6 Best English Breakfast Berlin Places to Go

So, you’re in the vibrant capital of Germany, soaking in all the history, culture, and street art this amazing city has to offer. But, let’s be real, sometimes you just get that craving for a taste of home, right?

Are you looking for the best English breakfast Berlin has to offer?

I’ve got the insider scoop on some of the best spots to have that Berlin English breakfast!

Imagine sitting in a cozy café that feels like a slice of the UK or America right in the heart of Berlin. It’s the kind of place where you can indulge in all your favourite breakfast classics, from sizzling bacon and perfectly fried eggs to fluffy pancakes and buttery toast. And let’s not forget about that comforting cup of tea or a hearty mug of coffee – just the way you like it.

So, if you have a hankering for English food in Berlin head to any of these Berlin breakfast places.

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6 Best English Breakfast in Berlin to Eat At

1. Benedict Berlin

plate of egg and avocado on bagel at english breakfast berlin restaurant

📍 Uhlandstrasse 49 in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district | 🕘 Daily 8 AM – 10 PM | €€

When a restaurant is all about breakfast, you can bet it’s going to be a real treat! At Benedicts, you’ll discover an extensive breakfast menu featuring generous portions. In addition to the classic English Breakfast, their varied selection caters to a wide range of palates.

This restaurant is hopping, drawing a mixed crowd, and the service is impressively attentive. While the decor is undoubtedly Instagram-worthy, it differs from the relaxed ambiance you’ll find in many of the other restaurants.

  • 😋Go for eggs benedict, french toast and mimosas
  • Insider’s tip: reserve ahead is a smart move, as this hotspot is always busy and conveniently linked to a hotel
  • Nearby things to do:
    • Check out the weekend Fehrbelliner Platz vintage flea market
    • Stroll around Savignyplatz, to Ku’Damm Strasse to KaDeWe mall

2. Tee Tea Thé

📍 Goltzstrasse 2 in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district | 🕘 Daily 10 AM– 7 PM | €€

Tea, tea, and more tea! To say this cafe specializes in traditional English tea is an understatement. Beyond tea, the English food Berlin menu is scrumptious offering eggs all day, high tea, and two options for a traditional English breakfast.

Don’t miss out on the adjacent tea shop – I picked up some Ginger Zest green loose leaf tea to take back with me, and it’s turned out to be a fantastic Berlin souvenir.

  • 😋Go for the lovely high tea experience (choose from vegetarian and non-vegetarian options), extensive tea menu
  • Insider’s tip: check out the linked tea shop where an even larger tea selection can be found
  • Nearby things to do:
    • Go see the apartment building where David Bowie once lived at Hauptstraße 155
    • Stroll around the Bavarian Quarter where you can admire elegant 19th-century buildings around Viktoria-Luise-Platz
    • Check out the Rathaus Schöneberg weekend flea market

3. Murphy’s Berlin

📍 Schiffbauerdamm 1 in the Mitte district | 🕘Every Weekend from 10 AM | €

This #1 Irish pub has just added an English breakfast to its menu for Saturdays and Sundays. With a central location right alongside the Spree River, where you can take a boat tour, you can’t help but make this your favourite weekend spot.

This family-friendly restaurant draws in both tourists and an older crowd, making it a welcoming spot for those who enjoy a good pub atmosphere.

  • 😋Go for the view, pub atmosphere and classic English breakfast of eggs, fried potatoes and beans
  • Insider’s tip: secure an outdoor table along the riverbank on a sunny day
  • Nearby things to do:
    • Check out some of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Museum Island, and Checkpoint Charlie
    • Stroll along Unter den Linden to the Spree River and visit Monbijoupark and James Simon Park
    • Explore Mitte’s Oranienburger Strasse where you’ll find interesting architecture, galleries and boutiques

4. Froindlichst

📍 Immanuelkirch Strasse 31 in the Pankow district | 🕘 Weekend breakfast 9:30 AM – 1 PM | €

With its locations in Berlin and Hamburg, Froindlichst is known for its all-vegan menu.

Come the weekend, their brunch takes over and a vegan English Breakfast is on the menu. It comes with baked beans, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, spinach, vegan sausage, and an open-faced sandwich with smashed white bean feta spread with scrambled tofu.

