My favourite way to truly experience Paris is to stay in a rented apartment. A place to call my own, even if for a few days, to come home after a long day exploring the beautiful City of Light. So when I stumbled across Plum Guide’s Beaming Green 1-bedroom studio in the 3rd arrondissement it was love at first sight. Here’s all about my perfect Paris stay in Le Marais. 

First Impressions

The airport taxi pulls up in front of a small metal door that seems to get lost in a long line of storefront businesses. “Nous sommes ici Madame.” I step out and take a quick look at my surroundings. It’s a typical busy boulevard in Paris full of small businesses and services for everyday Parisians – a jewelry shop, a veterinarian, a travel agency, nothing that would drive tourists to this area. Perfect, I say to myself. I’ve visited Paris many times to know “don’t judge a book by its cover” as what often lies behind even the most modest doors, like this one, can be a pleasant surprise. Thankfully, I was right! 

dried roses, painting antique decanter in apartment in Paris

I punch in the code and let the metal door slam behind me and just like that the sounds of Paris are gone. It’s a maze of the tiniest hallways and courtyards each with its own staircase to reach about 3-4 apartments. No lift or elevator, so be sure to travel light! At last, I find my way and take the old spiral staircase up lined with plants and antique objects haphazardly placed on the original wooden steps of this mid-19th-century building. I see the blueish-green door, this must be it! 

Perfect Paris Stay

The “Beaming Green” apartment will immediately make you swoon. It features some gorgeous original features like a marble fireplace and a beamed ceiling. Yet, has a modern design with an eclectic mix of carefully selected fine antique pieces. It’s the perfect balance of new and old-world charm, wouldn’t you say?    

Apartment rental in Le Marais Paris showing blue and green velvet chairs, sofa with marble fireplace and tables

The decor oozes sophistication. With its plush velvet fabric that feels so luxurious to the touch. It’s comfy, yet stylish. So stylish it looks like it was torn from the pages of Architectural Digest magazine.

apartment living room with fireplace in Paris

I now know why the apartment’s name is “Beaming Green” a very bold colour choice of emerald green – or historically called Paris Green. Let’s just say, J’adore! 

Tour Beaming Green

The spacious Beaming Green apartment features three large windows with views of inner courtyards. It’s not a pretty street view, but the trade-off is it’s extremely quiet. The bathroom features a free-standing modern tub with a rainshower head and a wall-to-wall closet and storage space.

This modern mezzanine bedroom built seamlessly into the eaves of this Paris apartment surrounded by Crittall windows is so cozy, almost like a cocoon. It gave me some of the best nights’ sleep as a result. The floating staircase is surprisingly easy to get up and down. However, during the night, I did use my iPhone flashlight just to be on the safe side. 

bedroom in mezzaine in Paris apartment rental in Le Marais

1-Bedroom Studio Amenities

Your home away from home Beaming Green property rental includes:

  • fully stocked kitchen with appliances and cookware
  • pretty antique dishes and utensils 
  • cooking essentials and beverages in the fridge
  • coffee and espresso machine with coffee (sadly, no tea bags were provided)
  • washing machine, dryer, iron, and lots of closet space
  • satellite and cable TV
  • no air conditioning 
kitchen with stairs leading to bedroom in mezzaine in Paris apartment rental in Le Marais

Plum Guide Vacation Rental

Plum Guide is often referred to as the new rival to Airbnb. Yes, Plum Guide is a custom-curated marketplace of vacation rentals just like Airbnb, but that’s where the similarities end. What makes Plum Guide stand out from the rest is the meticulous vetting process representing the top 3% of all vacation rental sites. That means you might pay a little more, but you also can trust you are getting a far superior experience and quality property. Properties range from affordable luxury to luxury. 

Apartment rental in Le Marais Paris showing blue and green velvet chairs, sofa with marble fireplace and tables
The Beaming Green apartment is a Plum Guide Award-Winner!

