25 Best Souvenirs from Berlin Germany

Are you planning a trip to Berlin, Germany? Well, get ready to bring back some fantastic souvenirs that will forever remind you of the vibrant and eclectic charm of this incredible city.

Looking for a bit of inspiration on what are the best souvenirs from Berlin?

This is your handy guide on what to buy in Berlin from quirky trinkets to mouthwatering treats. Berlin has something for everyone when it comes to memorable keepsakes. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, lifestyle enthusiast, or young at heart, I’ve uncovered the best Berlin shopping for your best German souvenirs to bring home.

While living in Berlin for 3 months, I collected many of these items to bring back home. So much so, that I think I might need another suitcase! Get your shopping bags ready because you won’t want to miss out on these must-have souvenirs from Germany!

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Where NOT to Go for Your Berlin Souvenir Shop

i love berlin shop selling best souvenirs from berlin germany

I know this might sound a bit odd, after all this is an article about buying souvenirs, but don’t shop at the typical souvenir shops you will find in Berlin. These are the ones closest to the top attractions like Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, or Checkpoint Charlie to name a few.

Instead, seek out the unique boutique shops that offer interesting ways to take a piece of Berlin home with you. You won’t find a single fridge magnet or key chain at these shops. Rather, you’ll find keepsakes that will leave a lasting impression.

However, if you’re tradition is to collect fridge magnets, go ahead and get one. But also, I hope to inspire you with some new ideas too. So leave some room in your luggage for these ideas, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

10 Berlin Souvenirs for Foodies

1. Beer

Berliner Weisse is a traditional German beer known for its refreshing and tart flavour profile. Originating from Berlin, this pale brew is often enjoyed with flavoured syrups like raspberry or woodruff to balance its sourness. Its centuries-old history and unique taste make Berliner Weisse a distinctive and popular choice among beer enthusiasts.

Buy the beer and the syrups at one of Berlin’s many liquor markets or on the third floor of Alexcanderplatz’s Galeria Kaufhof. Don’t forget your bubble wrap for that safe journey home in your suitcase.

­čôŹGaleria Kaufhof Berlin, Alexanderplatz, 9

2. Berliner Luft

Berliner Luft, translating to “Berlin Air,” is a well-known peppermint liqueur originating from Germany’s capital city since 1932.

Recognized for its intense and cooling peppermint flavour, it’s often enjoyed as a digestive or mixed into various cocktails. But be careful, it has an alcohol content between 18% to 30%! Fun fact, in GDR times, it was only available to East Germans.

­čĺ╗Berlin souvenirs online shop

3. Blutwurst or Currywurst

Berliners love their blutwurst (blood sausage) and currywurst. Some say it’s a reason to visit Berlin! Buy some meaty spreads in sealed jars that pack easily.

You can find these readily in any butcher shop in Berlin, but perhaps the most famous is Blutwurstmanufaktur located in the old historic part of Neuk├Âlln neighbourhood.

­čôŹBlutwurstmanufaktur, Karl-Marx-Platz, 9-11

4. Cheese

More than 600 different types of cheese are made in Germany and for that reason, cheese holds a significant place in German cuisine. With a variety of regional specialties like Limburger and Allg├Ąuer Emmentaler contributing to the country’s diverse cheese offerings.

Specialty food shops can be found in every neighbourhood, but one of my favourite places to go is the markets.

If you happen to be in Berlin in November you’ll have to attend the annual Berlin Cheese Festival! I know technically you’re not allowed to bring food back on your international travels, but sometimes sneaking small things goes unnoticed (or making your purchase at the airport).

­čôŹEisenbahnstra├če 42-43 (at Markthalle Neun)

5. Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears, those iconic chewy candies, have a rich history that dates back to the 1920s in Germany. They were first created by Hans Riegel, founder of Haribo, who was inspired to make gummy candies after experimenting with gelling agents and fruit flavours.

These colourful, fruit-flavoured treats gained popularity worldwide and have become a beloved staple of candy culture, symbolizing both childhood nostalgia and a sweet indulgence for people of all ages. You can find gummy bears in fun containers, like tall beer glasses, in any I Love Berlin shop.

These are my husband’s favourite and he has made his way through several bags of these already. Traveller’s tip: go to any large grocery store (ReWe) and you can buy them for cheap.

