After a long global pause on travel in 2020, some of us are just itching to get back out there. Travellers, more than ever before, will want to discover those special places. Places that offer a unique, authentic, remote experience. Places that only the locals know about.

You know the ones, the bucket list travel places.

This is the second year I have teamed up with my fellow travel bloggers to put together a list that features 20 of the Top Travel Places worthy of adding to your bucket list. The list covers everything from Antarctica to Brazil to Lithuania to South Africa. This geographically diverse range of places is in alphabetical order by country, starting with Antarctica and ending with the USA.  

20 Best Travel Places for your Bucketlist


Antarctica, the ice continent, is one of the most unique places on the planet. Travelling to Antarctica means that you’ll be surrounded by snow-capped mountains and adorable penguins instead of the tourist crowds. 

Antarctica, water with whales

Recommended by: Pamela of The Directionally Challenged Traveler

Approximately only 10,000 people visit Antarctica every year – making it the ultimate bucket list destination. Most people visit Antarctica by taking an expedition cruise (capped at 500 people total) from Argentina, across the Drake Passage. The ship is your home as you cruise by sea ice and icebergs. Be sure to keep an eye on the horizon for the blowhole of a minke or humpback whale. It’s easy to feel like you’re on another planet when visiting. 

Enjoy kayaking by seals, learning about geology, taking a polar plunge, or even go camping on the ice! Antarctica is the place to go for an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.   

El Chaltén, Argentina

El Chaltén is a village located in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. It is dubbed Argentina’s trekking capital with tons of hikes to choose from. It’s easily one of the best places to visit in Argentina that is often overlooked.

El Chaltén mountains and river

Recommended by: Lindsey Puls of Have Clothes, Will Travel 

El Chaltén itself is just over 1,000 people but has some cute bars, restaurants, and hostels. This small village has little to no cell phone reception, or banks and only one ATM that rarely works. (So, be sure to bring cash!) It’s very much a place geared toward hikers and backpackers.

The main reason people travel to El Chaltén is to see Mount Fitz Roy. The mountain is used in the Patagonia clothing company logo. Now, you can actually climb Mount Fitz Roy, but it’s known to be one of the hardest peaks to climb on the planet.

There are many easier treks in El Chaltén, though, that offer spectacular views of Mount Fitz Roy and the area. The Laguna Capri trek of about two hours is especially popular and easy to do. It takes you to a viewpoint overlooking a lagoon of beautiful blue waters and Mount Fitz Roy. 

Cradle Mountain, Australia

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia is a magical place to reconnect with nature and find solitude away from the stresses of everyday life. Cradle Mountain National Park has the most beautiful scenery, amazing walking trails, mountains to climb, glacial lakes to discover and ancient rainforests to explore.

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia

Recommended by: Angela of Where Angie Wanders

Of course, plenty of animal encounters are also guaranteed and to see wallabies, pademelons, possums, echidnas and the elusive wombat (we saw one from a distance!) in their natural habitat just fills you with joy and excitement. It is in Cradle Mountain that you can also have an encounter with a Tasmanian Devil, the island’s namesake, and learn more about these endangered creatures.

 If you enjoy hiking, then the 6 km Dove Lake circuit is a must. A boardwalk will take you much of the way around the lake through vegetation, down to lakeside beaches, up through a petrified forest and all in the shadow of the mighty Cradle Mountain.

And after a day of exploring head back to one of the forest lodges that are scattered around the National Park and enjoy a stay in the exceptional natural beauty of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area at Cradle Mountain.

Gippsland, Australia

Gippsland in Victoria Australia would have to be one of the biggest hidden gems on the planet. A massive area that not many people know about stretches from just out of Melbourne to the New South Wales border. From mighty rivers to sweeping plains, from pristine beaches to rugged Aussie bush, it doesn’t just have something for everyone, Gippsland has it all.

Gippsland in Victoria Australia with lakes

Recommended by: Bec of Travels in Gippsland

Not only does Gippsland have some of the most beautiful diverse scenery in Australia, it has some of the best fresh produce as well. Foodies can get their fix here with fresh delights made by local growers from local products as well as wineries and craft beers.

