Berlin Welcome Card and Museum Berlin Pass: Are They Worth it?

Are the Berlin Welcome Card and Museum Berlin Pass truly worth the investment?

As you plan your visit to the vibrant German capital, navigating through the plethora of tourist offerings can be overwhelming. These two popular passes promise convenience and savings for exploring Berlin’s rich cultural and historical attractions.

The Berlin Welcome Card opens doors to the city’s extensive public transportation network, offering not only seamless travel but also discounts at various museums, tours, and restaurants.

On the other hand, the Museum Berlin Pass focuses specifically on cultural places granting access to the best museums and galleries.

I experienced both first-hand. In this article, I’ll break down the value these passes bring, exploring their cost-effectiveness, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply eager to explore Berlin’s top sites, this Berlin Welcome card review will help you decide if these passes are a valuable addition to your itinerary or if opting for individual tickets might be the better choice.

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Berlin Welcome Card

train with museum and city skyline when using the welcome to berlin card

The Welcome to Berlin Card is a traveller’s key to unlocking the city’s top attractions with ease. It is the official tourist ticket.

Offering a seamless blend of convenience and savings, this Berlin card provides unlimited access to the city’s extensive public transportation system, ensuring stress-free exploring. Beyond hassle-free travel, the Berlin card serves as a gateway to numerous discounts and perks, making it a cost-effective choice for visitors.

Advantages of the Welcome to Berlin Card

  • Unlimited Public Transportation: Enjoy unrestricted use of buses, trams, and trains within Berlin’s ABC zones (including the Airport and Potsdam).
  • Savings on Attractions: Access exclusive discounts at over 180 partner attractions, including museums, tours, and restaurants of up to 50% off.
  • Free City Map and Guide: Navigate the city effortlessly with a complimentary map and guide, helping you make the most of your visit.
  • Flexible Duration Options: Choose from 48 hours up to 6 days, catering to various trip lengths.
  • Family-Friendly: Children up to the age of 14 travel for free, making it an excellent option for family vacations. Not to mention that many of the discounted attractions will appeal to families, including the AquaDom and SEA Life, Legoland, Little Big City, and more.

Drawbacks of the Berlin Museums Pass

While the Berlin Welcome Card offers notable advantages, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks before making your purchase.

  • Limited Validity Period: The card’s benefits are time-bound, and if your stay in Berlin is short or if your schedule is tight, you might not fully maximize its value.
  • Restricted Zones: The card covers specific transit zones. For Berlin’s city centre attractions, you will mostly use zone AB. However, the ABC zone covers transit to the airport, Potsdam and Spandau, a charming Berlin neighbourhood. There is a price difference to consider when purchasing the Pass and which public transport ticket you will most likely use.
  • Exclusion of Special Exhibitions: Some museums and attractions may not extend discounts to special exhibitions, events, or certain guided tours, potentially limiting your access.
  • Individual Preferences: If you have specific attractions in mind and the included ones don’t align with your interests, purchasing individual tickets might be more economical. For example, if you are keen to see the 5 world-famous UNESCO-listed museums located on Museum Island they are not included in The Classic Berlin Welcome Card.
  • Single Traveler vs. Group Value: The card’s value is often more apparent for solo travellers or smaller groups. Larger groups might find alternative ticketing options more cost-effective.
  • No Skip-the-Line Access: It’s important to note that the Berlin Welcome Card does not provide skip-the-line privileges. During peak travel times or busy seasons, you may encounter lines at popular attractions, potentially impacting the efficiency of your visit.

This travel card in Berlin is focused on travellers who want to visit the top attractions. First, find out the best free Berlin museums before checking out the most popular Berlin sites and the discount you will receive under the Pass.

6 Types of Berlin Welcome Cards

48 hours Berlin Travel Card

  • Berlin urban area €26 / Berlin surrounding area €31
  • Berlin urban area €36 / Berlin surrounding area €41
  • Or, the special Museum Island (which includes Free Entry to 5 Museums): Berlin urban area €54 / Berlin surrounding area €57

4 days Berlin Travel Pass

  • Berlin urban area €45 / Berlin surrounding area €51

5 days Berlin Tourist Pass

  • Berlin urban area €49 / Berlin surrounding area €53

6 days Berlin Tourist Card

  • Berlin urban area €54 / Berlin surrounding area €57

Berlin Welcome Card All Inclusive (includes Museum Berlin Pass)

