Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Berlin Food Tours

Berlin is a city known for its diverse culinary scene, where traditional German cuisine intersects with international flavours worldwide.

From mouthwatering street food to famous food markets, Berlin offers an array of gastronomic delights waiting to be explored.

Want to know the best Berlin food tours to experience? I’m sharing my personal experience of taking the Fork and Walk Berlin food tour.

Embarking on a food tour in this dynamic city is not only a chance to indulge in delectable dishes but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in Berlin’s rich culture and history.
It’s like two tours rolled into one!

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The Berlin Food Tour I Experienced

yellow subway underneath a green restaurant on a food tour in berlin

I was deliciously treated to Berlin’s Fork & Walk tour courtesy of Visit Berlin and it was one of my favourite memories of living in Berlin for three months.

I’m hooked and will do this for every new destination I visit.

Fork and Walk Berlin Tour

bridge with yellow subway over water on food tours in berlin

I met with Tiago, my walking food tour guide with Fork & Walk. Tiago, of Portuguese descent, has been living in Berlin for 14 years after falling in love with the city. We walked to a scenic spot on the riverbank of the Spree River where he shared so many interesting tidbits and stories about Berlin.

His knowledge was immense. From where to find Berlin’s city centre to what life would have been like as a divided East Berlin and West Berlin to how the Kreuzberg neighbourhood evolved after the fall of the Berlin Wall into this trendy hotspot.

As we walked to our first food stop he pointed out some amazing street art and the stories behind the images, along with pointing out some of the neighbourhood’s key landmarks and architecture. This tour of the neighbourhood continued through all 6 food stops.

Stop 1: Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor

under subway burger restaurant on fork and walk food tour in berlin

Under the elevated U-Bahn (subway) platform at the Schlesisches Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg is where you will find this legendary burger spot.

Burgermeister is voted as the best burger in Berlin, and, guess what – they’re right!

First, about the quirky location of this flagship location (yep, it’s now an expanded franchise with multiple locations in Berlin). It’s a restored heritage-listed public toilet. That’s right, you can see by the original signs on either end of Männer (men) and Frauen (women).

As a vegetarian, I tried the plant-based burger, and have to say it was the best damn burger I’ve ever tasted. It’s incredibly juicy, punched with flavour and topped with a brioche bun.

Stop 2: Markthalle Neun

inside food market with tall ceilings on a berlin food tour

Markthalle Neun is a famous food market in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood. Tiago, my Food and Walk tour guide, told me that the 1847 Berlin potato revolution showed that the city needed better ways to get food to people. Prices were high, and protests happened. It took a while, but in 1886, they finally opened a market hall.

Markthalle Neun offers fresh local and global specialties under one roof. The market includes a bakery, butcher shop, brewery, pastry shop, and open kitchen canteen showcasing many delicious street food market highlights.

I had already visited Markethalle Neun before the food tour and tried the extra creamy cheese Spätzle, a traditional German dish consisting of egg noodles, served with melted cheese and topped with crispy onions. So Tiago brought me to another food vendor, Baller’s Place, serving meat and veggieballs.

I had a plate of plant-based veggieballs served with warm German potato salad. Delicious!

Stop 3: Heimweh

restaurant in berlin on food tour

Next Tiago brought me to the tiny restaurant called Heimweh, a Turkish restaurant that promises their food is homemade with love. Heimweh, when translated means homesick.

This family-run, vegetarian-friendly restaurant is famous for its two dishes – Kumpir and Manti dumplings.

green dumplings with cream and hot sauce on food tours in berlin

Tiago recommended the Manti and boy, was it ever delicious. It was my first time trying it, another reason to do a food tour as it exposes you to dishes you might not try otherwise.

The tiny dumplings were delicious with a dollop of Greek yogurt meant to offset the intense heat from the spices and topping of chilli sauce. This dish is my new favourite comfort food!

Stop 4: Goldies

restaurant at night on fork and walk food tours in berlin

The slogan says it all – the best bad food in town! This is what happens when you take a former head chef at a Michelin-star level restaurant and he opens up a fry restaurant. You get an elevated, insanely good french fries at a place called Goldies.