Native animals are in abundance in many of the national parks around Gippsland as well as other spots too. On Raymond Island you can see Koalas in their natural habitat for free, on Phillip Island you can see the penguins come back to their burrows every night and a species of Dolphin native to the Gippsland Lakes. 

All around Gippsland are relics from the past as well. Mighty wooden trestle bridges are a reminder of the past and there are many small goldfield towns that have so many stories to tell. There are also many places where you can learn about the Gunaikurnai people, the traditional owners of Gippsland and how they lived here before the area was colonized.

Florianopolis, Brazil

While Florianopolis is at the top of southeastern Brazilians’ go-to places for carnival and new year’s eve, most international tourists still don’t know this little paradise. Famous for its incredible beaches, Floripa is Santa Catarina’s capital, one of the southernmost Brazilian states. 

Florianopolis ocean and beach

Recommended by: Bruna of I Heart Brazil

The city is located on Santa Catarina island, which is just off the coast of Brazil and is surrounded by natural spots. From secluded beaches to lagoons to countless hiking trails, Florianopolis is one of those dream destinations you don’t wanna leave behind. It has all kinds of beaches for families and party animals alike. 

Beyond that, the island also has lovely urban centers in all four corners. These centers have excellent restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, museums, and more! There are even fortresses and colonial architecture spots to deepen your understanding of Brazilian culture. It’s the perfect city to escape the crowds while enjoying some of the best aspects of Brazil. 

Easter Island, Chile

Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, far from any landmass, Easter Island’s remote location puts it out of reach for many travellers. But those who make the journey are rewarded with fascinating ancient sites and a pleasantly uncrowded, relaxed atmosphere.

green grass and rolling hills in chile

Recommended by: Rhonda of Travel Yes Please

Easter Island is most famous for the monumental stone head statues, called moai, that are scattered across the island. The statues can be seen standing atop ceremonial platforms at several sites and, most interestingly, at the quarry where they were produced (some can be seen partially carved in the bedrock).

In addition to looking at the mysterious moai, there are plenty more things to do in Easter Island for travellers. There are some secluded beaches and caves, an extinct volcano where you can walk along the crater’s rim, a cliff-top ceremonial village, and one of the richest collections of petroglyphs in Polynesia. There are also opportunities to learn about the local Rapa Nui culture.

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Everybody in the Czech Republic knows Olomouc as one of the most charming cities in the country. Abroad, it’s virtually unknown.

old town in czech republic

Recommended by: Veronika Primm of Travel Geekery

Olomouc is the 6th largest Czech city, but it maintains a small-town feel. Its historical city center is especially magical, with a UNESCO-listed Holy Trinity column, a beautiful city hall with an astronomical clock and a series of baroque fountains. The architecture is truly stunning. A short walk to the majestic Cathedral of St. Wenceslas reveals the historical origins of the city, where Olomouc Castle was located.

Olomouc is also known for its greenery. Large parks encircle the whole center and there are famous gardening exhibitions held four times a year known as Flora Olomouc.

The second oldest university in the Czech Republic is located in Olomouc and thanks to its high number of students the city has a lovely young vibe. There are plenty of cafés, street art is celebrated and there’s always something fun going on. Czechs flock to Olomouc during the Christmas season, as it features one of the prettiest Christmas markets in the country.

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Jutland, Denmark

Most visitors in Denmark go to Copenhagen, for good reason, but don’t miss out on visiting Jutland! It’s the mainland region of Denmark, and it has so many amazing towns. Aarhus is the largest city in Jutland, and it has quaint historic streets, a contemporary art museum with a rainbow you can walk through, pedestrian shopping streets, and beautiful beaches. Aarhus is a great base to stay in Jutland to take day trips to smaller towns.

Jutland! colourful houses and cobblestone street

Recommended by: Julia of Through Julia’s Lens

Here are some suggested day trips:

  • Ebeltoft with its quaint cobblestone streets and colourful houses. It’s right on the water, so you can go swimming or sailing.
  • If you like history, you can’t miss Jelling and Ribe! Jelling was the royal seat of the first kings of Denmark, and it’s home to the most famous Viking rune stones. Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark, and it has a cathedral that dates back to 1100.
  • Silkeborg is the Outdoor Capital of Denmark, so if you’re looking for a place to go kayaking or just walk along a river, Silkeborg is for you. It also has a beautiful downtown area to walk around.
  • Skagen is the northernmost point in Denmark, and it’s where the two seas meet. You also can’t miss the Sand Covered Church and migrating sand dunes.

