Is Charlottenburg Palace Worth Visiting? A Berlin Must-See

You’re in Berlin and asking yourself “Is Charlottenburg Palace worth visiting?”

As one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, this opulent baroque palace gives you a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of Prussian royalty.

From its beautifully manicured gardens to its ornate interiors filled with priceless art and artifacts, Charlottenburg Palace is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to see and learn about Berlin’s rich cultural heritage. Yes, I’m looking at you…history buffs, culture enthusiasts and top attraction seekers.

While living in Berlin, I visited Charlottenburg Palace on multiple occasions. I will share why Charlottenburg Palace is worth visiting and what you can expect to see during your visit. Also, I will share all of the key information to plan your visit here like:

  • Charlottenburg Palace ticket price
  • Charlottenburg Palace opening hours
  • Charlottenburg Palace tours

I will share my best tips too. One very important one is to give yourself enough time to explore Charlottenburg Palace.

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Is Charlottenburg Palace Worth Visiting?

I think so!

History buffs, this is a Berlin attraction where you can immerse yourself in its history.

Dating back to the 17th century when it was originally built as a summer residence for Queen Sophie Charlotte, Charlottenburg Palace showcases an impressive blend of Baroque and Rococo architectural styles.

fresco ceiling of biblical reference in charlottenburg palace berlin

As you wander through its lavish halls adorned with exquisite artworks, period furniture, and intricate detailing on walls and ceilings, you’ll feel transported back in time to an era characterized by aristocratic splendour.

Architecture admirers, the Charlottenburg Palace leaves you in awe.

yellow castle with two white statues and dome in charlottenburg berlin

The architectural beauty of Charlottenburg Palace lies in its symmetrical design with elegant facades adorned with sculptures and ornate details.

The centrepiece is the impressive Great Hall crowned with a splendid dome—truly an engineering feat for its time.

For art and culture enthusiasts, you’ll be amazed by the historical artifacts.

Inside Charlottenburg Palace lies several museums where you can delve deeper into art and history. These museums offer a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle and artistic preferences of past rulers.

The Museum of Porcelain showcases an extensive collection of porcelain artworks. It’s amazing to see such a massive collection one that has been preserved throughout all of these centuries.

fresco ceiling with red curtains and gold details in berlin charlottenburg palace

Or, you can spend hours marvelling at the valuable paintings and ceiling frescos, like the one found in the Great Hall.

For nature lovers, you’ll want to explore every inch of the Palace Gardens.

is charlottenburg palace worth visiting - it is when you visit the gardens, trees in bright yellow

The palace’s expansive gardens are a true gem. Designed by renowned landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné in the 19th century, these beautifully manicured grounds feature fountains, statues, charming pathways lined with flowers, and picturesque lakeside views – all perfect for leisurely strolls amidst nature’s beauty.

If you visit Berlin in Autumn, you’ll want to visit here. It is an explosion of golden hues and absolutely a stunning place to be. It’s just one of the many times of the year that Berlin is worth visiting.

So, if any or all of the above interests you, then yes visiting Schloss Charlottenburg needs to be added to your places to visit in Berlin.

About Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin

The History of the Berlin Schloss Charlottenburg

grand yellow castle with dome is schloss charlottenburg berlin

In 1695, Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg who was later crowned Frederick I, initiated the construction of the palace as a gift for his wife, Sophie Charlotte.

The Palace’s existence is all due to Sophie Charlotte.

She commissioned architect Johann Arnold Nering to build her summer residence outside the bustling city center of Berlin. The Old Palace (Alte Schloss) was completed four years later in 1699.

Under the guidance of Eosander von Göthe, who took over after Nering’s death, Charlottenburg Palace underwent expansion and transformation with the addition of the New Wing (Neuer Flügel).

rooms in charlottenburg palace with red walls

Over time, various members of the Hohenzollern dynasty made significant additions to Charlottenburg Palace according to their tastes and requirements. And, it served as both a summer retreat and later as a winter residence for King Friedrich II (Frederick the Great).

During World War II, the palace faced damage, but restoration efforts began promptly in the post-war years. By 1957, the palace reopened to the public.

What to See at Charlottenburg Castle: The Interior

grand hall with chandelier and fireplace in berlin charlottenburg palace
  • The Old Palace: Visit the original section of the palace, known as the Altes Schloss, which dates back to the 17th century.
  • The New Wing: See the stunning Baroque architecture of the extension added in the 18th century.
  • The Porcelain Cabinet: A collection of exquisite porcelain pieces in a special room within Charlottenburg Palace.
  • The Golden Gallery: Admire a gallery filled with impressive portraits of Prussian rulers and other important figures from history.
  • The Crown Prince Apartments: Step into luxurious living quarters once occupied by Prussian crown princes and princesses.
  • The Palace Chapel: The Baroque gem of the Schlosskapelle is a small and intimate chapel near the Apartments with the most incredible details.

Here are the highlights that I enjoyed the most:

ceiling with chandelier and gold details in charlottenburg palace
  • I really love the Great Hall (Großer Saal)! The big ballroom is amazing with its beautiful frescos on the ceiling showing Greek stories. When I stand under the tall dome and see all the pretty decorations, I feel so amazed. It’s hard for me to decide if I like this Great Hall more than Versailles in Paris—they’re both so incredibly beautiful!
  • King Frederick I’s private apartments are beautifully preserved rooms that showcase the king’s personal taste. His bed chambers, where he slept, the audience hall, and even his study are all so richly adorned and oh so lavish.
  • The Museum of Porcelain is an extensive collection of porcelain held in a special room in the Palace. The room is filled from top to bottom with the most amazing porcelain artworks. The collection is so valuable, and it’s really hard to put into words how incredible it is!

