Muskoka is known for its rugged, natural landscape – from the windswept pines, rocky shores and beautiful lakes. It’s the quintessential Canadian cottage country setting. Cottage getaways from Toronto are a long-standing summer tradition. And, more and more people crave that escape up north all year round. 

For those who don’t have a family cottage, renting one is the next best thing! The market is saturated with cottage rentals. I’ve done the research for you. Looking for a pet-friendly, waterfront, secluded, luxury or budget-friendly cottage or cabin? Here is a varied list ready for your next vacation rental. (Updated: November 2022)

Best Airbnb Cottages in Muskoka

The Eco-Cabin

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Eco-Cabin Muskoka 

Are an you eco-conscious traveller? This off-grid sustainable cabin is the perfect place to unplug. It sits on a deep wooded lot surrounded by nature. It offers just enough space for a solo traveller or a couple. The owners reside on the large property, but you’ll have complete privacy. It’s simple, minimalist and modern. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Bracebridge
  • Average Price: $150/night
  • 1 loft bedroom
  • Not dog friendly
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Lakehouse Family Estate

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Modern Muskoka Cottage

Are you looking for a property that will allow for a big family gathering? This secluded property features a spacious main cottage as well as a 2-bedroom bunkie. This recently renovated property features a chef indoor/outdoor kitchen – perfect for entertaining. 

Airbnb details:

  • Location: Gravenhurst on Muldrew Lake
  • Average price: $600/night
  • 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Dog friendly
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Log Cottage

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Stunning Log Cottage on Muskoka Lake

Are you looking for the quintessential Canadian cottage experience for your family? Then this is it! This log home’s interior décor is rustic-modern. There are cozy Canadian touches everywhere, from the Hudson’s Bay signature blanket to a canoe suspended from the vaulted ceiling. Oh, and the best part? This cottage sits on an island in the middle of a lake offering complete privacy. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Gravenhurst
  • Average price: $400/night
  • 3-bedrooms
  • Dog-friendly
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Tiny House

Photo credit: Airbnb Site for Tiny House

Are you looking to stay in an architecturally designed cottage? This luxury custom-designed home offers some serious design inspiration. This tiny cottage sits on a private 10-acre lot, perfect for those seeking complete solitude in their next holiday rental.

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Gravenhurst
  • Average price: $250/night
  • 1-bedroom
  • Not dog-friendly
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Muskoka Lake House

Bright windows and decor

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Muskoka Lake House

Are you looking for a modern, yet rustic-chic cottage on a quiet lake? This newly renovated cottage sits on a private and tranquil lake. It’s a large space, perfect for one large family or two smaller families. It offers the use of SUP boards, canoe, paddle boat, fishing gear, BBQ and an outdoor fire pit.

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Baysville on Long Line Lake
  • Average price: $350/night
  • 3 bedrooms (sleeps up to 8), 2 bathrooms
  • Kid-friendly, but not dog-friendly
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Cider Haus

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Cider Haus on Brandy Lake, Port Carling

Are you looking for a family-friendly cottage? Cider Haus is a great option. This comfortable cottage has everything a busy family would be looking for – games, TV, boat access, swimming, and more. The best part is there is an exterior sauna that overlooks the beautiful Brandy Lake. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Port Carling on Brandy Lake
  • Average price: $300/night
  • 3-bedrooms
  • Kid-friendly and dog-friendly
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Westcliff Cabin

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Westcliff Cabin: Eco-friendly

Are you looking for an eco-friendly getaway? Escape to Westcliff cabin where wildlife will be your only neighbour. Situated on an 18-acre wooded lot you have complete privacy. This off-grid and sustainable cabin offers limited water and electricity, as well as, an outdoor toilet and seasonal shower. This is for the conscious traveller who wants to unplug and reconnect with nature. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Port Carling on Lake Skeleton
  • Average price: $140/night
  • 1 loft bedroom
  • Not dog-friendly  
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The Lake House

Photo credit: Airbnb site for The Lake House 

Are you looking for absolute privacy? Then look no further than The Lake House. This cottage sits on 48 acres of land and offers 3 km of groomed trails and 2,800 feet of waterfront access. This highly-stylized cottage has no TV or Wi-Fi so it’s perfect for those who want to unplug, relax and have nature at their doorstep. 

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Huntsville on Siding Lake
  • Average price: $370/night
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Dog-friendly
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Wolegib Cabin

Photo credit: Airbnb site for Wolegib Modern Waterfront Retreat

Are you looking for a modern cabin stay that offers some serious design goals? Welcome to Wolegib! This cottage rental offers a gorgeous minimalist modern style both inside and out. Featuring a rec room with foosball, ping pong and air hockey tables perfect for entertaining families or a friend’s getaway. This property sits on a river that opens up to a larger lake, perfect for those who love to paddle.

