15 Best Views of Berlin: Elevate Your Experience

Berlin, the lively capital city of Germany! It’s not just a city with a fascinating history and diverse culture; it’s also a place that will take your breath away with its incredible views.

Some of the best views of Berlin can be found in its tall landmarks, cool rooftop bars and secret spots that I’d love to share with you.

Living in Berlin, a mostly flat city with scarce hills, I was determined to discover the best Berlin viewpoints. And I did!

In this article, I distinguish between:
– ‘Views of Berlin’ showcases the city from elevated vantage points, like the Fernsehturm TV tower
– ‘Views in Berlin’ captures the charm at ground level, revealing the beauty of streets, parks, and hidden corners

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Where to Find the Best Views of Berlin

I’ve listed these ‘views of Berlin’ with elevated vantage points in alphabetical order. Take note that I’ve bolded the approximate elevation for each of these Berlin view points.

1. Berlin Cathedral

berlin viewpoints with lawn, street and view of buildings

My favourite landmark is the Berlin Cathedral, also known as Berliner Dom. It is often referred to as Germany’s equivalent of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City, Rome.

I enjoyed my visit so much that I’ve been there twice! Once you’ve finished admiring the majestic dome and the Hohenzollern family crypt, climb the 270 steps to the top.

From the Dom platform, you’ll be rewarded with a 360-degree view. Without any glass hindrance, at a height of 50 metres, you can spot famous landmarks such as the Rotes Rathaus city hall, the Humboldt Forum, Museum Island, the synagogue, and the TV tower.

  • 📍 Am Lustgarten (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM
  • €10 or €7 (reduced student, Welcome Card) NOTE: cash payment is not possible

2. Bikini Berlin

berlin viewpoints of glass building with reflection of modern buildings and ledge with trees to zoo

Bikini Berlin is this very cool architectural concept store shopping mall. It has a bit of everything, boutique shops, tasty eateries, hotel all within a cool architectural space.

But you don’t just come here to shop. Take the stairs and head outside and now you are on the rooftop almost 120 metres high where guess what you’ll have views of the Berliner Zoo! It’s a cool hang-out spot and in the warmer months grab a drink at Monkey Bar, and watch none other than the monkeys.

  • 📍 Budapester Str. 38-50 (Charlottenburg)
  • 🕘 Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Free

3. French Cathedral

berlin views of red church, rooftops, doms
2 identical dome churches are the German Cathedral and the French Cathedral

On Gendarmenmarkt, which is Berlin’s most historic square, you can find some really pretty buildings. These include a concert hall, the German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom), and the French Cathedral (Französischer Dom).

The French Cathedral has a big tower that’s 70 meters high. You can go up there by climbing 254 steps on a spiral staircase, and then you get to see great views all around Gendarmenmarkt. I didn’t do this because right now, they’re doing a lot of construction and fixing things up in Gendarmenmarkt.

  • 📍 Gendarmenmarkt 5 (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM (or 6 PM from Jan to Feb)
  • €3

4. Friedrichshain Park

ww11 bunker with graffiti with kids sitting on top as a berlin viewpoints of the city

This beautiful park, especially in autumn, is one of my favourites to walk my dog as there is always something interesting to see.

I discovered that in 1941, two massive bunkers were built in Friedrichshain to protect the neighbourhood residents during WWII. After the war, Berlin’s house ruins were cleared, forming two hills playfully called “Mont Klamott” or a pile of things.

In winter, it becomes a popular toboggan run, starting from the 48-metre-high Kleiner Bunkerberg on Virchowstrasse. The taller Bunker Hill, standing at 78 metres, divides the park on Friedenstrasse into two sections. Through the trees, you have views of my favourite neighbourhood, Prenzlauer Berg.

5. Humboldt Forum

berlin view of berliner dom cathedral with copper roof top

The Humboldt Forum sits in a stunning modern building by the Spree River. It’s a mix of museums, culture, art, and science. I suggest checking out the free museums and exhibits; my top pick was Video Panorama – a cool way to see 800 years of Berlin’s history right in front of you.

The view, however, isn’t free! From a height of around 30 metres, the roof terrace provides gorgeous views of Berlin’s top landmarks like Museum Island, Alexanderplatz, the Berlin Cathedral, and St. Mary’s Church. An elevator takes you to the top, where I had a drink from the cafe and enjoyed soaking in the views.

  • 📍 Schloßpl. 1 (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Monday to Sunday 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, closed Tuesdays
  • €5 or €2.50 (reduced)

6. Humboldthain Park

best views of berlin through trees to the TV Tower and cloudy sky

After taking my dog to this neighbourhood park daily, I’ve discovered some fascinating history by exploring and reading the plaques.