Vacation properties on Plum Guide fall into 2 categories after they have been carefully vetted: Nominated or Award Winner. To be considered an Award Winner, like Beaming Green, it has to pass all 4 of the vetting stages (A nominated passes 3 of the 4 stages). This means an independent Home Critic measures each vacation property on 150 set criteria that represents the “Science Behind the Perfect Stay.” And I can attest, Beaming Green makes for the perfect Paris stay in Le Marais for a solo or couple travellers.

Booking Information

For pricing, availability, and booking information for the Beaming Green apartment click here. Your wonderful host, Blanche, will make sure you have the perfect Paris stay in her vacation rental property in Le Marais.

desk, chair and artwork in Paris apartment rental in Le Marais

Le Marais Location

The Marais is located in the heart of Paris covering most of the 3rd arrondissement and half of the 4th arrondissement. It stretches from the right bank of the Seine northwards. The Marais oozes charm and history. Elegant 17th-century architecture sits in a maze of cobblestone alleys distinctly different than the rest of Paris when Napoleon and Haussman set out to build big avenues and large public squares. Not Le Marais. Instead, the small crooked medieval lanes are alive with bars, restaurants, hotels, high and low-fashion boutiques, trendy shops, art galleries, and museums all crammed into one small area.

Also, you will find lots of pretty hidden gardens and squares tucked away off the beaten path. There’s a reason why when you come to Paris, you simply can’t skip visiting Le Marais

3rd Arrondissement in Paris

The 3rd arrondissement is the smallest area in Paris right after the 2nd arrondissement. It’s the much quieter part of Le Marais. But still boasts beautiful architecture, boutiques, and art galleries. Being very central to some of the city’s top attractions, the 3rd arrondissement makes for an ideal neighbourhood to stay in. 

paris street with red door

What to see in the 3rd arrondissement

Here are some of the top sights and key attractions in the 3rd arrondissement:

  • Place de la Republique – a large square that intersects 3rd, 10th, and 11th arrondissements
  • Nicolas Flamel house – known to be the oldest stone house in Paris
  • Musee Carnavalet – even if you opt out of visiting the museum itself, the grounds are stunning as is the architecture
paris mayor's office in marais

Top things to do in the 3rd arrondissement

Here are some top things to do in the 3rd arrondissement that are all within a 10-minute walking distance of the Beaming Green apartment:

  • Stroll through pretty gardens and quiet squares like Square du Temple Elie Wiesel, Square Émile-Chautemps, Anne Frank Garden, the grounds of the Carnavalet Museum
  • Visit a nearby museum – Museum of Technology, Science & Industry or Picasso Museum
  • Streets made for strolling include rue Volta, rue De Turenne, rue Chapon, rue de Bretagne, rue des Gravilliers
  • Find these secret covered Passages: Passage du Grand Cerf and Passage Moliere 
  • Visit a 17th-century food market called Marche des Enfants Rouges
paris street in marais with ivy

As a holidaymaker…

What makes this the perfect Paris Stay in Le Marais you ask? It’s the feeling you get when you are there. I immediately felt at home and was so sad to pack up and go. That’s a true sign for me. Not only was it stylish, that’s obvious, but it was unique, personal, and comfortable. It was also the location- close enough to central Paris without feeling touristy. It was my perfect Paris stay, and can be yours too!

Thank you to Plum Guide and the host of Beaming Green for gifting me with a free stay. I always provide an honest review of my impressions and experience. 

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  1. What a luxurious place in such a prime location of Paris. I love the decor and bold colours and that staircase is a work of art in itself. I am not a fan of apartments in general but I like the Parisian ones with their high ceilings, long windows and white walls. Your photos are beautiful they could be featured in a lifestyle magazine.

  2. That’s definitely a beautiful apartment. I would love to stay here. Too bad that there is no air conditioning. Hopefully, they provide tea bags since I also prefer tea over coffee. Thank you for sharing your experience. Will consider this during our future trips as I love the ambiance and the decor.

