherry Blossoms in Oakville

pink cherry blossoms in ontario

Oakville becomes even prettier under its impressive collection of cherry blossoms, with Centennial Park being home to the second-largest cherry tree collection in Ontario, only surpassed by High Park.

The cherry trees in Centennial Park can be found in various enchanting areas, including the northeast of the Conservatory and near Centennial Park Boulevard and Rathburn Road.

As spring arrives, the cherry trees line the pathways and the air fills with their subtle fragrance.

If you want something more quaint, visit Gairloch Gardens, a popular spot for wedding photography and a smaller and more intimate garden. The pretty scenery of Lake Ontario and the Sakuras is the perfect location for that Instagram shot.

13. Centennial Park Oakville

  • 463 cherry blossom trees
  • 📍1 East Street N, Dundas or 151 Elmcrest Rd., Etobicoke

14. Gairloch Gardens

  • 📍Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville

Cherry Blossoms in Burlington

pink cherry blossom tree ontario

Burlington is already a very scenic city in Ontario, home to the popular Ontario Royal Botanical Gardens.

Visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens is a must for any gardening enthusiast and in any season. But visiting during cherry blossom season is even better.

The Royal Botanical Gardens features a lovely collection of cherry trees.

There’s no doubt that the best place to see the Burlington cherry blossoms is right here! Head to the Arboretum where the cherry trees are abundant.

Even toward the end of the cherry trees bloom season it’s worth a trip. Watch as the gentle breeze carries the petals through the air, creating whimsical confetti as they land on the lawn creating a pink blanket of petals.

Right after cherry blossom season comes the lilacs. A sea of purples and white takes over and the sweet heavenly scent fills the air. I also like visiting the famous rose garden which starts blooming in June.

15. Royal Botanical Gardens

  • 📍680 Plains Road West, Burlington ($19.50 per adult 2023 rates, book online)

16. Spencer Smith Park

  • 📍1400 Lakeshore Road, Burlington

Cherry Blossoms in Hamilton

pink cherry blossoms in ontario

Hamilton, a vibrant city not widely known for its cherry blossoms as some other GTA cities boasts a couple of charming pockets where these pretty blooms can be found.

In locations such as Gage Park and Bayfront Park Hamilton’s cherry blossoms bring a touch of magic to these city’s green spaces.

Hamilton is known for its incredible waterfalls and hiking on the Niagara Escarpment, so visiting both makes for a great day trip in Ontario.

17. Bayfront Park

  • 📍200 Harbour Front Dr, Hamilton

18. Gage Park

  • 📍1000 Main St E, Hamilton

Cherry Blossoms in Niagara

pince of wales hotel in niagara cherry blossoms tree

Now for the prettiest of them all! Niagara-on-the-Lake is a beautiful place in the Niagara region famous for its great wineries and wine. Another reason to visit is the stunning Niagara cherry blossoms!

These pretty blooms add an extra touch of beauty to this already charming town. As spring unfolds, the streets, parks, and gardens of Niagara-on-the-Lake come alive with delicate shades of pink and white as cherry trees burst into full bloom.

The town’s charming vibe matches perfectly with the beauty of the blossoms, and there are lots of spring tulips everywhere.

Strolling along the tree-lined streets, such as Queen Street, or exploring the wonderful gardens, like the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, reveals an abundance of bright spring colours.

It’s so fabulous, why not make it a romantic weekend getaway as the cherry blossom Niagara region can’t be beaten!

Although you won’t find any cherry blossom trees in the village of Jordan you will find fruit blooming trees that are equally pretty. The rows and rows of peach and pear trees appear in white and pink sure do make a stunning sight. Be on the lookout for Jordan Road and Red Maple Avenue and Thirteenth Street and Honsberger Avenue as some of the best locations.

19. Brock University

  • 📍1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines

20. Lakeview Cemetary

  • 60 sakura cherry trees were planted in honour of Martha Cartmell, a pioneering Thorold female missionary who established a Christian girls’ school in Japan in 1884
  • 📍3651 Thorold Townline Rd, Thorold, ON

21. Queenston Heights Park

  • 📍14184 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara-on-the-Lake

22. McFarlane Park

  • 📍15927 Niagara River Pkwy, Niagara-on-the-Lake

23. Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

  • 📍2565 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls (Free entry, but requires paid parking)

24. Kingsbridge Park

  • 📍7870 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls
road with pink cherry blossoms in niagara
Recommended Route to See Cherry Blossoms Niagara

25. Best Route to see Niagara Cherry Blossoms

Here is a short drive to seven scenic country roads where you will see cherry blossom trees, along with fruit trees and some of the best Niagara on the Lake Wineries.

📍Niagara River Parkway to Line 8 Road to Arnold Road to Concession Road and Line 5 Road to Concession 1 Road to Four Mile Creek Road to Line 1 and Concession 6 Road

Hunting down Cherry Blossom Near Waterloo, On

In my hometown of Waterloo, I’ve been trying to find some cherry trees locally with no luck.

Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge are full of crabapple trees which often get mistaken for cherry blossom trees. They are still very beautiful and one of the best places to see them is in my neighbourhood along Westmount and Cherry Park.

Seeing the city is located so close to Stratford and London, instead of heading to the GTA, head west!