The park played a significant role in World War II, featuring remnants like bare bunker giants built in 1941 to shelter 15,000 people. There are two bunkers, the largest of the two, the northern rubble mountain, Humboldthöhe, now covered in lush greenery, stands 85 metres high and serves as a special vantage point of the TV Tower, with two former anti-aircraft towers still visible.

7. Kollwitzplatz Water Tower

best views in berlin from watertower showing smaller water tower and buildings with tv tower

Wasserturmplatz, dating back to 1877, is Berlin’s oldest standing water tower. An interesting feature of the tower is its impressive acoustics, where echoes linger for 18 seconds in the larger tower and four to five seconds in the smaller one.

As a viewpoint, you can access it by ascending steep steps leading to a park. It’s a favourite spot for locals to relax, bring their dogs for off-leash time and enjoy the views of the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood area shops, restaurants and cafes.

  • 📍 Knaackstraße 23 (Prenzlauer Berg)

8. Panoramapunkt at Potsdamer Platz

berlin view of city at sunset showing buildings and train

Hop on Europe’s quickest ascending elevator, reaching the top of the 24th and 25th floors of the Kollhoff Tower in just 20 seconds, standing at a little over 90 metres.

From the observation deck, take in the stunning views of Berlin’s skyline and notable landmarks like CheckPoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Reichstag, Berliner Dom, Gendarmenmarkt, and the TV Tower.

  • 📍 Potsdamer Platz 1 (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Daily in Summer 10:00 AM to 7 PM | Daily in Winter 10 AM to 6 PM
  • €9 or €7 (reduced), or Skip-the-line is €13.50 or €11 (reduced)
  • Book tickets online here

9. Park Inn by Radisson

While many believe the TV Tower offers the best view in Berlin, I think there’s an even better spot – the rooftop deck of the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel on Alexanderplatz.

The beauty is, you don’t need to be a guest, and the best part is the price! Positioned at 120 metres, right across from the TV Tower, it’s a fantastic spot for sunset watching. As a licensed area, you can also enjoy your favourite drink while taking in the vibrant city or the mesmerizing sunset. This will be a fond memory I will always have in Berlin.

  • 📍 Alexanderplatz 7 (Mitte) From the hotel lobby take the elevator to the 35th floor
  • 🕘 Daily Apr – Sep from 12:00 PM to 10 PM | Daily Oct-Mar from 12 PM to 6 PM
  • €6 (Insider’s tip: a ticket is valid for the day, so you can use in/out privileges)

10. Reichstag Building

berlin view of rooftops and top of brandenburg gate with statue of chariot and horses

The Reichstag Building, a top attraction in Berlin, stands as a symbol of German democracy with its rich history and stunning architecture. The self-guided audio tour ends at the top of the Reichstag Dome, which offers amazing panoramic views of the cityscape.

From this vantage point, at 40 metres, you can see the nearby government buildings and in the distance, landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten Park, and of course the iconic TV Tower. You can also reserve a table at the restaurant at the top.

  • 📍 Platz der Republik 1 (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Must pre-book your timeslot in advance on their website
  • Free

11. TV Tower

The Fernsehturm or TV Tower, a top attraction in Berlin, is an architectural marvel that stands at an impressive height of 368 metres, making it the tallest structure in the city.

Built during the Cold War in East Berlin in 1969, the TV Tower boasts a viewing platform at 203 metres, offering unmatched 360-degree views of the Berlin city centre. On clear days, the visibility extends as far as 42 km.

berlin viewpoints at sunset with city view

The TV Tower’s futuristic design and its role as a communication hub make it an iconic symbol of the city’s skyline and a must-see experience for tourists. Choose to visit the observation deck, dine at Sphere restaurant and bar or learn about Berlin’s history through virtual reality at Berlin’s Odyssey.

  • 📍 1 Panoramastraße 1A (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Open daily from 10 AM to 11 PM
  • €27.50 standard ticket to €68.50 premium ticket (Insider’s tip: book online and in advance for the best pricing, here)

12. Victoria Park

Viktoria Park, home to Kreuzberg Hill, stands as Berlin’s highest inner-city elevation in a park.

It features a stunning waterfall cascading over a rocky landscape dating back to 1888. The ascent along winding and narrow paths to the top of Kreuzberg Hill rewards you with an unparalleled view of downtown Berlin.

At its summit, a National Monument commemorates the victory of the Alliance against Napoleon in the Wars of Liberation.

  • 📍Katzbachstraße

13. Victory Column

berlin vantage point of road, trees in autumn and tv tower with berlin skyline

The Siegessäule, or Victory Column stands at a height of almost 67 metres and offers spectacular views of Berlin from its observation platform.

Built in 1873 to commemorate Prussian military victories, it was originally situated in front of the Reichstag but was later moved to its current location in Tiergarten.

