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Hi, I’m Renee, otherwise known as The Holidaymaker.

I’m the founder of Dream Plan Experience and the writer and photographer behind this popular travel blog that started as a hobby in December 2018 but is now my full-time business as of December 2022.

I’m not a traveller who “collects countries”. Rather, I’m a niche traveller. Focusing only on Europe travel, returning to the same countries again and again. I also write about day trips to small towns when at home in Ontario, Canada. That means my audience knows what to expect from me.

Let me, Help you

Let me introduce your brand to my readers. My engaging and informative writing style helps to tell a story. One that my audience can see themselves in.

I capture their attention by creating informative and engaging content – from inspiring photography, SEO-optimized writing and a buzz-worthy social media content strategy.

What I can do for you

SEO-Optimized Blog Post

Get featured in a 2,000+ word post on Dream Plan Experience! As an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), my goal is to get your brand on the first page of Google. By telling the personal story of my experience, along with 6+ inspiring images, your brand will be introduced in a meaningful way that lives forever on the internet.

Social Media Marketing

Capture the attention of a brand new audience through eye-catching photography and video content. Diversify your reach through 6 distinct social media platforms – Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn to increase your brand through online exposure.

Social Media Reach

The rapidly growing travel blog Dream Plan Experience is viewed around the world and reaches over 100,000 page views each month. More than +350,000 people follow my travel updates on my combined Social Media channels.

My top 3 audience markets are the United States, Canada and the UK.

Let’s Partner

Brand Fit

I don’t just partner with anyone. Your brand has to fit my brand. I choose wisely and carefully.

My audience trusts me like they do a good friend. They know what to expect from me and I don’t want to break that promise when I introduce them to a new brand.

Some of my work

Here is a small sample of my work, but I’ve worked with 20+ hotels or holiday rentals in Europe and in Canada (Ontario and Quebec). My photography has been used in BlogTO, Toronto’s source for local news and culture, restaurant reviews, event listings and the best of the city.

I partnered with the Berlin Tourism Board to promote the city’s top attractions and experiences while living in the city for 3 months in 2023.

My articles have been shared with their partners, for example, Fork & Walk Food Tours. You can find my articles by visiting my Germany Destination page.

Brand Affiliate Partners

I work with some of the biggest brands in the travel industry as an Affiliate partner.

Affiliate Partners

Contact me

Let’s discuss how I can help you bring your brand to a new audience. You can contact me at

girl called Renee Hannes of Dream Plan Experience

Work with The Holidaymaker

Creator and Founder of Dream Plan Experience.

I have been travelling to Europe for over 35 years. Revisiting countries and exploring them extensively to create in-depth travel itineraries and destination guides.