The Historical City of Maastricht

Are you looking to visit a small historical Dutch city brimming with amazing architecture? Maastricht,  the most southern city in Netherlands, is close to the borders of Germany and Belgium. It’s a lively city, drawing many visitors from its neighbouring countries, especially for its year-round festivals. 

Maastricht is second only to Amsterdam, for highest number of national heritage buildings in all of Netherlands. As such, there are many great things to see and do. Here is a list of the top attractions this historical city has to offer. 

City Hall

The impressive Town Hall in Maastricht, Netherlands.
Maastricht’s grand City Hall was built during the 17th century. The impressive tower features 49 bells. The City Hall is located on the main square, where a busy farmer's market is held on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Basilica of Saint Servatius

Renaissance church in Maastricht, Netherlands
The Basilica of Saint Servatius is a Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Servatius.  It is adjacent to the Gothic church of Saint John, backing onto the town's main square, Vrijthof. Its origins began around 570 when a large stone church was built. This church was replaced by a larger church in the late 7th century, which was then replaced by the present-day structure. It took over 100 years spanning the 11th and 12th centuries.

Saint John Church

Maastricht, Netherlands is chock full of historical buildings like Sint Janskerk, a 15th century gothic style church.
The church of Saint John (or Sint Janskerk) is one of the Maastricht's most popular landmarks. This 15th century gothic style church is most distinguished by its tall red tower.  

Vrijthof Square

The lovely squares in Maastricht, Netherlands
This became the city's main square in the 19th century. It's lined with some of the city's most significant landmarks. This lively square is also where you will find the restaurants and cafes set up their tables and chairs.

Hell's Gate

Visit the historical city of Maastricht, Netherlands.

Hell’s Gate was the entryway to the city dating back to the 13th century. As the city expanded in the 15th century, other entryways were added. Hell’s Gate is the only remaining city gate in Maastricht and the oldest city gate in the Netherlands. 

St. Servatius Bridge

The St. Servaasbrug bridge over the Maas River in Maastricht, Netherlands
The St. Servaasbrug bridge connects the two sides of the city together. The old city center and the residential Binnenstad district.  This limestone bridge features seven piers and a draw bridge. It's the oldest bridge in the Netherlands, with its origins dating back to AD 50. Of course, it has been rebuilt many times, the last being after WWII. 


Visit Maastricht, Netherlands. A historic city chock full of landmarks.

Maastricht is perfect for shopping, and I do love to shop! This city is filled with unique high-quality shops specializing in housewares, interiors, clothing, shoes, jewellery and art. Check out the Dominicanen bookstore, built inside an old church. Even if you are not a book lover, it can be a great place to wander through with a coffee.

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Not to miss shopping streets are Stokstraat, Rechtstraat and Heggenstraat. 

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As a holidaymaker…

The city of Maastricht is such a beautiful setting along both banks of the River Maas. Let your feed be your guide. As you stroll through the streets, you will find some of the best well-preserved, historical landmarks.

 It is a city that is set back in time, yet offers modern art galleries and high-end shopping.

Visit the historical city of Maastricht, Netherlands. It sits close to the borders of Germany and Belgium.
Visit the historical city of Maastricht, Netherlands. It sits close to the borders of Germany and Belgium.


  • Teja

    I’ve been to the Netherlands several times and no one told me there’s a medieval city gate in Maastricht, or mentioned this city at all! I feel cheated!

    • The.Holidaymaker

      I’ve been twice to this city, that’s how amazing it is. It’s definitely a city worth returning to – great for history and architecture, shopping, eateries. It’s got such a good vibe. Highly recommend adding it to your itinerary when in Netherlands or Belgium.

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