­čôŹAlexanderplatz, 2 | ­čĺ╗ Berlin souvenirs online shop

table of jars of food with bear on tv tower on what to buy in berlin

6. Lebkuchen Hearts

Lebkuchen hearts are a cherished German confection, especially popular during holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter. These heart-shaped gingerbread cookies are adorned with intricate icing designs and heartfelt messages.

Lebkuchen has a special memory for me, as I used to receive one every year from my Oma who lived in Germany.

Try some of the city’s most iconic confections at Fassbender & Rausch. This store has been around since the 19th century.

­čôŹCharlottenstra├če 60

7. Mustard

Mustard holds a prominent place in German cuisine, renowned for its diverse range of flavours and uses. From the pungent and spicy Dijon style to the milder, sweeter Bavarian varieties, mustard is a staple condiment that enhances sausages, pretzels, and sandwiches.

Go to any specialty shop and you will find some of the best made-in-Germany mustard (or senf) to bring back with you.

­čôŹEat Berlin, Rosenthaler Stra├če 40 Hackesche H├Âfe

8. Roasted Coffee Beans

Any trip to Europe requires sneaking in some roasted coffee beans in my suitcase for my husband. There are many great coffee shops in Berlin and here are the best roasters (that my husband recommends):

If you’re like me and prefer tea, then you’ll want to check out Tee Tea Th├ę. They offer a classic English-style high tea for breakfast and a loose-leaf tea shop.

9. Sawade Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Sawade Chocolate is a renowned German chocolatier that has been crafting exquisite chocolates since 1880. And, they are divine! With multiple chocolate shops in Berlin, you might be lucky enough to find a couple on your sightseeing travels.

Berlin has several other chocolate manufacturers to keep your eye out for Walter Confiserie, Erich Hamann, Rausch and Sonfiserie M├ęlanie. And, Berlin’s largest chocolate shop is Ritter Sport Bunte SchokoWelt. It’s a three-storey complex that combines a museum, a chocolate workshop and a shop (located at Franz├Âsische Stra├če 24).

­čôŹSawade Berlin-Mitte at Rosenthaler Stra├če, 40-41

10. Schnapps

Schnapps originates from Germany and is known for its wide range of flavours and distinct character. Typically distilled from fruit, herbs, or grains, schnapps boasts a high alcohol content of 30% or higher.

Since the late 19th century, Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur has been producing schnapps and you can visit the distiller’s plant storefront to see the history and learn more about the master distiller process.

­čôŹSeestra├če 13

10 Best Souvenirs from Berlin for You & Your Home

11. Art

Purchasing art as a souvenir from Berlin not only supports the local arts community but is a tangible piece of the city that adds to your home. Whether it be a sketch of your favourite landmark or a brightly coloured piece of pop art.

12. Beer Stein

Take a piece of Berlin’s beer culture home with you in a traditional beer stein. Crafted from ceramic or glass, these ornate vessels often feature intricate engravings or designs that celebrate Berlin’s history and culture.

The best place to find a beer stein is by visiting one of Berlin’s Flea markets on a Sunday.

13. Ceramics

Many local artists create some amazing ceramic pieces for your home. Everything from entire dishware sets to modern vases and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Here are a few shops (and artists) I fell in love with:

14. Christmas Ornaments

If you don’t find yourself in Berlin during the Christmas market season (November 20-December 31, 2023) and still want to bring home something for your tree visit one of the Christmas stores in the city.

For incredible handmade wooden ornaments and folk art decorations go to Erzgebirge Art Original, and for glass ornaments go to Hackesche H├Âfe, Rosenthaler Str. 40-41.

15. Jewellery

There are many jewellery boutiques featuring local designs in and around Sophienstrasse and August Strasse, one of my favourites is Quiet Quiet which sells very dainty gold handmade pieces. The lifestyle shop called Promobo features designs by Timi and can be found in Hackesche H├Âfe, Rosenthaler Str. 40-41.

t-shirts on table is one of the souvenirs from berlin

16. Lifestyle from S.Wert Design

Visit this cute shop on Rosenthaler Platz and explore the collection of trendy t-shirts, postcards, tea towels, cushions, stationery, bags, posters, mugs, and calendars. These items feature brilliantly abstracted, vividly colourful graphic and print designs making this a stylish Berlin souvenir. A 2024 calendar came home with me!

­čôŹBrunnenstra├če 191

17. Made in Germany Clothing

Many shops highlight that their clothing is locally made. Often you will see some signs in the windows. Everything from high-end designers to streetwear. This includes shoes, handbags, and artisan leather shops making belts on-site.