So when you go to Denmark, definitely visit Copenhagen, but don’t miss out on what Jutland has to offer!

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is located in north-eastern France in the Alsace region close to both the German and Swiss border. Strasbourg has been both French and German numerous times throughout history making for an amazing culture. You will definitely see a strong German influence but Strasbourg is certainly French through and through. 

Strasbourg buildings  with river

Recommended by: Mark Wyld of Wyld Family Travel

Today Strasbourg is home to the European Parliament, one of the grandest cathedrals in Europe, a canal system that is only second to Venice, and an old town full of cobblestones, museums and palaces. The famous Petite France area of the city with its colourful wooden building woos visitors from the world over.  The world-famous Alsace wine route is an easy accessed from Strasbourg. Some of the world’s best wine and artisan foods await you. Speaking of food, make sure you try the Flamkuseen which is a French / German style region pastry topped with bacon and onions.

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Paros, Greece

A great place that is not well known to a lot of people is the Greek island of Paros. If you are looking for a beautiful place, then Paros should be top of your list! The island is part of the Cyclades islands and is easily accessible from more popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

harbour with boats

Recommended by: Dymphe of Dymabroad

Paros has many picturesque towns that are great examples of Greek architecture and culture. One of these towns is Lefkes. There are only 500 people living there but offers so much to see and do. There are beautiful blue and white houses with pink flowers. Furthermore, there are many stunning churches in this small town.

Besides Lefkes, you should also visit Naoussa. This is one of the prettiest villages in Greece! The tiny streets and all the little houses are amazing. Furthermore, there is a picturesque port with small fishing boats and lots of great places for dinner. There is so much to discover and to do in Paros.

Curonian Spit, Lithuania

The Curonian Spit is a peninsula on the Baltic coast of Lithuania. It’s the perfect place to escape the crowds and explore a region that is not well-known by other travellers.

Curonian Spit. beach

Recommended by: Daniel and Ilona of Top Travel Sights

You can find lots of things to do on the Curonian Spit, but the best place to start is in Nida, close to the Russian border. Here, you can climb to the top of Parnidis Dune, which is one of the highest on the peninsula. From its top, you have a fantastic view of sand dunes and forest stretching out below you, with the lagoon to your left and the Baltic Sea to your right.

Nida itself is perfect for catching a glimpse of the unique way of life on the Curonian Spit. Take a walk through the village and admire the blue houses or head into the Fisherman’s Ethnographic Homestead. We also recommend the Curonian Spit History Museum to learn more about the region.

If you have more than one day, check out Judokrante, another traditional village on the Curonian Spit. Or relax at one of the many beaches that line the peninsula.

The Catlins, New Zealand

Located in the most southern pocket of New Zealand’s South Island, the Catlins is a beautiful off-the-beaten-track location, famous for its incredible waterfalls. But there are many other Catlin attractions such as wildlife spotting, remote beaches and lighthouses.

waterfall in new zealand

Recommended by: Jennifer Parkes of Backyard Travel Family

The best Catlin waterfalls are Purakaunui Falls and McLean Falls. Both are short walks meaning they are easily accessible to most people and are absolutely stunning after a good rain. If the weather is clear though, you must head to Purakaunui Bay. At the end of a windy gravel road is an incredible beach that can only be accessed across the estuary. Surrounded by a cliff, it is a stunning sight where you can even camp for a reasonable cost.

What makes the Catlins unique is that it is still a holiday from yesteryear. Not overrun by tourists, and no hotels in sight, in fact, accommodations are low key and retro holiday homes are prevalent. The lack of tourist traffics means it’s a great spot for wildlife viewing. In the Catlins you are likely to find little blue penguins, a variety of birdlife, seals and sea lions and if you are lucky a dolphin or whale off the coast.  

A beautiful part of New Zealand that will make you feel like you are a classic kiwi holidaymaker.

Ohrid, North Macedonia

Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia is a special non-touristy destination that needs to be added to your Balkan bucket list. Locals recommend this lakeside destination.

Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia with building and water

Recommended by: Erin of Curiously Erin

The town of Ohrid is a tranquil and historic getaway to a stunning lakeside town with beautiful dining options and the best part – everything is extremely budget-friendly. Due to its undiscovered nature, you can find 4-star accommodations with lake views at an incredibly low cost. Enjoy a short stroll down to the waterfront and enjoy drinks and dining on decks that extend out over the lake. One of the specialties you need to try is the local fish endemic to the region.

While there is plenty to do in Ohrid, those of you who are history buffs will never run out of places to visit. You’ll love the ancient amphitheatre overlooking the water and touring what remains of the original 365 churches. Ohrid was once known to have a church every day of the year. A couple of highlights are the 13th-century Saint Jovan Kaneo Monastery, St. Clement’s and St. Naum’s Monastery. Combine St Naum’s Monastery with a scenic boat ride across the lake and a visit to the natural hot springs.

Svalbard, Norway

The spectacular Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is a bucket list destination. This land belongs to Norway, but it is the polar bears who run things there, outnumber the human residents calling Svalbard home.

Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. northern lights

Recommended by: Megan of Megan & Aram Travel Blog

What makes Svalbard so fantastic to visit is that you can head there in any season and witness the magic of the Arctic, a land rapidly disappearing.  During the winters, you can take a snowmobiling trip across the tundra to Barentsburg or wait for the elusive Svalbard northern lights to come out and dance.

In springtime, you will have more daylight and this is the best season to see a polar bear.  Summers are for hiking and wildlife spotting.  And autumns are a transitional season where the landscapes begin preparing for the long and dark winter ahead.

There is something for everyone that is visiting Svalbard and it is most certainly one of the best places to travel to.

Alba Iulia, Romania

Alba Iulia is a citadel city in Transylvania in the northwest of Romania. The city is located on the main international train line from Bucharest to Vienna, thus a great Interrail stop. The main part of the city is located inside Alba Carolina Citadel. This is a very big fortress which happens to be one of the seven wonders of Romania. The current structure was built by the Hapsburgs in the 16th century on the site of a Roman fortification.

Alba Iulia is a citadel city in Transylvania large fortress

Recommended by: RJ of RJ On Tour

The fortress’s defensive walls are still intact and very well restored, you can walk through the moat which is now home to many restaurants. Alba Carolina citadel is in the shape of a star and has some fantastic gates to enter at each point of the star.

Alba Carolina citadel is home to two cathedrals, one Roman Catholic and the other Orthodox. The orthodox Coronation Cathedral was built to celebrate the unification of Romania after WWI. The citadel is full of history in terms of architecture, roman ruins and fascinating history. Many festivals take place here including a celebration of Great Union Day on 1st December each year.

Isle of Mull, Scotland

Located on the western coast of Scotland, the Isle of Mull is the fourth largest island in Britain. To get a beach vibe, head to Calgary Bay, one of the finest beaches in Scotland. 

lake in scotland

Recommended by: Anuradha from Country Hopping Couple

There’s only one Munro (mountains in Scotland that are more than 3,000 feet high) on the Isle of Mull, and it wouldn’t be fair if you don’t climb Ben More. Hike to one of the many panoramic viewpoints, laze on a hidden beach or walk along the myriad lochs – one is spoilt with choices when it comes to hiking.  

The Isle of Mull is also a haven for wildlife and adventures. You can spot golden eagles, otters, seals, and even dolphins! There are many tour operators that run regular wildlife and photography tours that usually begin from Tobermory.  

Peppered with beautiful towns and villages, stunning mountains and incredible wildlife, Isle of Mull is a complete package. There are plenty of things to do on Isle of Mull to keep you occupied for a couple of weeks. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa and a fantastic place to travel to. Located on the spectacular Atlantic Ocean coastline, surrounded by the stunning mountain range and picturesque vineyards, Cape Town has a great variety of things to do for any traveller.

Cape Town mountains

Recommended by: Alya of Stingy Nomads

The city is famous for its natural attractions. Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Cape Peninsula, Boulders Beach, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, and Cape Winelands are some of the top attractions here. Cape Town is a perfect place to travel for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, kitesurfing, diving, cycling, etc. Its location and landscape create a unique environment for practicing these sports within the city.

