Curated Recommendations

Do generic travel guides leave you wanting more tailored recommendations?

Ready to elevate your existing itinerary with expert picks?

Curated Recommendations takes the guesswork out of planning your dream vacation.

Let me become your personal concierge, crafting a personalized list of top recommendations tailored specifically for you.

Here’s how it works…

Pick a package

Choose the one that fits your needs best.

Place your order

Share your preferences for a tailored list.

Get custom recs

Receive a list of personalized recs handpicked for your trip.

Here are some examples of possible categories:

  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants
  • Guided Tours and Excursions
  • Top Attractions
  • Hidden Gems
  • Day Trip Options
  • Other…

You have the flexibility to choose one or more categories.

Let me know the ratio you would like to see.

For example, you purchase 25 Curated Recommendations and tell me you want: “List of 5 Accommodations, 5 Restaurants, 10 Top Attractions and 5 Hidden Gems for a total of 25 curated recommendations package

As part of the list, you will receive a QR Code to Google Maps.

Here’s how the pricing works…


10 Recs

3 days delivery


25 Recs

4 days delivery


40 Recs

5 days delivery

Here’s your expert…

Hi, I’m Renee Hannes

For 35+ years, Europe has been my travel destination of choice. I revisit the same five countries — France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain — to help travellers like you. I explore them extensively and use my relationships with local partners for the latest insider information.

smiling woman named Renee Hannes, owner and Europe expert of Dream Plan Experience

How I help fellow travellers like you:

👉 I balance top attractions with off-the-beaten-path experiences to maximize your vacation time.

👉I understand that travellers are looking for more out of their holiday. I focus on authentic experiences representing local culture.

I’m a great fit for mature travellers, couples, and solo travellers who enjoy authentic experiences, great food and wine, hidden gems, classic sites, and the art of slow travel.

I believe slow travel is an approach that emphasizes deeper connections with destinations by taking time to experience local culture, food, and everyday life, often prioritizing quality over quantity and minimizing fast-paced itineraries.

FAQs About Curated Recommendations

What are curated recommendations?

Curated recommendations are sets of places, activities, hotels, shops, restaurants, etc tailored to your specific travel style.

Who are the curated recommendations suitable for?

Curated recommendations are ideal for travellers who:

✔️Value their time: I research for you, saving you hours of sifting through endless travel resources.
✔️Appreciate convenience and a seamless planning process: Tell me your vision, choose your package size, and receive a comprehensive list delivered straight to your inbox.
✔️Want to ditch generic travel guides: Get personalized recommendations tailored to your specific interests and travel style.
✔️Have a rough itinerary, but crave expert picks: Elevate your existing plans by letting an expert source what’s missing.

How do I receive my curated recommendations?

Once you purchase this service, you will receive a download link via email, within the stated delivery date. The curated recommendations will be in PDF format, which you can view on your phone, tablet, or computer, or print out if you prefer a hard copy. Plus, it includes a QR code to an interactive map you can use on the go.

What if I want a revision after I get my service?

One round of revisions is included in this service. Additional revisions and recs will incur an additional fee.

Can I ask follow-up questions after receiving my curated recommendations?

Absolutely! I want to ensure you have everything you need for a fantastic trip. Feel free to contact me with any questions after receiving your recommendations.

Am I allowed to share or resell the information in the digital product?

No, the information provided in our digital products is for personal use only. Unauthorized sharing, reproduction, or reselling of the content is strictly prohibited. By purchasing our digital products, you agree to these terms and conditions. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service.