Paris Coffee Shops: Curated Recommendations

Do you dream of lingering in Parisian cafes, sipping a good cup of artisan coffee and soaking in the atmosphere?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of cafes in Paris?

Or, are unsure where to find the best cafes in Paris?

Get this curated list of the best coffee shops in Paris loved by the locals!

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Inside, you’ll discover…

  • A brief history of the coffee culture in Paris- from when it started in the 17th century to the present day
  • The French word for each of the types of specialty coffees so you know how to order your favourites
  • A QR Code to a curated map of 47 curated recommendations found in almost every arrondissement
  • The curated list is broken down by:
    • Trendy: these are the newest ones on the block, that have a reputation for being loved by Parisians. The vibe is cool and hipster, but the coffee is taken very seriously
    • Best of the Best: these are the favourite go-to coffee shops by the locals, earning them a reputation for their insanely good coffee
    • Coffee +: are those coffee shops that offer, or are known for their extras, like specialty donuts, pancakes or even banana bread
    • Historic: sometimes the history of the coffee shop is what we crave more than the coffee itself, these are those legendary places where it all started and where past famous patrons frequented
    • Roasters: looking for the local roaster who does it on-site, sells their beans and where you can grab a coffee too, this is for you

Forget about boring descriptions and endless searching! This guide is practical. Simply scan the QR code and my curated list pops right up on Google Maps, complete with links to each coffee shop’s website. I’ve done the legwork, so you can skip the research and savour the perfect brew.

About your Paris expert…

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FAQs About Paris Coffee Shops

How is this digital product different from the free information I can find online?

This digital product is a curated list of recommendations from a Paris expert saving you hours of research. You can find many Top 10 coffee shop articles on the internet for free, but this includes a download to a curated Google Map ready to access on the go! And is a list of 47 coffee shops, for serious coffee drinkers.

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