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The Best Places to Stay in London + Vacation Rental

Not sure where to stay during your next trip to London? Here’s a list of the best vacation rental properties in central London by neigbourhood.

I’ve curated a list of the best apartments you can rent while in London, UK. Each one makes an effort to offer visitors a truly memorable home-away-from-home experience with high-stylized designed spaces in ideal locations. For shorter stays, I often will stay in a hotel, and if that’s your preference check out this curated list of the best affordable luxury boutique hotels in London

Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, with friends, or as a family – I’ve sourced options based on the number of guests, by location, and at all budgets. The price per night cost is represented by £ to use as a guide.

Have fun selecting the best vacation rental for your next trip to London!

Guide to London Neigbourhoods

London is made up of a series of interconnected, yet independent neigbourhoods. And there are a lot of them! Even returning visitors to this capital city find it confusing – so first-timers, give yourself a bit of a break. To help you navigate your way around the city, I provide an overview of London’s best-known neighborhoods and those that are lesser-known by tourists. 

London's best-known neighbourhoods
  • Closest to the city’s most popular attractions includes neighbourhoods of South Bank, London Bridge, Mayfair, Covent Garden, and Victoria
  • One of the top places for nightlife in the UK capital is Soho due to the number of restaurants, bars, shops, and theaters. Some of the best places in Soho include Carnaby Street, Frith Street, and Soho Square  
  • Known as one of the poshest areas of the city is Mayfair with its upscale shops, luxury hotels, and elegant streets. Mayfair is close to Hyde Park is offers a great number of restaurants 
  • The City of London, known simply as The City is home to the financial district – modern skyscrapers dominate the city
  • A popular hipster hang-out is London’s coolest neighborhood of Shoreditch
"London's metro, or the Tube, connects the whole city easily. Just because you are staying in one neigbourhood doesn't mean you can't easily go somewhere totally different."
London's best-kept secret neighbourhoods
  • One of the best all-around neighbourhoods in London is Marylebone and Fitzrovia as they have plenty of museums, pretty side streets, and are close proximity to Mayfair and Regent’s Park
  • Known for its quiet squares, literary history, and museums are the neighbourhoods of Bloomsbury and Holburn 
  • Wanting to live like a local while travelling stay in Clerkenwell known for its historic streets, fun markets, leafy squares, and pretty houses
  • Stay in the heart of the city in Belgravia home to Buckingham Palace and all its embassies and ambassadors’ residences
  • One of the most desirable places to live in London is Kensington due to its pretty mews, royal heritage and luxury boutiques 

Best Places to Stay in London

Now that you know that each neighbourhood has its own charm it’s time to select the best vacation rental for your stay. Have you heard of Plum Guide, the custom-curated marketplace of vacation rentals? Well, let me introduce you. Plum Guide represents the top 3% of holiday homes. Each of their properties is carefully vetted through a long list of criteria with only the best ones being selected. That means the chosen properties have the same caliber of design, ascetic, and amenities. Curious and want to know more, read my Plum Guide Review. Now, for the list. See something you like, click on the property link, add your dates and book directly. 

Best 1-Bedroom Vacation Rental in London

Kensington & South Kensington Area
  1. White Doves – has a gorgeous all-white interior design with peaceful views of Inverness Terrace, just steps from Hyde Park in the Bayswater neighbourhood  ££
  2. Coffee Divine – is a stylish apartment with the most amazing views of Grosvenor Gardens in the Victoria neighbourhood  ££
  3. Flower Show – is an elegant apartment located in a classic grand Victorian townhouse in the Chelsea neighbourhood  £££
  4. Rose Pink – this feminine, pretty apartment in the Chelsea neighbourhood is heavenly. Can’t you just picture yourself starting your day at that lovely window nook?  £££
  5. Get into the Grove – is a uber-stylish apartment that’s magazine worthy sits in the famous Notting Hill neighbourhood  ££££
The West End Area
  1. A Literary Abode – is perfect for book lovers as this once used to be the apartment of Charles Dickens in the Fitzrovia neighbourhood  ££
  2. Soho Social – is a modern apartment right in the heart of the entertainment neighbourhood of Soho  ££ 
  3. The Ercolani – is a light, bright apartment in Covent Garden that’s filled with mid-century furniture designed by British-Italian designer Ercol Ercolani  £££
  4. Strand Rescue – offers a relaxing comfortable space in the heart of the Covent Garden neighbourhood  £££
  5. Paper & Ink – is in the posh neighbourhood of Mayfair and every ounce of this apartment has the look and feel of a luxury apartment  £££
  6. On the Town – is a minimalist Scandi-designed apartment in the heart of the West End neighbourhood near Leicester Square  £££
  7. Follow the Dusk – is a gorgeous architecturally designed spaced with impressive mid-century furnishings located in the Marylebone neighbourhood  ££££
  8. A Pendant in Time – is a chic open concept apartment with a ton of natural light right in the heart of Covent Garden  ££££
The Clerkenwell Area
  1. Rosebery Gemstone – may be tiny in size, but big in appeal features a gorgeous modern bathroom, and a tiny terrace overlooking the charming streets in the  Clerkenwell neighbourhood  £ 
  2. Leather Jacket – is located in a former 1860s warehouse in the heart of the Clerkenwell neighbourhood and features amazing city views of The Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral  £ 
  3. Bloom – is perfect for those seeking a quiet area of London located in Bloomsbury part of the Holborn neighbourhood  ££
  4. The Georgian – is oozing with charm with a right about of modern and antique furnishings. This apartment has gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that open up into Juliet balconies overlooking the streets in the Clerkenwell neighbourhood  £££
The Shoreditch Area
  1. Warehouse Project – is a boutique apartment with a mix of modern vintage located in a former historic warehouse in the Shoreditch neighbourhood  ££
  2. Urban Simplicity – is as cool as the Shoreditch neighbourhood with its mid-century furniture and large outdoor space  ££
  3. Shoreditch Stripes – is a studio apartment in a converted warehouse in the trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood offering cafés and restaurants at your doorstep ££

