17 Photos to inspire you to visit Queralbs Spain

Mountain villages offer some of the most breathtaking scenery. The mountain peaks and valleys. The fresh clean air and scent of pine trees, all while hearing nothing but the serene sound of bird songs and wind blowing. That idyllic atmosphere is exactly what you’ll find in Queralbs Spain.

I stumbled upon Queralbs, and was I ever glad I did.

As part of a group tour, from Lisbon to go hiking in the Pyrenees at a place called Vall de Nuria, Queralbs was where we caught the rack train to go up the mountain. As soon as I saw this village I just knew I needed to explore it. It’s just that beautiful. And, now I get to share it with you!

In no particular order, here are 17 photos to inspire you to visit this perfect mountain village. 

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17 Photos of Queralbs Spain

1 and 2 – Village Life

This sleepy alpine village is home to less than 200 people who live here year-round. What makes it striking is all the buildings are made of local stone and wood accents.

This pedestrian-only village doesn’t allow cars to pass on the Font del Raig- a fountain that captures the mountain water at the end of a basin.

3, 4, 5, and 6 – Panoramic Views

This village lies in the Pyrenees at an elevation of 1,236 m at the base of the Catalan Pyrenees mountains.

With uninterrupted views – to the north of Ribes de Freser, near the peaks of Puigmal (2,909 m), Infern (2,896 m), and Noufonts (2,864 m).

It’s an incredible sight, as this Spanish village clings to the side of the mountain with nothing but views of the mountain range.

From here look for the remaining historic walls of Castell de Queralbs- an ancient castle.

Photos to inspire you to visit Queralbs in Spain www.DreamPlanExperience.com

7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 – Rose Gardens

Everything is coming up roses! Roses can be found everywhere in this village- on balconies, climbing up the stone walls. In pretty shades of red and pink.

12 – The View Point

Head to the large viewpoint as you approach the village around the back of the buildings is where you’ll find a large stone wall.

Photos to inspire you to visit Queralbs in Spain www.DreamPlanExperience.com

13 – Lazy Village Cat

This village cat followed me around the entire village, almost like my tour guide. If you look closely, you’ll find him in some more photos.

Photos to inspire you to visit Queralbs in Spain www.DreamPlanExperience.com

14, 15, 16 and 17- Historic Site

At the end of the village, you’ll come to this ancient church called Sant Jaume with its six-arch portico and marble columns. This 10th-century Romanesque church is one of two historic sites remaining in this 1,000-year-old village.

The church bells still ring out on the hour and echo throughout the village – ding, dang, dong.

Photos to inspire you to visit Queralbs in Spain www.DreamPlanExperience.com
Photos to inspire you to visit Queralbs in Spain | www.DreamPlanExperience.com


Where is Queralbs?

Queralbs is located 2 hours directly north of Barcelona. It lies in the most iconic valley of the Catalan Pyrenees mountains near the Spain-French border.

How to get to Queralbs?

The best way to get to here is by car. From Barcelona, it is 130 km and takes about 2 hours from C-17 highway.

What is there to do in Queralbs?

1. Visit the 10th-century Romanesque church
2. Admire the scenic views of the Catalan Pyrenees mountains
3. Wander the tiny alpine village
4. Hike up the old pilgrim’s road to Vall de Nuria
5. Take the rack rail to Vall de Núria
6. Visit Salt del Grill – a beautiful waterfall and hidden gem nearby to Queralbs

What is Queralbs known for?

It’s best known as the last stop you can drive to before venturing off to ski in the winter and hike in the summer. From here, catch the rack railway to Vall de Núria from the Queralbs train station.

When is the best time to visit Queralbs?

The most popular times to visit are in the winter for skiing and summer for hiking. Due to its elevation, Queralbs weather is much cooler than the rest of Spain with average temperatures of 2-7 °C/35-45 °F from November to April and 10-18 °C/50-74 °F from May to October.

What are the best restaurants in Queralbs?

There are only 3 restaurants El Racó de Cal Litus (Tapas bar), Bar Xix (pub food), and Francesc Torner Ribas (cocktail lounge).

Where to stay in Queralbs

Seeing this is a popular destination for hiking and skiing, there are surprisingly few options to stay in right in this tiny village.

To find the right accommodations for you, click here, to start your search.

This would make for a peaceful, remote getaway to enjoy such incredible scenery and activities of skiing and hiking in nearby Vall de Nuria Spain.

As a Holidaymaker

Stop, and explore this charming mountain village. You are immediately awe-struck by the serene picturesque views that every stone chalet enjoys. The perfect hidden gem in Spain!