What to See at Charlottenburg Castle: Exterior

tall yellow trees with charlottenburg castle peeking through
  • The Palace Grounds: Explore the vast and beautifully manicured gardens and park surrounding Charlottenburg Palace.
  • The Mausoleum: Pay your respects at the final resting place of Frederick William III and his wife Queen Louise.
  • Orangery Pavilion: Take a stroll through this elegant pavilion that was used to store citrus trees during winter months.
  • The Belvedere Tea Charlottenburg: A small garden retreat built in 1788 for King Friedrich Wilhelm II and now home to the world’s largest porcelain collection from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin. The famous pottery with stores throughout Berlin and Potsdam makes a great souvenir but unfortunately, the Belvedere is currently closed.

What I enjoyed the most was without question, the Palace Gardens. They are so incredibly beautiful. So much so, that I returned here a couple of times, it makes for a great thing to do in Berlin on a Sunday.

at berlin schloss charlottenburg row of trees with fountain

When I found out the fact that Sophie Charlotte personally commissioned Siméon Godeau, a student of Versailles’ André Le Nôtre, to design her gardens I immediately saw the similarities.

charlottenburg castle with lake in front and gardens

Venturing beyond the precisely manicured gardens, I discover the expansive grounds. As I stroll along the lakeside, I spot a charming bridge that provides one of the most enchanting views, offering a picturesque perspective back towards the castle.

Visiting Information to Charlottenburg Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace Location

two white marble statues in front of charlottenburg castle

📍Spandauer Damm 20-24 14059 Berlin, Germany

  • From U-Bahn, S-Bahn and city buses search with the ending location of “Schloss Charlottenburg” to get the most effective transit for you

Charlottenburg Palace Ticket Price

is charlottenburg palace worth visiting - it is when you see the marble statue and yellow palace with dome
  • Old Place: €12, reduced with the Berlin Welcome Card to € 8
  • New Wing: Price: €12 reduced with the Berlin Welcome Card to € 8
  • ⭐I recommend:
    • Charlottenburg+ Combo: €19 reduced with the Berlin Welcome Card to € 14 entitles you to all of the Charlottenburg Palace, New Wing, Belvedere and Mausoleum
  • Charlottenburg+ Family: € 25 for 2 adults and up to 4 children
  • The Palace Gardens are free

Charlottenburg Palace Hours

white marble statue with   Charlottenburg Palace in berlin


  • Closed Mondays
  • Last entry 30 minutes before closing time
  • Palace Gardens: open daily from 8 AM until dusk

November 2nd, 2023 – March 31st, 2024

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 4:30 PM

April 1, 2024 – October 31, 2024

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 5:30 PM

Charlottenburg Palace Tours

grand hall with chandelier in charlottenburg schloss in berlin

You will be provided an audio tour which will guide you through the Palace on a self-guided tour.

⭐I recommend NOT doing a guided tour with a third party like Get Your Guide or Viator. Save your money, and use the self-guided tour that is provided by the Berlin Palace.

Charlottenburg Palace Berlin Tips

path lined with trees leading you to schloss charlottenburg berlin
  • I recommend getting a Berlin Welcome Card which gives you free transportation (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram and Bus), plus up to 50% off many of the top attractions in Berlin. You can purchase a pass starting from 48 hours up to 6 days, including transportation to the Berlin airport and Potsdam.
  • Walk up Schloßstraße, the long boulevard directly in front of the Palace, to fully appreciate the view as seen above.
  • Give yourself at least half a day, if not more to tour the Palace and Gardens. The self-guided audio tour provides great insight and interesting stories as you move from room to room. You will want to take your time here, both to tour the interior and exterior.
  • Learn from my experience, and be mindful of the time of day during your visit. When I toured in late autumn, the diminishing daylight, particularly on an overcast day, impacted the final part of the tour in the dome overlooking the gardens, making it too dark to fully appreciate the view by the time I arrived.

The Charlottenburg Christmas Market

yellow charlottenburg castle with christmas market stalls

The Charlottenburg Christmas market is one of my favourites, it has the perfect festive atmosphere for couples with its charming stalls, twinkling lights, and romantic ambiance with the Palace as its backdrop.

If you find yourself in Berlin from November 29, 2024, onwards, make sure to visit this enchanting Christmas Market.

Surrounding Area Charlottenburg

While exploring the Charlottenburg area, visit two nearby free museums:

  • Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik: housing classical antiquities of Greek and Roman sculptures
  • Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Museum in Villa Oppenheim: learn about the German history and culture of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district

I also recommend eating at the nearby Lemke am Schloss, a traditional German restaurant that serves all the classics like schnitzel and spatezle.

As a Holidaymaker

Upon returning to Berlin, revisiting Charlottenburg Palace would be a priority for me, as the amount of details makes it impossible to absorb everything in just one visit.

Another Palace worth visiting is the notable palace, Sanssouci in Potsdam. For those fascinated by royal histories and grand architecture, be sure to read my next article “Is Potsdam worth visiting?”

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