Best 2-Bedroom Vacation Rental in London

Kensington & South Kensington Area
  1. A Full Moon – a contemporary apartment in the Holland Park area of Kensington close to Notting Hill  ££
  2. Earl Grey with Lemon – is a beautiful elegant home in the area of Earl’s Court close to the Natural History Museum  £££
  3. Sugar Kane – a contemporary comfortable apartment with soaring ceilings located in the South Kensington neighbourhood  £££
  4. Central Style – is an eclectic modern rustic townhome with an amazing outdoor space in the Chelsea neighbourhood  £££
  5. Renoir’s Secret – this elegant apartment in Chelsea looks and feels like a luxury hotel with its plush furnishings and pretty chandeliers  £££ 
  6. Camarillo – this traditional apartment is mere steps from Hyde Park and offers a little garden for the slightly lowered ground bedrooms  £££
The West End Area
  1. Fancy in Fitzrovia – is located in a red brick Victorian building in the heart of the Fitzrovia neighourhood. This contemporary space offers a cute terrace from the bedroom  ££
  2. Drury Lane Garden – a newly refreshed apartment in Convent Garden uses a former sunroom as extra living space  £££
  3. Bloomsbury Set – is a large apartment with double ensuites is housed in a Victorian red brick building in Covent Garden  £££
  4. Magdalena Grand – is a beautiful old building with its original features of high ceilings, tall windows, and a marble fireplace lies close to the Charing Cross station  ££££
  5. Lucky One – is a bright apartment in the heart of Covent Garden featuring good sized rooms with tall windows flooding the space with natural light  £££££
  6. Central Walkabout – is an ever so chic apartment steps from Leicester Square with its monochrome colour scheme and clean lines  £££££
  7. Nightcall – this modern Soho apartment both in design and style features a cute terrace with seating to enjoy a drink  £££££
  8. Stand Up Tall – this penthouse in Fitzrovia features tall vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and a large terrace  £££££
  9. Three Windows – clean, simple lines in this stunning modern apartment close to the famous Oxford Street in Fitzrovia  £££££
  10. Newman’s Penthouse – the standout feature of this comfortable penthouse is the large rooftop terrace and garden with amazing city views in the Fitzrovia neighourhood  £££££
The Clerkenwell Area
  1. Concrete Jungle – in the heart of the Clerkenwell neigbourhood, is this good-looking Scandi duplex with a tiny terrace ££
  2. The Easton Diamond – this apartment is perfect for entertaining two couples with a large outdoor dining space and double ensuites in the heart of the Clerkenwell neighbourhood  ££££
  3. Britton Street III – this apartment in Farringdon feels more like a modern art gallery with its impressive high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and its designer furniture pieces  ££££
  4. Lambs Conduit Street – this warm, comfortable 2-floor apartment offers a quiet refuge in the Holborn neighourhood  £££££
  5. Hail to the King – is a stylish comfortable apartment tucked away from the busy streets in the Holborn neighbourhood  £££££
The Shoreditch Area
  1. Modern Charm – is a brand new modern apartment with a balcony located near the Tube Station in Shoreditch ££££
  2. Tiger Queen – once a former warehouse, this converted apartment offers a sunny terrace in the heart of London’s trendiest neighbourhood in Shoreditch  ££££
  3. Shoreditch Treehouse – is a uniquely designed boho-styled apartment perfect for those who want to hang out in the cool Shoreditch neighbourhood  £££££