Outdoor activities are not the only reason to visit Cape Town. The city’s well-known for its great local wines and excellent fine dining. Several wine routes around Cape Town offer an amazing wine-tasting experience. Many wine farms have world-class restaurants. The most beautiful wine areas are Constantia, Stellenbosch, and Franschhoek.

Diverse wildlife is another reason to travel to Cape Town. Within a couple of hours from the city center, you can see penguins, seals, whales, elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes, and many other land and marine animals. 

Jokkmokk, Sweden

Tourism to the arctic region is getting increasingly popular. Yet Jokkmokk in Sweden is still overlooked by tourists, despite the fact that it is considered to be the cultural capital of Swedish Lapland. Located just above the arctic circle it is the perfect destination in northern Sweden and has a range of outdoor activities year-round. 

lake shaped like heart in Jokkmokk in Sweden

Recommended by: Ellis of Backpack Adventures

Jokkmokk might be a small town, but it has been a natural meeting place for the Sami people for centuries. The Sami were nomadic reindeer herders that roamed through the arctic in an area that includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Although their lifestyle is threatened in many places, it is still very much alive in Jokkmokk. 

Jokkmokk is the only place in Sweden where there is a college for reindeer husbandry using the native language. The local Ajtte museum has excellent exhibitions about the history and culture of the Sami. As well as a great restaurant where you can try local delicacies such as reindeer meat and cloudberries with ice cream. 

Besides culture, Jokkmokk is also a great destination for those that love nature. It is the gateway to no less than four national parks. In winter you can go dog sledding or snowmobiling and in summer it’s a hikers’ paradise with easy treks and challenging long-distance hiking trails. 

Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom

The Isles of Scilly are part of the UK but are located in the Atlantic Ocean, some 28 miles from mainland England. Thanks to this isolation, the islands are very much off the beaten track with just a handful of “in the know” people who visit each year. It’s not possible to bring a car to the islands and there is a limited supply of places to stay.

beach in Isles of Scilly

Recommended by: Annabel of Smudged Postcards

Scilly Isles family holidays are delightful. There’s virtually no crime on the islands so children can have freedom and independence which has been lost elsewhere. Most places are reachable by foot, bike or boat – few people use a car.

If you are lucky enough to visit the Scilly Isles you’re in for a treat. Even in the middle of August, you can find big empty sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise sea. There’s a good range of water sports available – stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming with seals are all popular. There are some excellent restaurants on the Isles of Scilly – beachfront cafes serving fresh fish and characterful old stone inns for a slap-up meal. Everyone is friendly and most visitors return each year having discovered such a perfect holiday destination.

Hudson Valley, USA

New York City may get all the attention, but although the nearby Hudson Valley is less known, it is no less worth visiting. 

Hudson's Valley with lake and house

Recommended by: James Ian of Travel Collecting

The valley, which extends either side of the scenic Hudson River from NYC to Albany, is well known as a great place for hiking, and there are dozens of amazing hikes you can do in the Hudson Valley.  Top spots include Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park.  There are waterfalls, lakes, huge boulders, overlooks with views of the valley, and beautiful woodlands. 

The river itself is a major attraction and a scenic cruise from Kingston is a great way to see some of the river lighthouses, surrounding forest and historic homes.  This area was the summer playground of wealthy New Yorkers in the gilded age and there are several historic mansions, with huge riverfront grounds, that you can visit.  Highlights include the Vanderbilt Mansion and Livingstone Manor. 

There are plenty of historic villages, including Hudson, which is great for antiquing; Kingston, which was the first capital of New York; and Saugerties, where there is a lighthouse you can actually spend the night in! The area is also well known for agritourism, and there are plenty of farms to pick fruit, eat pizza and sample local cider.

As a holidaymaker…

Travel is a gift and a privilege. We especially know that now. When we start to travel again, we will appreciate the experience a whole lot more. We will be much more thoughtful about where we go and how we choose to support the local community. Hopefully, this list has inspired you. 

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  1. Even though we are not travelling internationally yet, we continue to add new spots to our travel wish list. Especially places outside Canada. Antarctica is high on the list and we are hoping for 2023. At that time we would like to go back to South America and see more of Argentina. A Greek Island cruise is right up there for a long wander by ferry from island to island. Here’s hoping 2022 is a better year.