Airbnb Details:

  • Location: Huntsville
  • Average price: $500/night
  • 3-bedrooms
  • Dog-friendly
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The Tree House

Photo credit: Airbnb site for The Tree House 

Are you looking to get away, but still be in the heart of cottage country? Then The Tree House might be a great option for you. This beautiful A-framed property is the perfect couples’ getaway. It’s minutes away from popular ski resorts, golf courses, beaches, hiking trails and downtown Huntsville.   

Airbnb Details: 

  • Location: Huntsville (close to Hidden Valley)
  • Average price: $230/night
  • 1-bedroom
  • Dog-friendly
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Muskoka Experience Not to be Missed

Have you ever experienced your very own guided tour? This one explores three iconic places in Muskoka. Feel the rush of the waterfall at High Falls, capture a photo at Hardy Lake, and admire the view of Lake Muskoka from Huckleberry Rock Lookout. Let a local guide plan your ultimate day while giving you some insider tips and information, click here to book.  

As a holidaymaker…

Muskoka is a highly-sought after destination for city dwellers. It truly offers that quintessential Canadian cottage country experience. Just as beautiful as the landscape is, so must the cabin or cottage. I hope this list has inspired you to book one of these amazing Airbnb properties for your next northern escape. 

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  1. These are absolutely breathtaking. I am already in love with nature there. Also thank you so much for adding if they are dog friendly, it is such important information, especially for us. I am sure our German Shepard will love it there.

  2. We love to head north to Muskoka at all times of the year. Great to see some interesting AirBNB options. I have tried vacation rental sites and the choice is huge. So great to find a curated list of spaces of all sizes. I am saving this for sure! A great option when we don’t want the crowds of a resort.

    1. Thanks Linda, that is exactly why I did this list. I actually have a guilty pleasure in looking at properties, save them. So, I thought why not share my list!

  3. Cannot wait for the border to Canada to open again!

    As we plan our winter road trip I am booking all the wilderness cabins or tiny homes that I can. These look amazing and defnitely on the books if we ever mke it near them!

    1. So glad that you might want to stay in one of these amazing Airbnbs. It would be a great trip from the US for you to explore this area in Ontario.

  4. Westcliff Cabin is top of my list. I love that rustic look and feel to a pace, it looks like the perfect place for a hideaway right about now. For the same reason I really like the Log Cabin too. Some of the larger, more brighter places I’m sure are nice, but not the cosy feel I’m really craving this winter

  5. These cabins and the Muskoka area in general are so picturesque! It’s nice to see that there are options for all budgets, too. I’m really loving that Tiny House and the bed up on the loft area! Gravenhurst also looks like such a quaint little town on the water.

  6. All of these look amazing! I didn’t realize how many unique properties were listed on Airbnb until recent months. Cider Haus would be my top pick for sure. You had me at sauna overlooking Brandy Lake! If that’s not the best way to unwind than I don’t know what is. That or The Tree House. I’ve always wanted to stay in an A-frame cabin. Plus, its location is perfect!

  7. Omg these are all so stunning! And I’m surprised that some of them are really affordable too. Definitely on the bucket list for the next time I’m in Ontario. Love anything to do with a log cabin, especially if the interior is updated!

    1. Thank you Riana, for your comment and stopping by. Yes, definitely affordable. I wanted to make sure they were lux spaces, but at a price point that was doable for most people.

  8. These are beautiful houses. As I always like log cabin house-style, so I would like to stay at the Log Cottage. I would like to experience the Tiny House, too. It looks cute!

  9. Geez, I kept scrolling down at these amazing Airbnbs in Muskoka and kept thinking, Yeah I would stay there for sure! They are all really cool! I think my wife would absolutely love the Log Cottage on Muskoka Lake while though I like it, I think the Tiny House is my favorite for sure! There is just something about Tiny Houses that really intrigue me!

  10. This is a very nice selection. I love the idea of a cabin in the woods, it’s so cosy in winter! I am thinking of staying in a tiny house sometime soon to get away for a few days… The eco-cabin looks really amazing and I love how the “tiny house” looks so spacious! This is great photography!

    1. Thank you Delphine for stopping by and commenting. I hope you get a chance to stay at a tiny house some time soon.

  11. These are some amazing looking properties! I have an item on my Life List to stay in a log cabin so I’m definitely keeping this post for when I am next allowed out of the UK & into Canada. I had also never heard of Muskoka but it looks like a beautiful spot to get lost in the woods.

    1. Thank you Sue for your comment. Yes, Muskoka is a popular county country area that many city dwellers in southern Ontario like to escape to.

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