• The views of Altstadt Salzburg Austria from Stiegl-Keller Restaurant

    One Perfect Day in Salzburg

    Salzburg is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. Even if you only have one day – go! Luckily, Salzburg is a compact city allowing you to experience most of…

  • Germany | Exploring Berchtesgaden National Park | www.DreamPlanExperience.com

    Exploring Berchtesgaden National Park

    Are you looking for deep dark forests, icy blue glaciers, idyllic valleys, peaceful green pastures, and picturesque lakes all within a breathtaking mountain range? Then you have to add Berchtesgaden, in the Bavarian…

  • Awe-struck in Innsbruck Austria | www.DreamPlanExperience.com

    Awestruck in Innsbruck!

    Awestruck! That would be the one word I would use to describe Innsbruck. All around, towering over you, are the mountains. The jagged rock spires of the Nordkette range are incredibly majestic and…

  • Faroe Islands Iceland | The 20 Best Travel Places in 2020 | DreamPlanExperience.com
    Travel Tips

    The 20 Best Travel Places in 2020

    Travel trends are fascinating, aren’t they? It seems like travellers today are searching more than ever before to discover places that are not overrun by tourists. Even destinations themselves, are looking for ways…

  • Visit Munich, Germany's 3rd largest city.

    My Munich Favourites

    What images conjure up in your mind when you think of Munich? Let me guess – you think of the world-famous Oktoberfest, the traditional lederhosen and dirndls, beer steins, sausages and pretzels. Okay,…

  • Holiday in Lake Constance Germany. Surrounded by charming towns, castles and views of the Alps. It straddles both Austria and Switzerland.

    Holiday in Lake Constance Germany

    Are you looking to plan a holiday that has you nestled between three countries? Why not plan your next holiday in the Lake Constance region. It straddles Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Making this…