  3. I’ve never heard of Plum Guide before but will definitely check them out! This place looks amazing – loving the dark green in the furniture. So quintessentially Parisian! I probably would’ve gotten worried in the maze behind the metal gates, but the walk is worth it. I’m glad you can’t hear the city. That’s like my biggest concern staying in a major city like Paris.

    1. When you are inside, you do forget you’re in Paris as it is so quiet from the city noise. Happy to have introduced you to Plum Guide too! You’ll have to check them out when next travelling to Europe.

  4. This must have bee such a positive surprise when you’ve opened the door. I would have been like a kid and at least gone around the place for a good 20 minutes or so awwwing and ooohing. It looks spectacular and very compact use of the space. I love the nook for the bed. Very cosy and intimate. The kitchen has a good size too and I feel invited to cook there. I would love to stay here if I ever make it back to Paris. Thanks for sharing Renee!

    1. This is such a dreamy apartment that feels like home. Yes, definitely staying in and cooking would be a great idea. It’s hard not to dine out with all the amazing restaurants in Paris.

  5. I am totally impressed by the apartment’s design. I can totally see why you loved it at first sight. The way they design the bed looks fabulous. I bet it is comfortable, too. Glad to hear that it is close to many attractions, such as the Museum of Technology, Science & Industry. I would love to visit it.

  6. Truly a stunning apartment, I can certainly see myself enjoying time here. I’m yet to visit Paris. Thank you also for the introduction to the Plum Guide as an alternative option for accommodation.

  7. This Wow! First of all Le Marais…be still my heart. Secondly how perfectly beautiful. The wood counters! The floating stairs! The green velvet! Yes please. I have not educated myself on Plum, but I will absolutely now. As always, a wonderful and educational post.

  8. The studio apartment looks so lovely! I like what they’ve done with the bed, creating a mezanine floor for it. I’m not sure I wouldn’t stumble and fall on those stairs, but I guess the decor of the apartment makes up for it. The modern look with those gorgeous green colours around makes it very special. And that bathroom, just wow! It’s definitely a place I would love to stay when I visit Paris.

  9. What a beautiful place to stay. The decor is stunning & very calming after a busy day exploring the city. It looks like a real sanctuary. And I love staying in more residential areas, they can add a whole other element to your experience in a city, especially one you have visited before. I am definitely going to look up Plum Guides too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I adore the apartment’s décor, especially the color scheme and furnishings. They have style and are appealing! I love how they utilize most of the space while keeping it pleasant and homey. I was captivated by the stairs since they are so cute and well-designed. The property is fantastic, and choosing a place to stay while on vacation is vital, so I must say that you made a great choice!

  11. This place is so adorable and really well furnished. I love the green, and the mix of antique looking furniture and more modern items. That bathtub! What a soak I could have in that. I have many love at first sight moments in Paris but unfortunately accommodation is never one of them. I typically pick convenience and budget over exceptionally unique and fancy. I think next time I go I’m going to treat myself

  12. OMG , this place seems as though it’s from the designer’s studio or magazine. So gorgeous and stylish, and I love the classy interior. The space room looks very comfortable, and how cool that they had the option to get a splashing tub into the restroom. This is my thoughtful spot, with class and all the common luxuries set inside the third arrondissement.

  13. My gosh, this place looks like it’s from the pages of a design magazine! So beautiful and chic, and I love the velvet green seating and French furniture. The loft bedroom looks quite cozy, and how cool that they were able to tuck a soaking tub into the bathroom. This is my kind place, with elegance and all the creature comforts set within the 3rd arrondissement. The only thing more enchanting would be searching out the hidden gardens and squares of Le Marais!

    1. It was my kind of place too. It checked all the boxes and that’s why Plum Guide is known for offering the perfect stay in any of their properties. But have to admit this one was pretty special.

