Hi, I’m Renee, otherwise known as The Holidaymaker!

I am a travel enthusiast!

Let’s just say… I’m either dreaming of travel… planning my next trip… or, better yet experiencing it!

Let this blog be your travel inspiration. In it, I share my love of…

I extensively research and seek out those hidden gems when I travel. Intentionally getting lost in the city streets and discovering the undiscovered.

As a holidaymaker, my passion is helping travellers like you.

Sharing travel itineraries that are packed with must-see sites and those unexpected surprises that are off the beaten track.

My real love of travel began when I was 17. I travelled solo to Germany for 3 months, and ever since, I’ve not stopped travelling. That’s over 3 and half decades of solo or couple’s travel experience.

I’m not a traveller who “collects countries”. Rather, I’m a niche traveller. Focusing only on Europe travel, and day trips when at home in Ontario, Canada.

I revisit countries like France, Italy, Portugal and Germany and explore them extensively. I’ve been to Paris 8 times! And, yes, some say I’m France-obsessed.

Beyond my love of travelling, my other two passions are writing and photography. Each article is extensively researched and carefully written, and I aim to take inspiring images too.  

In 2023, I retired from corporate life and took my 4-year-old hobby blog and increased the monthly views by 374% increase in less than 5 months! Now over 100,000 people visit my site every month. My passion and drive to bring you helpful content that you want to read and return to is my number #1 goal!

Custom Travel Planning

But wait that’s not all! I love planning so much that I am offering my services as a Travel Planning Consultant. Let me help you have the best holiday!

I offer digital products:

  • Destination Bucket List
  • Destination Travel Guides

Plus, custom Travel Itineraries are based on your travel style, interests and preferences.

Come and travel with me…

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Need to reach me? Send me an email at renee@dreamplanexperience.com.