18. Perfume

bottles of perfume as souvenir from berlin

Want to bring home a scent that will remind you of Berlin? Visit the boutique perfumery of Frau Tonis Parfum. This prestigious Berlin-based perfume house encapsulates the city’s artistic flair and creativity in its exquisite fragrances.

I loved the light, citrus fragrance of No. 2 Berlin Summer, but my favourite was Linde Berlin, which is a nod to the smell of linden trees that line Berlin’s boulevards.

­čôŹZimmerstra├če 13

19. Porcelain

The Royal Porcelain Manufactory, or KPM Berlin, stands as a pinnacle of German craftsmanship and artistic heritage. Founded in 1763, this prestigious institution has produced intricate porcelain pieces for centuries, gracing tables and interiors with their elegance and intricate designs. You can find the original ornate styles, but also a more modern style with clean lines and soft colours.

­čôŹWegelystra├če 1

20. Pop Art

Berlin artist, Sabine Welz, has such a delightful store that pays homage to cities through her stunning pop art creations. With a palette of vivid colours, she skillfully captures iconic landmarks, architecture, transportation, and symbols, infusing each piece with a vibrant celebration of urban life.

What makes this extra special thing is you can put together the city images you want according to your favourite colour. If you have time to visit her shop in person, go online and order from there.

­čôŹTauentzein Strasse 9-12

5 Unique Berlin Souvenir Ideas

green ampelmann street sign as a souvenir from Berlin germany

21. Ampelmann

Ampelmann, the beloved symbol of pedestrian traffic lights in Berlin, carries a charming story and cultural significance. Born in East Germany, Ampelmann embodies nostalgia and unity, surviving the city’s division. With his iconic hat and jaunty stride, he has become an endearing figure, symbolizing Berlin’s resilience and embracing both its past and present.

From green or red Ampelmann on backpacks, socks, night lights, and even sponges shaped into these cute figures.

­čôŹUnter den Linden, 35 (Flagship store where the first Ampelmann was installed)

22. A Piece of Berlin Wall

Just imagine owning a piece of the Berlin Wall as a souvenir. Each fragment, once a symbol of division, now symbolizes unity and change. I’m a bit skeptical that there are enough original pieces to sell, so if this is a piece of history you want to take home with you, make sure you are buying one that comes with authentic papers. Or to take a picture, visit the East Side Gallery Berlin Wall.

­čôŹFriedrichstra├če 43-45

23. Beer Coasters

Visit any biergarten or traditional German restaurant and every beer served will come with a coaster. Collecting coasters from your beers in Berlin can be a fun and unique way to commemorate your time in the city, each one serving as a small, colourful token of the diverse brews and vibrant atmosphere you experienced.

24. DDR Memorabilia

DDR memorabilia offers a tangible glimpse into East Germany’s past, capturing the essence of life behind the Iron Curtain. These artifacts, from propaganda posters to everyday items, can be found near touristy hot spots. However, if you are interested in seeing these authentic items, visit a vintage or flea market on Sundays for the best selection.

25. Photo Booth Pictures

photo booth at market as souvenir from germany

A fun souvenir from Berlin that virtually takes up zero space in your suitcase is to capture candid moments frozen in time from a photo booth. These vintage photo booths (photoautomat) can be found around Berlin’s city centre.


5 Best Berlin Souvenirs for Children

26. Berlin Buddy Bear

The bear (or Der B├Ąr) is a symbol of Berlin since 1280. It embodies the city’s resilience and strength throughout history. Often associated with the city’s coat of arms, the bear represents Berlin’s enduring spirit.

More than 20 years ago the first sculpture of the Berlin buddy bear was created and now there are more than 500 around the city. Each one is unique which almost makes you want to seek them all out. Head to Tauentzienstra├če, 21-24 for some of the best areas to see some.

Now that you’ve seen them around the city, it’s time to take one home. Visit any tourist shop and you’ll find endless options. Or, seek out a traditional Steiff Bear, that’s been around since 1902. Every German child has one, including one in our family.

­čôŹKurf├╝rstendamm, Knesebeckstra├če 40/41/Eingang ­čĺ╗ Steiff Bear Online Shop

27. Football Club

Berlin Football Club Hertha, known as Hertha BSC, stands as one of Berlin’s premier football clubs. With a rich history dating back to 1892, the team has a loyal fan base and competes in Germany’s top-tier Bundesliga. Visit the fan shop and you’ll find endless paraphernalia to choose from.