Stratford known as the Shakespeare City, famous for its world-class theatre festival has a couple of pretty cherry blossom trees in Shakespeare Gardens.

Meanwhile, the city of London, is full of beautiful green spaces. Visit any of the parks along the Thames River like Springbank or Greenway and you will spot a few cherry blossom trees.

Cherry Blossoms in Ottawa

You can’t do a feature of the best places in Ontario for cherry blossoms without including our capital city, can we?

In terms of springtime flowers, Ottawa is most famous for its popular tulip festival. But it should also be known for the cherry blossoms that paint the landscape with vibrant pink hues each spring.

I remember how they distracted me so much while I was studying for finals at Carleton University.

pink cherry blossoms ontario

The iconic highlight of the Ottawa‘s cherry blossom experience is the display along the picturesque Rideau Canal, stretching from Dow’s Lake to the downtown core.

As the warm weather arrives, so do the people, and many come out in droves to admire them. Thousands of cherry trees, predominantly the Yoshino variety, burst into bloom transforming the city into an even more picturesque sight!

The annual Canadian Tulip Festival held May 10 to May 20, 2024, celebrates the arrival of spring with the cherry blossoms still taking center stage.

Locals and tourists flock to popular spots such as Commissioners Park and Major’s Hill Park, where they can revel in the enchantment of the blossoms and snap stunning photos.

26. Dominion Arboretum

  • 📍Arboretum, Ottawa with the best spot along Prince of Wales Drive

27. Major’s Hill Park

  • 📍Mackenzie Ave., Ottawa

28. Confederation Park

  • 📍Elgin St., Ottawa

29. Rideau Canal

  • 📍Near the Glebe neighbourhood, Laurier Avenue bridge and Flora footbridge

30. Canadian Museum of History

  • 📍100 Laurier St., Gatineau, QC (best view of the Ottawa River and Parliament Buildings)

Cherry Blossoms in Canada

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, as well as, Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park. David Lam Park, Butchart Gardens in Victoria

Cherry blossoms grace various other parts of Canada but perhaps the best province to see cherry blossoms is British Columbia (sorry Ontario!).

The city of Vancouver shines during its annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, March 29 to April 25, 2024, where the city’s streets, parks, and neighbourhoods are adorned with a profusion of blossoms. I happened to be there well over a decade ago and it was one of the most stunning sights I’ve seen! I can only imagine how much it’s grown in popularity since that time.

The picturesque Victoria showcases charming cherry trees that bloom along the Inner Harbour. I remember how in awe I was by the view from our hotel window to see the endless rows of pink lining the streets.

Moving east, the cherry blossoms in Montreal bring a burst of pink colour to the city. Head to the Montreal neighbourhood of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, home to the Montreal Botanical Garden for the most amount of trees. Or, in Old Town Montreal visit the Governor’s Garden behind Château Ramezay to see some pink blooms

Coast to coast, Canada’s cherry blossoms symbolize the arrival of spring, fostering a sense of awe as we celebrate the fleeting moment of beauty in those short two weeks at the end of April and early May.

10 Photography Tips for Capturing Cherry Blossom Blooms

pink cherry blossoms in canada
  1. Timing is crucial: Keep track of the cherry blossom bloom forecast (use hashtags, Instagram and websites to watch for dates). Plan your shoot when the blossoms are at their peak, as they are most vibrant and beautiful during this time.
  2. Golden hour magic: Take advantage of the soft, warm light during the golden hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise or before sunset. This lighting adds a magical touch to your cherry blossom photos and enhances the colours.
  3. Macro lens for details: Consider using a macro lens to capture the intricate details of individual cherry blossoms. This lens lets you focus on the delicate petals and capture their textures up close.
  4. Experiment with different angles: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your compositions. Explore different angles and perspectives, such as shooting from low to the ground or from below the blossoms (if possible). This can add depth and interest to your images.
  5. Utilize foreground and background elements: Incorporate other elements into your shots, such as nearby trees, bridges, or water features. These elements can provide context and a sense of place, enhancing the overall composition.
  6. Embrace the wind: Cherry blossoms often sway gently in the breeze, creating a sense of movement and ethereal beauty, perfect for making videos (for Instagram reels or TikTok).
  7. Use a wide aperture setting: To create a dreamy and soft background, choose a wide aperture (low f-number) to achieve a shallow depth of field on your DLSR camera. This will result in a blurred background, highlighting the cherry blossoms in the foreground.
  8. Pay attention to the weather: Overcast days can provide diffused lighting, which can be ideal for capturing the subtle colours and details of cherry blossoms. Rainy days can also add a unique mood and texture to your images.
  9. Include people for scale and interest: Incorporating people into your Instagrammable shots can add a sense of scale and perspective, emphasizing the grandeur of the cherry blossom blooms.
  10. Post-processing to enhance: Once you have captured your cherry blossom images, use post-processing software (I use Lightroom) to fine-tune your photos. Adjusting contrast, saturation, and sharpness can help bring out the beauty and vibrancy of the blossoms.

As a Holidaymaker

The cherry blossoms in Ontario are a true sight to behold especially after a long Canadian winter.

So take some time out of your busy schedule this spring and check out some of these locations.