Best 3+ Bedroom Vacation Rental in London

Kensington & South Kensington Area
  1. Chelsea Dagger – this is an elegant 4 bed, 4 bath home located in a posh area of Chelsea  £££££+++
  2. The Artist’s Secret – this spacious, luxurious 5 bed, 5 bath home is located at an exclusive address near Kensington Gardens £££££+++++
The West End Area
  1. City of Colour – this stylish 3 bed, 2 bath apartment sits on the lively Charing Cross Road near Leicester Square  £££££
  2. Montagues & Capulets – is an elegant 3 bed, 2 bath apartment with a lovely terrace in the Marylebone neigbhourhood  £££££+
  3. The Stage Door – is a spacious 3 bed, 2 bath apartment in the Holborn neighbourhood  £££££+
  4. Pebble Pad – is a modern Scandi style 3 bed, 2 bath with views of London’s rooftops  £££££+
  5. Glitter of Light – is a chic 3 bed, 3 bath apartment that is sits in the ideal location close to the Thames River and a short walk to Covent Garden, Soho and St. Paul’s Cathedral  £££££+++
  6. The Liberty Sky – is a modern 3 bed, 3 bath apartment in Fitzrovia neigbourhood with some of the best restaurants, shops, and galleries at your doorstep  £££££+++
  7. Smooth Operator – is a gorgeous comfortable contemporary 3 bed, 3 bath apartment exclusively located steps from Marylebone High Street and Regent’s Park £££££+++  
The Clerkenwell Area
  1. Author’s Note – is a comfy 3 bed, 4 bath apartment tucked away on a quiet street in the middle of Holborn and Clerkenwell neighbourhoods  £££
  2. Great Percy Street III – is a stunning 3 bed, 3 bath apartment with classic mid-century modern furnishings located in the Clerkenwell neighbourhood  £££££
  3. The Adaptable House – is a unique, quirky 4 bed, 2 bath house that’s part of the Open House London event featuring its adaptable-living, multi-purpose spaces  £££££+++ 

As a holidaymaker…

As you can see London has some incredible vacation rental properties for your next trip. Each one offers great style in great locations. I always love to stay in an apartment rental over a hotel. There’s just something about coming back after a long day of site seeing in the busy city and relaxing in your very own space that feels like a home is all the more comfortable. And, that is an experience that’s worth paying a little extra for. 

Hopefully, you’ve found your next holiday rental in London with this curated list. 

Vacation Rentals with Plum Guide
vacation rentals with plum guide

Disclosure: As an Affiliate Associate of Plum Guide if you click on the link contained in this post, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to book.


  • Megan

    These all look incredible! What a unique place the Shoreditch tree house is! I would love to stay in something sleek like the Easton Diamond in Clerkenwell. What cool rental finds!

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    I love London! We typically travel with kids and prefer flats over hotels. There’s typically more space to spread out and relax. Would love to stay in the Marylebone and Fitzrovia neighborhoods since they are close to the museums and parks.

  • Angela

    As a Londoner, I would say you have done a fabulous job of breaking down neighbourhoods and highlighting such beautiful properties to rent. For me staying somewhere unique and luxurious is all part of the trip, and I know that anyone of these London abodes would make time spent in London even more special. I wonder which one is your favourite?

  • Anne

    Great taste you have! These are all gorgeous flats–and I can’t believe that treehouse option! never would have guessed that was in London. I haven’t been to London in a decade so as a traveler who loves to be in the know, I feel like I needed this primer to get caught up on all the cool areas. Thanks!

      • Tami

        These are magnificent properties! What I wouldn’t give to stay in lodging like this…I’m guessing, however, that my accommodations budget wouldn’t allow it. Still, I can dream, right? I’ve only had the opportunity to visit London once but would love to return. I’d love to visit all the neighborhoods you mentioned even if I can’t afford to stay there!

  • Joanna

    I live just outside London and I rarely stay in the city overnight. If I do, I would usually choose Victoria or the City, depending on what I’m in town for. They are both extremely central and you can walk pretty much everywhere in the centre of London from each location. You can picked some really lovely rental options, and I can imagine that families with children will appreciate them, as hotels are rarely suitable when you have a larger family.

  • Jennifer Prince

    I looooove London! It’s one of my favorite cities. There’s so much to do, and I love the history (especially the Tower of London). I agree that Kensington is a great area to stay. You’ve really highlighted lots of fabulous choices!