  2. I love that you chose a great mix of lesser-known destinations for this post! Living in Brazil as an expat right now, I can confirm that Florianópolis is highly recommended by people here. It looks like such a beautiful, pristine city that isn’t overly commercialized! I’m also very interested in Cape Town and have that on my travel wish list for the decade, too!

    1. I’m so glad you would also recommend Florianopolis as a hidden gem in Brazil. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Interesting that only one place in the U.S. made this list and it was just Hudson Valley. As an avid backpacker & hiker it is probably my least favorite part of the U.S. but to each their own I guess.

    Now as for the rest of the list, I was very excited to see El Chaltén near Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina heading the list. How cool is it to see Mount Fritz Roy while wearing some Patagonia fleece sweater or something. It is kind of like eating a Toberlone while hiking the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Also loved that you had Easter Island on the list too. Such a cool and bizarre story.

    I showed the list to Darcee, my wife, and she, and she immediately said Jutland, Denmark and Strasbourg, France were on her list for this year. You can tell we travel differently somewhat!

    1. Thanks Eric for your comment. I’m glad you found some inspiration with parts of the list. And you’re right it would seem that you and your wife have different travelling lists.

  4. It’s good to see new places in the list, places that we haven’t heard a lot. Jutland in Denmark is so pretty. Little town like that always interests me. But Antarctica and Easter Island are still high on my list, too. I agree with the writer that visiting Antarctica is easily feels like you visit a whole different planet.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Happy to hear there are a few places on this list that inspired you.

  5. All places we would love to visit! I lived in Scotland for two years, so I can totally recommend it there. Antarctica is big on the list, but I am not sure when we might make it happen. I think I would add Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan are other countries to consider for 2021. Awesome places for unique experiences!

  6. I’ve never been to any of these places! When we were in Chile unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit Easter Island. But i’d like a redo of Chile – my phone was pick pocketed in Valporiso and I lost all my pictures in Bolivia as well as that kind of ruined it for me.

  7. So many unique suggestions. Have you been to these destinations? I would love to revisit Norway again someday and would take your suggestion to visit Svalbard. Especially since a visit anytime of year is magical. Easter Island has always been fascinating as well for me.

    1. Thanks Candy, this is a serious wanderlust list for me as a result of all of these bloggers who contributed their recommendations.

  8. All these places look so amazing! We where actually supposed to be in Svalbard, Norway this summer since my fiances family is from Norway but had to cancel due to covid. Hopefully we get to visit it in 2021!

  9. I have been to only a couple of these places and some others were on my list, but now it looks like I have to grow my list a bit. You have some great picks. Florianopolis is one place I wish I had gone to when I was in Brazil.

  10. I love this list so much! It’s so cool to see places I’ve never heard of – but now really want to visit. You’ve got my wanderlust going so much! I’ve only been to Cape Town from this list but would love to check off a few more places. Can’t believe we missed Olomouc when we were living in Prague!

  11. After a year of no travel I want to go to them all. Antarctica is so high on the list but I might need to save up for that one. Always wanted to go to Strasbourg as it looks such an adorable place, so historic. I’ve never been to South America before so the ones on your list from there really intrigue me.

  12. What a great list! To my big shame, I have only visited only Alba Iulia so far. Meaning I have so much to explore in next year. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Zoe, I’m glad you liked the list of places. Hopefully you are able to add a couple to your future travels.

  13. Great list! I’ve only been to one of the places on it, the Isle of Mull and it was spectacular! Someday I really want to visit Easter Island and definitely Antarctica (which would be my 7th continent. Someday…

  14. Great places here, I have Antarctica booked for 2022. They have recently launched a Norwegian cruises trip to the peninsula which is more budget friendly too. We booked that but ended up cancelling and booking with a smaller cruise instead. Very excited. Also love paros it’s gorgeous

    1. Fingers crossed for you Nicole, for your trip planned for 2022! Antarctica would’ve a trip of a lifetime.

  15. Such a great list of countries to choose from! I had already earmarked Svalbard for 2021 ( postponed from this year) and so it was good to see it had made your 2021 list!

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