Being Canadian, I’m used to poutine and this is a twist on that concept (no gravy or cheese curds) except for the variety of toppings. Just take a look at some of these toppings:

  • Garlic Parmigiano
  • Cali Chilli Cheese
  • Odessas Beeten
  • Kimchi Fusion
  • Peking Duck
  • El Gringo Loco
  • The Truffle
fries with mayo, beets and kraut on best berlin food tours

Almost all the versions are vegan or vegetarian. I went with Odessa Beeten which is marinated beets, sauerkraut, French mayonnaise (yes, there is a difference) and dill. Move over Canadian poutine, this is my new favourite.

Stop 5: Ketels Grill

Was there any doubt that a stop on this food tour wouldn’t include currywurst? I am in Berlin, after all, the city where currywurst was invented.

Currywurst is a must-try when you are in Berlin, and there is no shortage of places to go. But there is a difference.

So, when Tiago brought me to Ketels and said it’s one of the best ones in the city, I was eager to find out. Ketels’ motto, Glücklich, lecker & aus der region loosely translates to happily delicious from the region.

What sets Ketels apart from other currywurst is their support of farm-to-table, and in their words, stop making crap food. And, not to worry for those other vegans out there they do offer a plant-based currywurst.

Stop 6: Brammibals Donuts

two donuts in pink box on berlin food tour

The sweet ending to this amazing food walking tour was to Brammibals Donuts. Specialty donuts are a huge trend in Berlin with many cute shops dotted around the city.

One of the most popular, and dare I say it among the best is Brammibals vegan donuts. I even love the pink branding on their storefront and the pretty boxes that the donuts come in.

Choose from the themed Monthly Special, the can’t-go-wrong Classics, or indulge in their extra Specials.

I choose from the Classics the divine white chocolate and strawberries and from the Specials the Bienenstich (which is a take on the traditional German torte).

Overall Impressions

I can’t recommend this experience enough (check out Trip Advisor reviews). It’s an opportunity like no other to…

  • get to know a neighbourhood through the eyes of a local
  • try new cuisine
  • bring you to restaurants off the beaten path and known as locals’ favourites
  • hear interesting facts and stories about the history of Berlin
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Tiago was a stranger at the beginning, but after three+ hours we walked away as friends. We bonded over our shared love of food and love of the city of Berlin.

My last tip…come famished, because you will be well-fed.

3 Best Berlin Food Tours

Here are other food tours Berlin has to offer.

3-Hour Secret Food Tour

3-hour Tour
currywurst on best berlin food tours


Berlin Secret Food Tours

✅ 6 culinary stops including a brewery stop

✅ Small group of up to 10 people

3-hour tour
table with people grabbing pizza on berlin food tour


Kreuzberg: Culinary Food Tour

✅ 5 culinary stops (no beverages)

✅ Small group of up to 10 people

3-hour tour
flammenkuchen a flat pizza on berlin food tour


Mitte: Culinary Food Tour

✅ 5 culinary stops (no beverages)

✅ Small group of up to 10 people

FAQ About Food Tours in Berlin

restaurant under the tracks of a elevated subway on berlin food tour

Are dietary restrictions accommodated on food tours in Berlin?

Many Berlin food tour operators can accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have specific allergies, it’s advisable to inform the tour organizers in advance for a tailored experience.

Can I join a Berlin food tour if I have food allergies?

Yes, most Berlin food tour operators are willing to accommodate food allergies. It’s crucial to communicate your allergies when booking the tour, and the guide can provide alternative options accordingly.

Can I book a private Berlin food tour for a group?

Yes, many Berlin food tour operators like Fork & Walk offer private tours for groups. This option allows for a more personalized experience, catering to the specific preferences and interests of your group.

Is it necessary to book Berlin food tours in advance?

Yes, it’s necessary to book in advance as food tours in Berlin are extremely popular, especially during peak tourist seasons. This ensures you secure a spot on the tour and allows the organizers to make any necessary arrangements.

As a Holidaymaker

Of all the Berlin tours you can take, I highly recommend a food tour. Food is a big part of the city’s culture, and the best way to experience it is through the delicious local dishes.

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