White sandy beaches, bright blue water, and pretty pink sunsets can be found right here in Ontario. Yes, that’s right…Ontario! The lakeshore of Bruce County, in western Ontario, is where you will find this Lake Huron beauty. Plan your next vacation here. I’ve found some of the best Airbnb properties to stay in near Sauble Beach.

In this area of Ontario, you’ll find little small-town charm mixed with a relaxed beachy vibe. Communities like Kincardine, Port Elgin, Southampton and Sauble Beach are becoming the new hot spot for a dreamy staycation. Oh, and did I mention it’s less than three hours away from Toronto? With 11 km of pristine white sand, Sauble Beach, is the second longest freshwater beach in the world, right after Wasaga Beach near Collingwood.

Best Sauble Beach Airbnb Rentals

Sauble Alpine Chalet

Photo credit: Sauble Alpine Chalet Airbnb site

Why not stay in this gorgeous post and beam chalet just steps from the beach? This architectural house sits in a quiet cul de sac neighbourhood. Perfect for those family stay where you are looking for all the space, style and comforts of home. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Sauble Beach, a short walk to the quiet North Shore beach
  • Average price $300/night
  • 3 bedrooms | 2 bath
  • Not dog friendly
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The Amabel Beach House

Photo credit: The Amabel Beach House Airbnb site

As if torn from the page of a home décor magazine, why not stay in this highly stylized beach house? This renovated cottage, featured in House & Home magazine, makes for the perfect couple or girlfriend’s getaway. It has everything you need for the perfect indoor and outdoor entertaining experience. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Sauble Beach, just steps from the beach
  • $175/night
  • 2 bedrooms | 1 bath
  • Not dog friendly
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Mid-century Bungalow

Photo credit: Mid-century Bungalow Airbnb site

Why not stay in a mid-century-style bungalow? This small architectural gem has been renovated with touches of mid-century design throughout. The best part, it sits right across from the beach. Perfect for a couple’s stay. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Sauble Beach, directly across the street from the beach
  • Price: $300/night
  • 3 bedrooms | 1 bath
  • Not dog friendly
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The Hampton House

Photo credit: The Hampton House Airbnb site

Looking to stay at a Cape Cod-style home? This lovely historic home has been recently updated to accommodate your next family stay. Lots of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a hot tub – perfect for unwinding after a busy day at the beach. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Southhampton, a short walk to the beach
  • Price: $400/night
  • 3 bedrooms | 2.5 bath
  • Not dog friendly
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The Summer House

Photo credit: The Summer House Airbnb site

Are you looking to stay in a dreamy beach house? This perfect boutique house has been professionally decorated and is absolutely swoon-worthy. How can you not love this all-white interior with touches of pink and tan? This boho chic is perfect for a couple’s or girlfriend’s getaway. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Southampton, less than 10 minute’s walk to the beach
  • Price: $475/night
  • 3 bedrooms | 1.5 bath
  • Not dog friendly
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The Boho Cove

Photo credit: The Boho Cove Airbnb site

Are you looking for a cozy couple’s getaway? This boho-styled cottage may be tiny in size, but it’s big in style. One of the highlights of this cottage – is a large ensuite bathroom. This cozy place is perfect for a relaxing weekend for two! 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Port Elgin, a short walk to the waterfront
  • Price: $245/night
  • 1 bedroom | 1 bath
  • Not dog friendly 
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Mid-century Cottage

Why not stay in an architectural gem with serene river views? This cottage sits where Little Sauble river intersects with Inverhuron Bay. It is located amidst a unique dune ecology and is steps from Inverhuron Provincial Park. Perfect for a couple’s stay.

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Kincardine, riverfront views
  • Price: $220/night
  • 2 bedrooms | 1 bathroom
  • Not dog friendly
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Best Day Trips from Sauble Beach

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As a holidaymaker…

The communities of Kincardine, Port Elgin, South Hampton and Sauble Beach are a blended mix of the part retirement community and part surfer beach vibe. That welcoming mix makes this destination perfect for families, friends and couples of all ages. The nearby MacGregor and Inverhuron Provincial parks offer visitors endless trails for hiking and biking, as well as, spectacular coastal sand dune beaches. 

