Are you wanting to escape to a quiet village, but still be very close to a popular beach destination in the south of France? Then you need to consider the beautiful village of Gassin. This scenic village is situated in the middle of the Saint Tropez peninsula, perched high up on a rock, and is less than 4 km from the sea and 8 km to Saint Tropez. It showcases old winding streets and ancient houses brimming with beautiful flowers. It’s the panoramic views that make this place incredibly special. Let me share the top things to do in Gassin France.

About Gassin France

Gassin is known for its panoramic views

From this rocky summit, at an altitude of 200 metres, you will have magnificent views of the coastline of the Gulf of St. Tropez, including the towns of La Croix, Valmer, Grimaud, St. Maxime and Les Issambres. In the other direction, you will have views of Iles D’Or over to the Maures mountains and all the way to the snowy peaks of the Alps. 

pink sunset against green mountain and valley

When you immediately arrive at the village you have to leave your car in the village’s parking lot as this is a walkable village only. It is here you will find magnificent sea views from the lookout point. It’s the best spot to watch the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. 

yellow sunset sky with green mountain

Along the terraced wall, the Promenade Dei Barri, is where you will find the best restaurants in Gassin, all of which have large outdoor terraces to look out onto those beautiful panoramic views.

sunrise sky mix of colours of blue yellow and pink with town in valley

Gassin is known as Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Gassin is known as Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, or the Most Beautiful Village in France. There are about 150 villages that hold this prestigious title, and Gassin is deservedly one of those. To be considered Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, the village needs to be a maximum population size of 2,000 inhabitants and have at least 2 monuments of historical significance, and yes, of course, be beautiful. 

stone village wall with cobblestone street with view to water

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Top things to Do in Gassin

The top attractions in Gassin

Gassin became a fortified village at the end of the 15th century but experienced most of its development in the second half of the 19th century when it more than doubled in size.

yellow building with mint green shutters and terra cotta roof

The key monuments and points of interest in Gassin that are a must-see are:

  • the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption chapel, built at the end of the 11th century (rebuilt in the 16th century), houses statues of the Madonna and Child and Christ (17th century) and an 18th-century bell
  • the Town Hall of Gassin, built in 1584
  • the Romanesque chapel of Our Lady of Consolation is in the midst of a wooded area, and served as a parish until the mid-16th century
  • the oldest art gallery in the area, Galerie deï Barri
  • a botanical garden, L’Hardy-Denonain, showcases plants native to Provence, as well as black Lilies
  • the smallest street in the world, the Androuno, measures only 29 cm wide at its narrowest level

The streets in Gassin

As you wander the pretty streets of Gassin, you’ll notice that the names of the streets are symbols that reflect the history of this village. The Passage of the Watchtower, the door of Saracens, the Rue du Fort, and the Passage of the Knights Templar is all references to the village’s past. Meander through the maze of the winding streets, knowing you can never really get lost. Only if you count getting lost in its sheer beauty. 

The ancient homes in Gassin

Gassin is just one of those hilltop villages in France that you daydream about living there one day. It’s a village where more locals live, than tourists can stay.  

Most of the historic buildings are built in serpentine or basalt from the local quarries. As well from the doors to the shutters, or even the stucco buildings – it’s a kaleidoscope of pretty pastel colours. Creamy whites, pale yellows, and soft pinks, oranges and blues all blended together. 

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Popular day trips from Gassin

Gassin is located in the Var department of France in the beautiful Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region of southeastern France. With so many beautiful places close by, there are endless  day trip options. Here are the top places to visit near Gassin: 

  • La Croix Valmer – known for its 7 beautiful beaches (4km or 10-minute drive)
  • Saint Tropez – known as a lively resort town famous for its beaches, shopping and nightlife (8 km or 15-minute drive)
  • Ramatuelle – known for offering beautiful vista views of the Bay of Pampelonne (8-km or 12-minute drive)
  • Grimaud – a perched hilltop village with a castle that extends down to the seaside village of Port Grimaud or “French Venice” or “Mini Venice” as it was intentionally built to look just like Venice (11-km or 20-minute drive)
  • Sainte Maxime – known for its port, promenade and beaches (14-km or 25-minute drive)

Where to stay in Gassin

With so few hotels in Gassin, renting an Airbnb apartment is the best option. I stayed at La Suite de la Maison du Village, a 1-bedroom loft apartment with a small balcony with such amazing views, click here.

La Suite de la Maison du Village

Perfect for a solo or a couple’s stay, this modern loft is absolutely perfect. The industrial-styled apartment sits above an interior design shop. Some of those cool pieces for sale are showcased throughout this small space. Aside from the décor being magazine worthy, it’s the views from the balcony that truly make this the place to stay when in Gassin. 

Best Places to Stay in Saint Tropez

If you want to be more central to Saint Tropez check out these places to stay.

  1. Oh, When the Saints – Saint Tropez. 1-bedroom with direct access to Bouillabaisse Beach on the Côte d’Azur coastline.
  2. Driftwood & Rose – near Saint Tropez. A 2-bedroom secluded house with a plunge pool is a relaxing getaway.
  3. Cassis & Champagne – Saint Tropez. A 2-bedroom relaxing house with only a twenty-minute walk from the port, and only four from Bouillabaisse Beach.

As a holidaymaker…

Gassin definitely earns its title of one of the most beautiful villages in France. This under-the-radar village is a perfect weekend getaway destination. It won’t take long to explore the top sites, but well worth staying for a couple of days to explore the nearby popular towns.  

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  1. Gassin is so pretty! I like the pastel colors of this village, and as you said, they are blended together beautifully. I think I will enjoy walking along the cobbled stone through the streets with names that reflect the history of the village. And your recommended accommodation looks so comfy.