Climb the 285 steps and your reward will be the panoramic vistas of the city and its surroundings. I saved visiting here until autumn as most of the views showcase Tiergarten adorned in golden hues of trees.

  • 📍 Großer Stern 1 (Mitte)
  • 🕘 Apr to Oct, Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Saturday and Sunday until 7 PM | Nov to Mar, Monday to Sunday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • €4, €3 (reduced)

14. Teufelsberg

Teufelsberg, is another artificial hill in Grunewald forest built on top of World War II rubble, standing at approximately 120 metres. Its history dates back to the Cold War era. Originally built by the Allies during the 1950s, it served as a listening station to intercept radio signals from East Berlin and the Eastern Bloc.

Today, the ruins of Teufelsberg offer not only a glimpse into its Cold War past but also panoramic views of the city, making it a fascinating historical site and scenic spot, as is the nearby Drachenberg Viewpoint.

📍 Großer Stern 1 (Mitte)

15. World Balloon Ride

berlin view of statue red church and hot air balloon in sky

Something admittedly I didn’t try is floating above the city at 150 metres in the air with the World Balloon in Berlin. This experience only lasts 15 minutes and is safely secured by a steel cable.

But can you imagine the views you would have as you hover over the city and enjoy an unobstructed view in every direction?

To experience this, check pricing, and booking availability here.

Where to Find the Best Views in Berlin

berlin view of trees in autumn and tv tower through peekhole

My favourite scenic spots at ground level in Berlin are these ‘views in Berlin.’ While this list isn’t exhaustive, it does feature some of my personal favourites.

  • Badeschiff: A floating swimming pool located in the Spree River near Treptower Park that offers a unique viewpoint overlooking both land and water in Berlin. This is only open in the summer.
  • Berlin Bridges: Many bridges cross over the Spree River that offer scenic city views. Here are a few of my favourites:
    • Oberbaum Bridge: connects Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts, this double-deck bridge provides great views of the Spree River and East Side Gallery murals
    • Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Steg: offers great views of the incredible architecture in and around the Reichstag Building
    • Ebertsbrücke: has great views of the tip of Museum Island and the Bode Museum
    • Friedrichsbrücke: offers scenic views of Berliner Dom and Kolonnadenhof, and it’s where musicians can be found at all times of the day playing
berlin viewspoints from bridge looking a spree river and museum island
  • Brandenburg Gate: This iconic landmark on the famous Unter den Linden boulevard offers a stunning view of Berlin, with its neoclassical architecture and historical significance. The best time to see this view is at sunrise.
  • Charlottenburg Palace Gardens: I adore these beautiful baroque gardens for picturesque vistas of Charlottenburg Palace’s architecture against lush greenery, especially beautiful when gardens are in bloom and in autumn with the fall foliage.
view of canal and boats with trees as one of the best berlin views
  • Landwehr Canal Walk: There are many spots along the Spree River that I enjoy going for a stroll, and Landwehr Canal is one of the most scenic. It’s where tree-lined paths and picturesque bridges create such a serene atmosphere amid the bustling city.
  • Mauerpark: Embrace the vibrant atmosphere of this park, where on Sundays locals come to visit the lively flea market and watch street performers, and the famous Sunday Bearpit Karaoke. This is Berlin.
  • Neptune Fountain: Built in 1891 in the neo-Baroque style, this historic fountain provides a charming view against the backdrop of the Red City Hall, St Mary’s Church and a delightful park.
  • Nikolaiviertel (Nikolai Quarter): This was one of my favourite areas of Berlin. Wandering the charming cobblestone streets, surrounded by quaint buildings, charming cafes and many of the best traditional German restaurants can be found here.
  • Rolandufer: an observation deck along the Spree River.
old historic area of berlin view with signs over doors and tall buildings
Nikolaiviertel (Nikolai Quarter)
  • Spree River Boat Cruise: Taking a boat cruise on the Spree River is a great way to see the different views of Berlin and its architecture.
  • Tempelhofer Feld: Tempelhofer Feld, once an airport transformed into a public park, is such a cool and unique part of this city. Throughout the day, you’ll find locals using it for activities like walking, running, skateboarding, kiteboarding, and a place where dogs come to play.
berlin view between the trees is the victory tower with gold statue on top
  • Tiergarten Park: Without a doubt, this is one of the most scenic Berlin views. Stroll through this expansive green oasis showcases the beauty of nature, charming paths, and hidden spots perfect for a peaceful escape.

As a Holidaymaker

Personally, when I travel to a new destination, one of my first priorities is finding a vantage point to capture the entire city view.

Living here has given me the advantage of exploring all these fantastic vantage points, and I can assure you that the view over Berlin from any of these spots is absolutely worth it.

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