  • 😋Go for the all-vegan menu, the relaxed vibe, and their very yummy overnight oats
  • Insider’s tip: be sure to make a reservation at this weekend hotspot gets busy, especially for the outdoor dining
  • Nearby things to do:
    • Explore the cool Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, especially along Oderberger Straße and Kastanienallee, for its boutiques and quirky shops
    • Stroll the beautiful Volkspark Friedrichshain park
    • Visit the free Museum in der Kulturbrauerei where you can learn more about the differences between East and West Berlin

5. Das Geist im Glas

GE English Breakfast Berlin 20

📍 Lenaustrasse 27 in the Neukölln district | 🕘 Saturday – Sunday brunch 10 AM | €€

Uber cool cocktail bar by night, but come the weekend, this is one of the best places in Berlin for brunch. Their menu promises to be the just amount of grease to curb any hangover. Expect a hipster crowd.

While it leans more towards an American breakfast vibe, it’s undeniably scrumptious in its own right.

  • 😋Go for the chicken waffles and casual laid-back vibes
  • Insider’s tip: first come, first served (no reservations), expect very long lines
  • Nearby things to do:
    • Check out the weekend flea markets at Maybachufer and Marheinekeplatz
    • Watch an indie film at the open-air cinema in Tempelhofer Feld, one of Berlin’s most interesting parks

6. Lonely Hearts

📍Mahlower Strasse 32 in the Neukölln district | 🕘Thursday – Monday 10 AM – 4 PM |€

This American-style diner run by a British expat family checks all the boxes! Indulge in authentic fry-ups and fluffy pancakes while soaking up the inviting vibes. Comfort food with friends is their motto and that’s exactly what you’ll find here!

Great menu for vegans and vegetarians too!

  • 😋Go for the creamy milkshakes, pancakes, and the vintage diner vibes
  • Insider’s tip: the first Friday of every month is Payday Pancakes for €6
  • Nearby things to do:
    • Tempelhofer Feld – rent a bike at Bike 44 (Mahlower Str. 9) and go for a ride through this former airport now a public park
    • Visit a park – either Körnerpark or Treptower are worthy parks for a stroll
    • See some art at KINDL – a centre for contemporary art

Comparing Breakfast Traditions

Typical German Breakfast

In Germany, the morning spread often includes freshly baked bread rolls, various types of cold cuts like ham and salami, cheeses, and soft-boiled or scrambled eggs. Along with a collection of jams, honey and creamy butter add a touch of sweetness to the meal.

You might also find Müsli, yogurt, and seasonal fruit for those who prefer a lighter option. To wash it all down, Germans often enjoy a cup of strong coffee or my favourite a pot of fresh peppermint tea. For a traditional German breakfast in Berlin go to Anna Blume cafe.

This traditional breakfast captures the essence of German cuisine – hearty, wholesome, and built on quality ingredients.

The not-so-traditional but increasingly popular German breakfast item is pfannkuchen or pancakes. Expect to find pancakes on every breakfast and lunch menu in the city!

Irish Breakfast vs English Breakfast

An Irish breakfast, often referred to as a “Full Irish,” boasts a hearty spread that includes sausages, rashers (bacon), black and white puddings, eggs, tomatoes, and baked beans. It’s a robust and savoury affair.

On the other side of the Channel, the English breakfast, known as the “Full English,” takes center stage with similar components like bacon, eggs, sausages, and tomatoes, but it may also feature mushrooms, fried bread, and hash browns or baked beans. It’s a hearty, no-nonsense breakfast that provides the perfect fuel for a busy day.

American Breakfast vs English Breakfast

pancakes with banana and blueberries at berlin english breakfast

The American breakfast tends to lean towards a sweeter palette with staples like pancakes, waffles, and syrup, along with scrambled or fried eggs, bacon or sausage, and possibly a side of hash browns.

English breakfast vs American breakfast vs Irish breakfast are all very similar in my opinion. I personally love a German breakfast whether I’m in Germany or not. Even as a vegetarian, I can’t say no to local cheese, topped with marmalade on a freshly baked Brötchen (or bun), along with the Müsli, yogurt, and seasonal fruit.

As a Holidaymaker

On weekends, especially Sundays in Berlin, Berliners embrace the leisurely art of brunch with enthusiasm. While celebrating their diverse culinary scene, it’s intriguing to note that Berliners also have a soft spot for the iconic English breakfast.

While Berlin might not boast an extensive number of English breakfast restaurants, the select few available are worth seeking out and make Berlin worth visiting!

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