  2. Gassin looks such a stunning village to visit. Being near the sea always gives me so much of pleasure. What I love is the secluded serene look of the village. The smallest street L’Androuno looks so cute.

  3. Gassin is exactly the place where I would love to spend a few nights. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. The walking alleyways are just stunning. The jaw-dropping panoramic views just add extra charm to the place. This is an ideal place for peace-loving travelers.

  4. Gassin deserves every accolade! It reminds me so much of the villages and houses we have here in Umbria and Tuscany. So rustic, authentic and definitely somewhere I’d love to visit. Also a beautiful region of France!

  5. The panoramic views from Gassin are so inspiring and beautiful. It’s a beautifully idyllic location that is close to some famous sites – like Saint Tropez; a little paradise tucked away in the French countryside!

  6. I love the idea of spending some time in a small village in France like Gassin. The views would mesmerize me every day! I can see why it is part of the group of “Most Beautiful Villages” in France. Wandering the cobblestone streets would offer so many treats.

  7. Gassin looks so charming and I would love to stay there for a few days. It seems a perfect place to soak in the atmosphere of a small French village. You were also lucky with the apartment, it looks lovely!

  8. Gassin looks amazing! I love that it is a walkable city and there is a parking lot right away, the viewpoint is an added perk. Your images are gorgeous, show why this is the most beautiful city in France. Love the loft you stayed in too. Bookmarking!

  9. I’ve been to a few of the most beautiful villages of France and wish I could visit them all! Gassin looks lovely, especially with its views of both mountains and sea. Just love that super narrow street! I would enjoy strolling the streets of Gassin and absorbing the history and ambience.

  10. That loft accomodation looks fabulous – just the style I love and I would feel very at home there. The pictures are great – love those with the tumbling wisteria and plants. It all looks very well maintained. How did you find prices for food etc, being near St Tropez, was it at all expensive? The shuttered windows on the houses are so atmospheric. Is Gassin asocciated with lavender or is that another similar sounding place?

    1. Gassin is not known for lavender. This village may be found on the pricey side, but it’s worth the splurge.

  11. Oh my gosh it’s so picturesque, I love the older buildings with the colorful shutters. What a great place to just spend some time walking around. And those views are incredible. I love exploring small towns and villages

  12. Wow, what a gorgeous village! Can definitely tell why it deserves its title as most beautiful village in France. I love those old homes with the flowers and greenery growing on the sides. And that sunrise view is magical!

    1. It’s beauty can never be really captured through a camer lens, it’s undeniable one of he most pretty villages I’ve visited.

  13. France’s most beautiful villages are so unique and tranquil. As you discovered, Gassin seems like the perfect getaway but not too far from some action if you are looking for it ( the beach!)). Will have to remember that wonderful place you stayed with the view. Sounds like one of France’s “not to be missed” towns.

  14. There is something so innately magical about the south of France. I´ve never heard of Gassin before, but these photos make it look absolutely stunning. It´s one of my favourite corners of Europe and there are so many hidden gems for a romantic and independent escape.

  15. I lived in this part of the world for a while, but somehow I never came across Gassin. And now I read your post about it, I really want to weave my way through that tiny street and explore those historical sites. A fantastic post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Chris, I am glad it inspired you to perhaps check it out in the future. When you are next in Saint Tropez area, it would be a quick detour, trust me.

  16. Might go t the South of France at the end of April (or, worst case scenario — if there can be a worst case scenario when talking about the South of France– in summer). I’ll keep this in mind for when we go exploring 🙂

    1. Great, I am glad it inspired you to put it on your list. I have other posts about the south of France if you are interested in checking them out. Happy travels!

  17. Pretty as a picture! We visited some of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France and each of them was a dream. The views are heavenly, aren’t they? Must be peaceful with just 2000 residents.

    1. Yes, it is. We visited many Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, and this was one of our favourites in this area. The views were wonderful, some of the best sunsets and sunrises. Thanks for reading the post!

  18. Gassin seems like such a tranquil and lovely village. I could also meander those beautiful streets and appreciate the antique doors. All the history this little village has to offer seems like a nice surprise. Thanks for pointing out the significant places; there are many and they’re so old! The view from your loft is so pretty as well. What a great trip this must have been.

  19. So many amazingly picturesque villages in France, like Gassin, just waiting to be explored. I love your photos of the doors! Sharing this post with Therese who loves spending time in various places in France for intensitve French courses … this might be a fun place for her to immerse.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind compliments Michael. Indeed it would be the perfect place to immerse yourself. It is indeed very quiet, so it was perfect for a night or two.

    1. Gassin, is truly a wonderful place with it’s panoramic views of meandering lanes and historic buildings.The smallest street in the world, L’Andruono is truly magical in away how it takes us back in time.

  20. Gassing looks like a page/scene from Beauty and the Beast!!! I can see why it is the most beautiful village in France. I love the cobblestone buildings and street – it so cute! And wow those views are incredible. I will keep this in mind for our second trip back to France as we want to explore more cities in the countryside of France.

  21. I’m afraid that being 4km or so from the sea will put many people off from visiting, but that seems a good distance to escape the seaside-seeking crowds. I love Euro stone villages, and I bet most anyone does. Staying in an apartment as you did has huge advantages, mainly things like a fridge and the ability to hit the local markets and prepare the food on your own. I like your mentality of getting just a bit away from the hot spots.

    1. This is ideal for someone who wants to stay in a small, quiet, picturesque village, with only a 5 – 10 minute drive to some of those famous Saint Tropez beaches. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thanks so much Julia! I am glad that the post inspired you to add Gassin as a future destination. Let me know if I can help with any future planning.

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