­čôŹTauentzienstra├če 9-11

28. Nutcracker

A cherished Christmastime souvenir is an authentic Nutcracker hailing from the Saxon Erzgebirge region. These nutcrackers typically don vibrant, imaginatively painted uniforms paired with stern expressions. Dating back to 1870, nutcrackers have become synonymous with Christmas adornments.

If you find yourself in Berlin during the festive season, a Saxon Erzgebirge nutcracker stands as a beloved souvenir, cherished by both the young and the young at heart.

If you are looking for vintage ones, going to the Flea Markets on Sundays is your best bet to find one!

29. Oceanarium or Zoo

The gift shop at the oceanarium or zoo offers a delightful array of souvenirs perfect for children. From plush toys of their favourite animals to educational books and games, these treasures serve as tangible memories of their visit, igniting a sense of wonder and curiosity long after they leave.

30. Trabant Models

trambant car model from east germany as a souvenir from berlin germany

An iconic East German automobile, a toy car modelled after the Trabant, makes for a fantastic souvenir for children. With its unique design and historical significance, it offers a playful way to learn about a bygone era. This miniature Trabant becomes more than just a toy; it’s a tangible piece of history that sparks an appreciation for cultural heritage from an early age.

­čôŹGift Shop in Humboldt Forum, Berliner Schloss (Museum Island)

Where to Find the Best Berlin Shopping Stra├če

Here’s a list of some of the best shopping streets in the city:

  • Kurf├╝rstendamm (Ku’Damm): A renowned shopping boulevard with luxury boutiques, department stores, and international brands.
  • Friedrichstrasse: Home to various high-end fashion stores, designer labels, and Berlin’s famous Galeries Lafayette.
  • Hackescher Markt: A vibrant area with trendy boutiques, unique concept stores, and independent fashion labels.
  • Potsdamer Platz Arkaden: A modern shopping complex with a mix of shops ranging from fashion to electronics.
  • Alexanderplatz: A hub for shopping with stores like Saturn, Primark, and other fashion and lifestyle brands.
  • Sch├Ânhauser Allee: Offers a blend of vintage stores, alternative fashion boutiques, and local designer shops.
  • Oranienstrasse: A street in Kreuzberg known for its edgy boutiques, art galleries, and streetwear shops.
  • Rosenthaler Strasse: A street offering a mix of streetwear brands with lifestyle shops. Don’t miss Rosenh├Âfe, a courtyard full of boutique shops, galleries and restaurants.
  • Wilmersdorfer Strasse: A family-friendly shopping street featuring a mix of well-known chains and local shops.
  • Bergmannstrasse: This street boasts a mix of vintage shops, second-hand stores, and eclectic boutiques.
  • Boxhagener Platz: A hub for hipster shopping, featuring flea markets, vintage shops, and trendy stores.

These shopping streets cater to various tastes and budgets, offering a wide range of shopping experiences in Berlin.

FAQs About Souvenir Berlin Shopping

antique shop in berlin germany

What are the best souvenirs to buy in Berlin?

Some popular souvenirs from Berlin include Ampelm├Ąnnchen (traffic light figures), Berliner Bear items, currywurst sauce, local beers, Berlin Wall memorabilia, and unique art pieces.

Are Ampelm├Ąnnchen souvenirs unique to Berlin?

Yes, Ampelm├Ąnnchen souvenirs are unique to Berlin. These iconic pedestrian crossing figures originated in East Berlin and have become a symbol of the city.

What are the typical hours of a Berlin souvenir shop?

Berlin souvenir store hours vary, but many follow standard retail hours, opening around 10 AM and closing around 6 PM on weekdays and Saturdays. As for Sundays, many shops, including souvenir stores, are closed in Germany.

What are traditional German souvenirs?

Traditional souvenir from Germany include crafts like wooden nutcrackers, beer steins, and cuckoo clocks which can be easily found in Berlin tourist shop and markets.

As a Holidaymaker

Which of these must buy in Berlin keepsakes stole your heart?

As a bonus, if you should happen to buy a Welcome to Berlin Tourist ticket, take advantage of the special offers it has for your souvenir shopping!

Shopping in Berlin is just as fun as the city itself! From Ampelm├Ąnnchen trinkets to fragments of the Berlin Wall each item carries a piece of Berlin’s identity. Acquiring these treasures means taking a slice of the city’s heart home with you!