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A Day Trip from Brussels: the Quaint Maastricht

Wanting to visit a small medieval city full of history and amazing architecture? Close to both the German and Belgium border, in the southern part of Netherlands, you will find Maastricht. A small city that has the second highest number of national heritage buildings in all of Netherlands. It is famous for its cozy cafes, unique and wonderful shops and festivals that take place all year round. Almost all of the main attractions are in the old city making this a fantastic daytrip that can easily be covered off in one day.  

Maastricht has a beautiful setting along both banks of the River Maas. It is the type of city that is best discovered by foot. As you stroll through the streets, you will find the well-preserved medieval churches, the historic buildings now filled with unique shops, restaurants and cafes, the fortified city walls and Vrijthof square. It is a city that is set back in time, yet offers modern art galleries and high-end shopping.

Sint-Janskerk and the Vrijthof. Sint-Janskerk is a protestant church with an interesting red Bell tower. 

Maastricht is perfect for shopping, and I do love to shop! This city is filled with unique high-quality shops specializing in housewares, interiors, clothing, shoes, jewellery and art. Check out the Dominicanen bookstore, built inside an old church. Even if you are not a book lover, it can be a great place to wander through with a coffee.

Upon crossing the bridge to the old city, you will be amazed by the number of bike lots there are. It is a definitely a city that the locals come to visit, meet up with friends and enjoy a coffee in one of the many outdoor cafes. You won’t find many tourists here. 

We loved our time visiting this city, and so glad we made it part of our daytrip excursions when we were in Brussels.

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