This special pass is for travellers who want to experience more of the city and not worry about the extra costs. It includes:

  • Public transport throughout Berlin: Tariff zone AB and surrounding Berlin of zone ABC
  • Hop-on hop-off bus*
  • Entry to 5 Museums on the UNESCO-listed Museum Island*
  • Access to over 180 partner attractions, including museums, tours, and restaurants of up to 50% off
  • 33+ free entry included*
  • Valid for 48 hours to 6 days
  • Includes CityGuide & city map

* shows how this is superior to the classic Berlin Welcome cards and includes extras (such as the Television Tower is free with this pass)

My Experience with the Welcome Card Berlin Offers

cathedral dome skyline when using the berlin welcome card

I had a 6-day Welcome to Berlin Card. This is how I used it. However, keep in mind I’ve been living in Berlin for 3 months, and my need to see everything in 6 days wasn’t as important to me as a first-time visitor to Berlin.

But it gives you an idea of the advantages you would enjoy by concentrating on exploring as much as possible during the duration of your pass.

A Day Trip to Potsdam

  • Berlin to Potsdam S5, S7
  • Admission to Sanssouci Palace

Cost / Savings

  • €4.40 each way / Saved €8.80
  • Price: €22 / Saved €5

Visit Charlottenburg Palace

  • Berlin transit U-bahn, S-bahn
  • Admission to Charlottenburg Palace

Cost / Savings

  • €2.40 each way / Saved €4.80
  • €24 / Saved €6

Visit DDR Museum

  • Admission to Museum

Cost / Savings

  • €13.50 / Saved €5.50

Berliner Dom

  • Admission to Berlin Cathedral

Cost / Savings

  • €10 / Saved €3

Stasi Museum

  • Berlin transit U-bahn, S-bahn
  • Museum Admission

Cost / Savings

  • €2.40 each way / Saved €4.80
  • €10 / Saved €2.50

Anne Frank Museum

  • Admission Ticket

Cost / Savings

  • €8 / Saved €2

Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin

  • Berlin transit U-bahn, S-bahn
  • Museum Admission

Cost / Savings

  • €2.40 each way / Saved €4.80
  • €11 / Saved €4


  • Berlin transit U-bahn, S-bahn
  • Viewing Platform

Cost / Savings

  • €2.40 each way / Saved €4.80
  • €9 / Saved €2.25

Rausch Schokoladenhaus

  • Berlin transit U-bahn, S-bahn
  • Chocolate bar (I indulged in more)

Cost / Savings

  • €2.40 each way / Saved €4.80
  • €4.90 each way / Saved €2.45

The cost of the 6-day Berlin Tourist Card was €57, and the total savings were €65.50. This is the minimum as I didn’t account for the extra times I used Berlin transit to go out for dinner at night, and I did buy more than one chocolate bar from the amazing chocolatier shop. How can you say no to chocolate, and 50% off?

The card turned out to be a good deal and I for that reason recommend anyone visiting Berlin to consider its immense value.

Travel tip! DO NOT buy your Berlin Card through third-party booking services like Get Your Guide, Viator or Trip Advisor, you will pay more. To get the best price, buy directly from Berlin Tourism (link below).


cathedral with trees when using the museum berlin pass

Where can I buy the Berlin Welcome Card?

You can purchase the Berlin Welcome Card online, at tourist information centers, airports, train stations, and many hotels throughout Berlin.

Is the Berlin Welcome Card worth it?

Yes, the Berlin Welcome Card is often worth it for travellers who plan to use public transportation frequently and visit multiple attractions. The card not only provides savings on transportation but also offers significant discounts on admission fees to many popular sites, making it a cost-effective and convenient option for exploring Berlin.

Do I need to print the Berlin Welcome Card?

No, a physical printout is not necessary. The Berlin Welcome Card is provided as a ticket with a barcode that you present at every point of sale during the period of time your ticket is valid.

How do I use the Berlin Welcome Card?

Using the Berlin Welcome Card is straightforward. Activate the card by stamping it at the designated area on public transportation. For attractions and discounts, simply present the card at the ticket counter or participating venue, and you’ll receive the applicable discount.

As a Holidaymaker

For travellers intending to explore all the top sites, landmarks, and attractions during their visit to Berlin, the Welcomecard is a must-have!

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A special thank you to VisitBerlin who gifted me a Berlin Welcomecard to discover Berlin and its best highlights.

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