  • Gustavo A Feliciano

    Always more of a hotel person but sometimes a rental place definitely makes a good spot for long term stays or just something fancier and special! These all look amazing and adding to my list for when I finally get to London!

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    It’s hard to choose because I love all of the decor and the rooms looks spacious. If I were spending time alone and needed some down time, I would love a vacation rental instead of a hotel.

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    This is such a comprehensive guide to London’s neighborhoods. I like Kesington and I would like to stay there but the truth is that it’s so difficult to choose when London is so beautiful. I’d stay one day in each neighborhood you mentioned, or maybe visiting each every day would be a mid solution. What are your thoughts on this?

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    There’s so many great choices of places to stay here in your reviews, I would definitely want to stay in Soho since it is centrally located and easy to walk anywhere in the heart of the city. The Soho and Covent gardens postings are right up there where you want to be if you want to be really central and in the middle of all the action and activity of the city with plenty of choices to eat, entertainment and attractions.

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    This is a great guide for rentals! London can feel so overwhelming, so this made it much easier to narrow the options down.

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    I love, love, love this guide! As someone who has never been to the UK, I would be clueless about where to stay. I especially appreciate that you put the pound sign indicating how affordable-expensive it is.

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      You made wondering around London much easier with this list for new visitors. Showing some friendly neighborhood and best places to stay while being knowledgeable about nearby top attractions. It is something I would refer to when I visit London.

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    One cannot get enough inspiration when it comes to lodging options in London since it’s so crazy expensive. I usually picked a guest house on the outskirts – West Hampstead or Seven Sisters. The ride into the center is long, but the price difference makes it worth the trouble.

  • Jan

    Great choice of London vacation rentals! I love all these options with modern fittings and comfortable settings. These seem to be perfect for a short 3-4 day stay in London. As you rightly said, the London Tube is simply great to move around making the city very accessible irrespective of which rental you choose. 🙂

  • Emma

    As fabulous as they all look I would have to choose Charles Dickens’ old apartment. What a place to say you’ve stayed. You’re right about London and how easy it is to get around, that’s one of the reasons I don’t usually mind where I’m staying as the Tube is so easy to use. I think a few of these places might have to be on the dream vacation rentals list for the price but they’re all amazing

  • Krista

    Oh wow! I love modern apartments so a lot of these are really appealing to me. They all look perfect to stay at while in London.

  • Linda (LD Holland)

    We are often in London for short stops and normally would not look at vacation rentals. But I love the variety of places you found in different areas around London. Definitely a great option if we travel with family.

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    Great advice on the different suburbs to stay when in London. I love the Earls Court South Kensington areas myself but may try Clarkenwell next visit!

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    The first two times I visited London I stayed in either a hostel (this one in particular was pretty terrible, haha) or a shared Airbnb space (which was a bit nicer!). It would be so lovely to stay in one of these nicer rental properties! I’m sure I’ll visit again one day, and I’ll be sure to refer back to this when I do :). Xx Sara

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    I love that you compiled such a complete list of places to stay in London! It seems like the neighbourhoods can get overwhelming to choose from but you clearly laid out what the differences in the areas are and a variety of rental sizes and budgets too. I definitely want to look more into the hidden gems you shared!

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    Lovely vacation rentals as usual but I’ve not expected anything different from you Renee. Thank you for compiling a list with a variety of different accommodation models and prices. It doesn’t always have to be a hotel and especially with pricey London, rentals that could have a reduced day rate the longer you stay may be the way forward.

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    What dreamy places!
    Definitely staying in accommodation like this makes any vacation an unforgettable moment. It is definitely worth considering staying in one of these quality accommodations with a prime location and incomparable comfort.

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    I’m with you, I much prefer a rental if I’m staying somewhere for any length of time…mainly because I get sick of restaurant food. I definitely would have a difficult time deciding which area of London I’d want to stay in. They all offer different vibes.

  • Barry

    You have captured the characteristics of the different London boroughs very well.
    As an ex-Londoner of 15 years there are so many different areas to the city that diverge drastically and, as you say, what you want to see really can dictate on where you stay.
    London is so vast and its sites spread over the city, that is an important choice to make.
    The photos are marvelous and the accommodations are so well designed and furnished, that they really do feel like a home-from-home.
    More reason to look up the Plum website for when I am next in London.

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    This is a fantastic list of places to stay in London! When I was there, I opted for a hostel but I’d love to stay in one of the rental properties here in the future. Even in the more luxurious/posh areas of London, I’d love to stay at least once in my life.

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