I hope this list has inspired you to book one of these amazing Airbnb properties for your next dream beach escape right here in Ontario. 

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  1. They all look stylish, like coming out from the magazine. My favorite is The Amabel Beach House. It looks so cozy and great for a rest after the day at the beach. The bed in Boho Cove looks comfortable. I think I want to have my breakfast in bed there.

  2. All these beach houses stays look fantastic. I was especially drawn to the Summer House. I’m a huge fan of anything boho style and the Summer House had the most interesting color combination of pink and tan. The price point isn’t bad if you stay with friends and split the cost 🙂

    1. We have some amazing beaches, and hold the title for the world’s longest freshwater beach. You’ll have to come to Canada and explore!

  3. Oh my! We loved visiting Sauble Beach and the nearby Sauble Falls last summer on a day trip and I remember thinking back then that this place would make for such a perfect weekend getaway. The properties highlighted in your post look ideal for a comfortable stay with easy access to the beach and even to the provincial park.

    1. I loved visiting this area too, and maybe it’s a little longing for the warm sunshine, but agree this is a fantastic area for a weekend getaway for that beach holiday.

  4. We will definitely need to check out Sauble Beach when we can head out again. A good getaway from Toronto. I definitely love that these options give you easy access to the beach. And there is such variety in the offerings. Hopefully we will get there this year.

    1. These rentals are all so lovely and just what you’d hope for in beach accommodation. It looks like such a relaxing area too.

  5. Sauble Beach looks like such a relaxing and calm community to visit! I would love to see more of Canada when borders reopen and I’ll definitely keep Ontario in mind. I love that you include a range of prices in your listings. I’m really drawn to how cozy The Amabel Beach House looks!

  6. Bruce County looks so pretty. What great properties. They all look really nice but I like how bright the Alpine chalet is. And how close they all are from the beach is really great, perfect for a summer trip

    1. You can’t go wrong with this area of the province, it has a little mix of everything – beaches, small town charm, gorgeous Lake Huron and its incredible sunsets.

      1. Just gorgeous! I wish I could stay in one all the time, especially the alpine chalet. Being that close to nature with a wide window view, great stuff.

    1. I could spend all day looking for gorgeous properties!!! But seriously, dreamy indeed, and one of my favourites.

  7. Oooh you picked out some fab and cozy options. I love the decor of the Mid-century Bungalow, as well as the Boho Cove one. Staying at Sauble Beach sounds like a perfect mini escape. I hope we’ll all be able to travel by the summer so we can have some beach time!

    1. Thanks Josy! Airbnbs have opened up for local travellers – so us Torontonians get to make this their staycation holidays for this year.

  8. Ah, like I needed any more reasons to go to Canada!
    Hopefully, the world opens up soon, so we can go and enjoy some nice beach vacations… The Hampton house looks perfect for my little family!

  9. I have been doing this all weekend, looking for suitable AirBNBs for my vacations for the second half of the year (hoping that the UK can travel to our friends in the EU zone this summer after Covid calms down a bit). I find that instead of looking for a stay, I am actually looking at Air BnB photos, seeing what the owners have done with their properties and using their ideas for decor/furnishings at home. Does anyone else do that with AirBnb? With these accommodations, I love anything white, open and airy with a huge garden or a terrace if its by the sea, and something cosy, antique and chick if staying in the mountains or in the countryside. Out of all these (and I do have to head to Bruce Country one day as I just found out I got family in the area), I like the Sable Alpine Chalet, its spacious, looks to the outside beautifully and its kinda in my price range as I would have a few people with me. I also like the beach house. A few options for me to consider if I get to the area, probably not this year but next. Great list here.

    1. Thank you Danik for your wonderfully thoughtful comment. That’s fantastic that you have family in the area, all the more reason to come to this part of Ontario!

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