Belgium Travel Guide

Hallo and Bonjour!

Although a small country, Belgium offers an immense amount of diversity. From its dual languages of mostly French and Dutch (and small contingent of German) to its varied landscapes of rural, small villages and UNESCO sites to its medieval architecture and street art to its varied cuisine of beer, chocolate, waffles and frites that they are so famous for. Belgium offers a little bit of everything to its visitors and is a very cost-effective destination.

To the north is the Dutch-speaking Flanders which offers travelers impressive market squares with belfries and town halls, step-gabled houses that often overlook pretty canals, museums and galleries, and charming shops and cafes. To the south is the French-speaking Wallonia which is mostly rural with lovely rolling hills, historical caves and vast amount of green space spotted with impressive castles or manors. And, right in the middle is their capital city of Brussels, home of the European Union.

As a holidaymaker, this country often gets overlooked by travelers, and it really shouldn’t. If you were to make Brussels your home base, rent a car and you can easily travel to some of the most picturesque places and that includes the bordering Germany, Netherlands and France.