    2. Your stay at the Plum Guide’s Beaming Green rental property is an amazing one with it plush decor with the emerald green standing out with a mix and match of antique items. The studio apartment is luxurious with it’s cute mezzanine bedroom perched on the corner and citrall windows. The kitchen and the bathroom look fabulous too. And being located in one of the prime locations of Le Marais make it so special. I would love to stay here!

  14. Given the fact how terribly expensive Paris is usually, this place looks like a million dollars – and I hope that’s not what it costs. Also, the Marais is a fantastic neighborhood, close to all the cool places and still a pretty cool place itself. I love the old book stores there and of course the street food. Let’s see if I will ever be able to afford a stay in Le Marais 😉

    1. There are lots of different levels of accommodation costs when staying in Paris. It’s important to know your budget and find the best within it. There are lots of affordable properties in Plum Guide that won’t break the bank and what you get in return is reassurance of a great host, safe location, clean and sytlish apartment. You’ll have to give them a try.

  15. You are right, the design looks like it could be straight out of an interior design catalogue.

    The way it is all aranged just makes it look so cosy and unique.

    That bedroom high up over the kitchen makes such good use of the space. The stairs would concern me too- I’d be happier with a handrail to hold onto but I guess that would spoil the asthetic appeal.

    I have never explored the Marais area, even though I’ve walked through it to get to somewhere else. It certainly has more to see than I first thought – I wonder why there is an Anne Frank garden. What’s the connection?

    1. Thank you so much for introducing me to Plum Guide!!! Yes, I would have reacted the same way staying in this gorgeous Beaming Green apartment. I have only used Airbnb once and was terribly disappointed and never used it again. And you convinced me too about Le Marais as the neighborhood of choice!

      1. Plum Guide beats out Airbnb customer service, calibre of properties and so much more. They careful vet the properties and only allow those hosts that will offer something to guests that make for the perfect stay. Happy to have had the chance to introduce you to them.

    2. So glad you like the style of this apartment. The connection of the Anne Frank garden is to pay tribute to the young author herself. It’s in a family friendly area of Paris that was formally Jewish before WWII. They have a clipping of the chestnut tree that Anne used look out onto from her bedroom window in the Netherlands. It’s a peaceful garden and one worth seeking out.

  16. Renee every time you share an article about an accommodation, I feel like selling my house and moving there! What a spectacular property, exquisite and full of good taste. Sounds like a great option for those who want to be not only well settled, but also well located! Absolutly gorgeous.

  17. What a lovely place to stay in while in Paris. I love the floating stairs. And the green color is gorgeous. Thanks for all the tips about the area too.

  18. What a lovely stay and so lucky that you were able to do so for free, although I checked the prices and they weren’t as steep as I imagined for a luxury rental. It absolutely does look like a home you’d see in a magazine 🤩

    I love that green and now I’m going to start referring to it as Paris Green 🙂

    1. I’m glad you had a great trip and I know how the accommodations can make the difference between a good and ba trip. The Beaming Green apartment looks perfect. I love how they’ve mixed antiques and velvet with a modern design. It’s so cozy. What I love the most about it is that it’s away from the touristy areas.

  19. How beautiful is this place! I much prefer reading reviews from post like this! I get so much more than just the reviews on trip advisor. Great captures!

  20. Very cute place for a stay in the 3rd arrondisement! I love cooking whith local ingredients while travelling. The appartment has a good kitchen, but I wonder if the smells go directly up to the small sleeping space?

  21. We are definitely going to have to think about renting an apartment on a visit to Paris. This one in the Le Marais district looks lovely. Although I might have to work on my packing skills in a place with no elevator! That stairway looks a bit challenging for middle of the night bathroom breaks. Good idea to use your phone flashlight. Another great option from the Plum Guide.

  22. I love it! I absolutely love the antique style furnishings. However, when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, I have to go with modern. The modern staircase also was a good space saver.

    1. What a beautiful property. Those antique fixtures take you back to another era in Paris. It sounds like the perfect place to stay if you are travelling alone for a few days in Paris.

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