Are You Asking How Many Days in Valencia Spain is Enough?

Are you ready for a vacation filled with sunshine, culture, and delicious cuisine? Look no further than Valencia, Spain! Valencia is the perfect destination for your European holiday with its fun festivals, stunning architecture, and beautiful beaches.

I know exactly what you will ask next, but how many days in Valencia Spain is enough to experience all this amazing city truly has to offer?

My answer is…as many as you can include in your Spain itinerary! Seriously, this is a destination that I would go to for just a day (if that’s all I had) or I could easily stay a week. If you want the ideal answer, I recommend spending 3 to 4 days in Valencia.

Let me guide you through the ideal length of stay in Valencia based on the type of traveller you are so you can make the most of your time in this Spanish gem.

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How Many Days in Valencia Spain: The Ideal + Summary of Attractions

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I think the ideal number of days to stay in Valencia is three full days. That will give you a good mix of Valencia’s cultural, historical, culinary, and natural attractions.

I’ve included the highlights of Valencia based on the length of your stay as a summary.

I spent 5 days in Valencia, only so I could personally visit almost everything there was to see in the city and still, there were things that I missed or were too rushed. However, for the average holidaymaker, I think 3 days in Valencia is good enough.

But please read on further into the article, as I share more information, as well as helpful tips to plan your visit here, as I think Valencia is worth visiting.

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Sightseeing Sprinter: How Many Days Do I Need in Valencia Spain

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Short Stay (1-2 days)

For the “sightseeing sprinter,” those travellers who like to squeeze every drop of experience from their limited time, Valencia, Spain offers a bit of a challenge as there is a lot to see and do.

Even with just a day or two, here are the sights I recommend adding to your itinerary.

Spending a full day in the Old Town is a must!

Entering Old Town Valencia is like stepping back in time. Dating back over 2000 years, this historical heart of Valencia is full of surprises that is best explored on foot and with a sense of curiosity.

From its ancient gates that once formed part of the city’s defensive walls, to the remains of the ancient walls, to the colourful street art and hidden squares. Every corner of the Old Town has remnants of Roman, Moorish, and medieval influences.

An absolute must in the city centre is the Valencia Cathedral, and climb the Micalet Tower of 207 steep steps to the top for the best views of Valencia (€3). Another must is the UNESCO World Heritage site of La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange) showcasing the city’s rich history as a major silk trading hub. Along with a stop at the central market for a quick bite to eat.

Even its lively public squares, like Plaza de la Virgen, are bound to get you caught up in the joy of its vibrant energy.

For your second day in Valencia, you’ve got to check out the City of Arts and Science. This area of Valencia is futuristic and modern. A complete departure from the Old Town.

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The City of Arts and Sciences is this wonderous innovative marvel that rises like a vision from another world against the backdrop of the beautiful Turia Park (referred to by the locals as Turia River or The River).

Designed by renowned architects Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, this sprawling complex showcases a stunning fusion of innovative architecture and cutting-edge technology in its various buildings like the Felipe Science Museum.

Now that you are somewhat close to the beach, end your day at the beach and a nearby beachfront restaurant serving some of the best paella!

For Families: How Many Days to Stay in Valencia Spain

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Medium Stay (3-4 days)

Valencia is a fantastic destination for families, offering a mix of fun and educational activities for all ages.

I don’t have children, nor do I write for families, but I feel compelled to share just how family-friendly Valencia is.

For families, you could easily extend your holiday to 3 to 5 days as there is much to do.

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Here is the list of activities I think are perfect for families based on my research and seeing how families spend their time in Valencia.

  • Bioparc Valencia is a zoo with natural habitats that make you feel like you’re in Africa. I spoke to locals and they told me it’s one of the best zoos in Europe.
  • The beach is a big draw for families can relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun together.
  • At the City of Arts and Sciences, kids will enjoy the interactive science exhibits at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum or watch shows at the Hemisfèric Planetarium, and marvel at marine life in the Oceanogràfic aquarium, Europe’s largest aquarium.
  • Gulliver’s Park features a giant Gulliver sculpture, complete with slides and climbing ropes for endless fun.
  • Turia River Park is 11km long and full of playgrounds and picnic areas. I recommend renting bikes, not only is fun for your kids, but it allows you to zip around much faster.

Slow Travellers: How Many Days Should I Stay in Valencia Spain

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Long Stay (5+ days)

Spending more time in Valencia allows you to savour each of the activities you choose to add to your Valencia itinerary. It means you get to dive into the city’s great culinary scene with lingering meals at traditional tapas bars and seafood restaurants, sampling Valencia’s famous paella in its birthplace.

For those that have time on their side, you could easily extend your holiday to 5 to 7 days as you can explore Valencia more deeply, but more importantly, you get to enjoy beyond Valencia with some nearby day trips.

You will get to extend your exploration to nearby gems like the picturesque Albufera Natural Park, where boat rides on tranquil lagoons and tasting local rice dishes add layers to your Valencia experience.

Day trips to historic towns like Xàtiva or coastal escapes like Peniscola promise to elevate your Valencia experience.

Valencia has a couple of great neighbourhoods that you’re going to want to explore – Russafa and Eixample which includes Plaça de Bous de València – a bullfighting ring.

Tips to Maximize Your Visit to Valencia

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Las Fallas Festival in Valencia

Visiting Valencia can be a fantastic experience! Here are some tips to help you make the most of the number of days you have in Valencia:

  • Plan According to the Season: Valencia enjoys a Mediterranean climate, so summers can be hot and crowded, while winters are mild. I visited Valencia in early April and the weather was pleasant and with fewer tourists.
  • Explore by Foot or Bike: Valencia is a walkable city with bike-friendly routes, especially along the Turia Gardens. I enjoyed renting a bike for the day and it was a fun and efficient way to explore the city.
  • Museums and Cultural Sites: Many museums and cultural sites in Valencia are closed on Mondays. Some may also have reduced hours on Sundays. Check the official websites to confirm their opening days and hours and plan your trip around those days.
  • Visit Museums and Attractions Early: Popular attractions like the City of Arts and Sciences and the Central Market can get crowded. Visit early in the day to avoid long queues. And for medium and longer stays you may wish to purchase a Valencia tourist card.
  • Timing and Availability: By booking in advance, you can secure tickets for specific time slots or dates, ensuring availability for popular exhibits and tours. This is especially important for getting skip-the-line access saving you time waiting in line.
  • Attend Local Festivals: If your visit coincides with festivals like Las Fallas (March) or La Tomatina (August), embrace the local culture and join in the festivities. However, the city will be impacted by the availability of accommodations and the experience of larger crowds. In some cases, places may closed due to the festivities. Either plan to join in or avoid visiting the city.

As a Holidaymaker

I hope you found this article helpful as you plan for travelling to Valencia Spain.

The next article you will find helpful will be a list of the top attractions in Valencia.

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