The Day Trip From Valencia to Peniscola You NEVER Knew Existed!

Discover the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret and take a day trip from Valencia to Peñíscola Spain!

This gorgeous coastal town, known as the “City in the Sea,” is perfect for those who want to find a place that offers stunning sea views, a laid-back Mediterranean vibe, and a little history. Sign me up!

Out of all the Valencia day trips to choose from, this was my top pick and I’m here to tell you it was the absolute dream day!

My stress-free day (well almost) is thanks to Viator. I’ll share why Peñíscola should be on your travel radar, how to get there, and my unforgettable group tour experience.

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Why Choose Peñíscola?

beach with sea and view of castle and town on cliff on a day trip from valencia to peniscola spain

For starters, it has to be one of the most scenic places I’ve been in Spain!

Image a castle standing atop a rocky promontory, surrounded by the shimmering turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, with white-washed houses cascading down the hill, leading to golden sandy beaches.

It’s a picturesque postcard.

So much so, that I wasn’t the only one who was inspired by this view. I sat and watched this painter capture the perfect view.

beach with man painting the scenery of castle by sea on a day trip from valencia to peniscola

Peñíscola’s history is as enticing as its scenery.

The town’s iconic castle, Castillo de Peñíscola, was built by the Knights Templar in the 13th century and later became the residence of the antipope Benedict XIII. It’s a big draw for Game of Thrones fans.

But the best reason to come here is its relaxing vibes. Wander the winding streets, enjoy some delicious paella, find a patio with a view and watch the world go by.

Visiting Peñíscola was the highlight of my trip to Spain, and I got to visit some amazing places.

How to Get from Valencia to Peñíscola

sign reading peniscola at beach

Getting from Valencia to Peñíscola takes about 90 minutes by car or bus.

Deciding to join a group tour to Peñíscola was one of the best travel decisions I’ve made. It meant I didn’t have to worry about transportation or planning.

The tour I did was called “From Valencia: Game of Thrones Day Tour in Peniscola”. Choose from VIATOR or GET YOUR GUIDE (it’s the exact tour, same price). ⭐️ RATING: 4.8/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH:  8.5 hours

Since Peñíscola sits on a rock, the only way to reach it is by walking up the town’s winding streets. And, these are streets you won’t mind getting lost in (which I have done multiple times).

About the Peñíscola Tour

My guide would stop every few steps to share an interesting tidbit and allow us to take some pictures.

One of the interesting places we stopped at was called Casa de las Conchas or House of Shells. Thousands of seashells are fixed to this unique 16th-century house.

Next, we popped into the Museu de la Mar, a very tiny Maritime Museum. There’s not a lot to see here, but it is a scenic spot along the sea wall with a replica cannon where it was once a strategic military outpost.

The highlight of Peñíscola, and this tour, is the imposing Castillo de Peñíscola. Unfortunately, the day we visited, it was unexpectedly closed for renovations, a surprise even to our guide.

With quick thinking, she improvised, leading us around the castle’s exterior while narrating its history and vividly describing the interiors we couldn’t see.

castle on day trips from valencia spain

Next, she took us to El Parc d’Artilleria, included in the castle tour price. This stunning garden not only offers more stunning views but also serves as the castle’s former military complex, featuring cannons, bunkers, and other remnants of Peñíscola’s defensive past, which she explained in great detail.

Afterwards, we had three hours of free time, which I welcomed eagerly. I couldn’t wait to explore this beautiful town on my own. As an optional part of the tour, you could opt for a paid lunch, but I knew I wanted to choose my own restaurant and also wanted as much free time as I could.

Peñíscola has so many restaurants, so finding one was no challenge. I had a craving for paella, a dish usually served in portions for two, which can be disappointing for solo travellers like me. What drew me to my chosen restaurant (Taberna La Copla) was the owner’s assurance that he could accommodate me, not to mention it was a on cute little street. Finally, I had the opportunity to savour this famous Valencian dish, and it didn’t disappoint—it was absolutely delicious!

Next, I needed to walk off my lunch and that was my favourite part. I intentionally got lost several times and fell in love with every new corner I uncovered in this maze of streets. I found a stunning terrace and enjoyed a cocktail (Boca) with again incredible views).

Before meeting up with the group to go back to Valencia I went to Bufadero Marino which is a blowhole, which is a natural rock formation that creates a geyser-like effect when waves crash against it. Be prepared to get a little mist on you!

As a Holidaymaker

I do hope I convinced you that Peñíscola is worth the day trip from Valencia. I had an unforgettable day full of charm, history and stunning views.

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